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With the diversity in Special Education, some listed sites are not disability specific but act as portals to resources, support groups, discussion forums, journals, … .

This page provides technology support, software/hardware, groups, individual support, resources for specific disabilities, more.

Listed individual resources are suitable for teacher use with all education levels unless specifically indicated otherwise.

Unless otherwise stated the resources are free.

Remember some sites are not Australian. Check carefully to be sure they conform to Australian requirements before use, e.g. spelling, terminology, guidelines, … .

Australian Sites

Associations, Curriculum

  • Assistive Technology Australia
    ‘Our purpose is to provide impartial advice, information and leadership that builds capacity and optimises the value of assistive technology in leading a life of choice’. Previously listed as ILCNSW.
  • Cerebral Palsy Alliance - Resources
    Use the menu on the right to access resources for specific groups.
  • Educational resources - Autism Awareness Australia
    ‘Find information about teaching children with autism, running a successful autism classroom, setting up spaces in the home and community for a child with autism, locate books and apps helpful in educating children with autism’.
  • Information and Resources
    Association for Children with a Disability. ‘You can find all our resources under these headings - NDIS, School, Early years, Teenage years and Help for you and your family. You can also read some family stories and watch our videos’.
  • Technical Aid to the Disabled
    TAD [Qld] provides design, engineering, rehabilitation, computer, therapy, other professional and technical skills. Another group, Solve Disability Solutions [Previously TADVIC] does the same in Victoria. Other State Groups are linked from this page.

Education Departments, Boards, Universities, …

Government Bodies

Other Resources

  • AUSPELD - Resources
    ‘AUSPELD provides access to a number of excellent resources for teachers dealing with learning disabilities, students with learning disabilities and parents of struggling students’. Fee-based.
  • Autism Resources
    Quality resources for both teachers and parents. Fee-based
  • Ben and His Helmet Books
    For Asperger’s Children. ‘The Ben and His Helmet series of books are written especially for children with an Autistic Spectrum Disorder’. Fee-based but a discount for buying all 5 books.
  • Cap that !
    ‘We focused on the significance of using captions to benefit even more students, including students with English as an Additional Language, those who have reading difficulties, children on the autism spectrum, as well as students who are Deaf or hearing impaired’. Annotated links to Australian and international sources.
  • Click ‘n’ Colour
    ‘A new colouring concept directed at older children and adults. These retro style designs challenge fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, patterning, colour schemes, brain gym, imagination and colouring is a calming activity. They can be reused as they download as a file’. Fee-based but cheap.
  • Coding for Life
    ‘Free Course by Autism Spectrum Australia on iTunes U’. 30 sections make up the course. 22 are free at time of listing. Others vary but are quite reasonable.
  • Jays’ Education
    ‘Programs are specially designed for children with learning difficulties. Over 40 workbooks covering key learning concepts including numeracy, reading & writing, drawing and self-checking activities’. Also check the LUK Self Checking Programs. Fee-based, but reasonable.
  • Low Vision Aids - HumanWare Australia
    ‘HumanWare products are designed to last, to grow [and in many cases, to go] with the user. Giving them the independence to compete effectively with peers, to feel connected - to be a vital part of the global information age in which we live’. Fee-based, often expensive.
  • Precision Academics©
    ‘the world’s largest independent collection of resources to support students who have special learning needs’. Fee-based, but costs are within the scope of schools and individual families. ‘Download some free samples to try with your students [or children]’.
  • Resources At Hand
    ‘Providing Australia with a great range of books, games, DVDs, puppets and sensory toys in the Autism/Asperger field’.
  • Sarah, Misty and Scribbles’ Journey to the House by the Sea
    ‘This book aims to raise awareness and a better understanding about vision impairment in younger children. This story has been written from a child’s perspective’.
  • Shapeeze : Fine Motor Skills Activities For Children
    ‘Shapeeze preschooler skill-building activity kits. Helping children build fine motor and foundation skills through play’. Some free examples but kits are fee-based
  • Silvereye
    ‘Silvereye is the best place in Australia to find resources to help those with learning difficulties, special needs or emotional and behavioural challenges’. Includes some “Freebies”.
  • Special Education Needs Resources [TES Australia]
    ‘Free special needs teaching activities, including sign language worksheets, dyslexia tests, games, lesson plans for gifted children, ADHD resources, Asperger’s Syndrome activities and other ideas’.
  • Speech Language Therapy
    Caroline Bowen PhD. ‘The intended audience is families and others close to children with communication difficulties, and people working in the field of communication sciences and disorders’. Check “Links” section in particular.
  • Quantum RLV
    ‘Products and services that assist people with vision loss or learning difficulties to live life to the fullest’.
  • Special Education Needs - User Friendly Resources
    Multiple areas. Fee-based.
  • Software for People With Disabilities
    ‘Links compiled as an information resource’.
  • The Brainary
    ‘Has excellent specialist educational resources and often upload interesting articles and news items about special education issues’. Fee-based.
  • Tremendaspie - The Book
    ‘A refreshing and insightful tale told through the eyes of a child with Asperger’s Syndrome’. As well as the book, you can buy a guide and bookmark or all as one package.

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International Sites

  • About Solutions - Closing The Gap
    ‘Answers the most common questions in special education and rehabilitation : What products are available ?, What do they cost, and where can I get them ? How do I use them ?’ Fee-based. USA.

Accessibility Help [Technology]

Assistance from some major players in IT, beneficial in schools & tertiary settings.

  • AFB Product Database
    AFB. Links covering assistive technology for those who are blind or visually impaired. USA.
  • Apps for Kids with Special Needs and Learning Disabilities
    ‘No matter which hurdles your kid faces, the apps and other media included in this guide can give him or her an added boost. We don’ t expect an app to be a complete solution, of course. Our goal is to offer you a host of fun, well-designed apps that were recommended and tested by field experts’. USA.
  • Do2Learn
    ‘Educational Resources for Special Needs. Within each topic, we provide the hands-on resources needed to implement our suggestions’. USA.
  • Ghotit
    ‘Ghotit Real Writer & Reader software includes advanced writing and reading assistive technologies tailor-made for people with dyslexia and dysgraphia’. Fee-based.
  • Hands-On Tasks®
    ‘Designed for children and adults with special needs who are in need of basic skills training or vocational skills training. They are designed to promote independent work habits and encourage success’. Fee-based. USA.
  • LD Online
    ABCs of LD/ADD, LD in Depth, For Teachers, Audio Clips, news, other sections not directly applicable in Australia. USA.
  • Learning - Special Education Products - Abilitations
    ‘Dedicated to providing educational products that aid disabled children with their daily lives. Canada.
  • Perkins Scout
    ‘An information clearinghouse with online resources on all aspects of visual impairments and blindness ’. USA.

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  • Professional Resources
    NASET. Multiple sections with annotated links. Not all will be relevant. USA.
  • SEN Teacher
    ‘Has printables, specialist links, software downloads and search tools for all types and levels of special and remedial education’. Use the “Links” section to find specific resources. UK.
  • Special Educational Needs Resources[TESConnect]
    ‘Free learning resources for special educational needs [SEN] teachers including lesson plans, activities, games, teaching ideas, classroom resources and worksheets’. Links to further resources. UK.

Special Education Software [and Hardware]

  • Special Needs
    Teaching Ideas. A short collection of ideas and activities for this area. UK.
  • Special Needs - Teacher Resources
    TeacherVision. ‘We have resources on everything you need to know about teaching special needs students effectively’. USA.

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