The future classroom is not about the environment or about the furniture or the technology either. It’s about how the students learn.

— Anonymous iTEC Teacher

Welcome. This section will be used to bring to your attention new schemes, plans and other information you may not necessarily have come into contact with. As someone once said - “Just the facts”. Use the information if you feel the items are of specific interest to you or you simply want to know more about some of the things currently happening within Australian education.

A number of opportunities to have a say about some educational matter are still available. Two only have a few days to make your feelings and suggestions known. The Senior Secondary Certificate Reform [Victorian VCE] is one of these. Details regarding what is involved are found on the page above. Unfortunately, the opportunity ends on 4 August 2021, so you will need to move very quickly to take part.

Meanwhile, the Tasmanian Government has released the draft Education Legislation Amendments [Education Regulation] Bill 2021 for consultation as part of the Tasmanian Government’s Plan to improve education outcomes. The Review of Education Regulation page gives a range of details about the Bill and related information. How you can submit your input [email or post] and the closing date for this - by 5pm on Sunday, 22 August 2021. If interested, be sure to have your say.

Childcare has become a major topic in recent times, even taking into account the significant improvements which have already been made and the allowances added during the pandemic. One piece of research recently completed. This research, Counting the cost to families : Assessing childcare affordability in Australiawas done by Victoria University. You can download it from the above link.

The research is easy to read and comprehend and makes reference to several other studies and also relates to reforms being implemented in 2022. It also takes into account the effect of Covid-19 on the current situation. The Bottom Line - their findings do not bode well for a significant number of families. You can also read a second, shorter article by the authors covering the same topic here

Early offer schemes for Year 12 students [UAC] may provide some solace for students in Year 12, particularly in the current climate. As UAC indicates - ‘While the ATAR is still the main selection tool used by most unis, there are other ways for you to show that you’re ready to succeed at tertiary study. Many institutions have one or more early offer schemes for Year 12 students’. Those listed are directed primarily at NSW universities but the same process should apply to most others. As UAC indicates, ‘Always check the institution websites to make sure the courses you are applying for are covered by the schemes [All 2022 courses available 3 August]. It then provides the key dates, assessment criteria and application details for the available early offer schemes’. related to the listed universities. Use the information or check your own universities admissions centre for similar details.

Much has been said in recent times about teachers and the process of becoming teachers. Getting the brightest to apply, training, salaries, status, workloads, wellbeing, long hours, skill sets and stresses and strains are common topics in news and research articles. The Institute for Learning Sciences and Teacher Education at the Australian Catholic University ‘ has been awarded a grant by the Queensland College of Teachers [QCT] to develop an evidence base showing how professional experience is assessed in practice and against the graduate standards’.

If you want to find out more about any aspect of the specific topic, the researchers are offering a Have a question ? period. ‘If you’ve got a question, our AskACU team has you covered. You can search FAQs, text us, email, live chat, call – whatever works for you’. Details for all options are clearly listed on the site. Note that times are 9am–5pm AEDT, Monday to Friday. Who, if they are interested in what is involved and/or what is possibly found, could resist such an opportunity ?

We mentioned stress [and burnout] for teachers as part of the above topic. If you want to find out more about ‘reducing stress and burnout for teachers and educators’, one option might be to read a book entitled Taking care of You : Reducing stress and burnout for teachers and educators, a book you can get from the Early Childhood Australia Online Shop.

‘The book does not pretend to have all the answers to what are often complex and deeply challenging situations experienced by staff members in many different workplace settings. What it does try to do is encourage team members and team leaders to collaborate, plan and take action to reduce the likelihood of stress and burnout occurring and to take positive, meaningful action when the signs arise’. It could be a valuable addition to either a teacher’s own library or that of a school or centre.

Can I particularly recommend an article by Paul Kelly, [included in the last News Headlines from July]. Lessons in failure on education need to be learnt is a thoughtful, clearly written news tem which looks at how and why education performance over the last 20 years. Data is given, rational views included and it is very well thought out and presented. This is an excellent piece of journalism about an important topic and calls on people to realise the extent of the problem. While the whole article is worth your study, the last sentence poses the essential question for us all - Will this time be any different ?.

Finally, we have de-archived the Online Learning and added further links from the various states as a result of the current difficulties being faced as a result of Covid. This link will now take you to the page as will the Resources home page and the sitemap.

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