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Resources for all areas of Physical Education from fitness to body image & self-esteem, P.E. portals to sports measurement, games to playground fun. Some material has been transposed from the previous Sports page.

Unless otherwise stated the resources are free.

Remember some sites are not Australian. Check carefully to be sure they conform to Australian requirements before use, e.g. spelling, terminology, guidelines, … .

Australian Sites

Associations, Curriculum

    Australian Council for Health, Physical Education & Recreation. Resources for Physical Education, Health, Dance, etc.. Fee-based. Relates to the curriculum, provides detailed assistance.
  • ACHPER South Australia : Links
    A collection of links to bodies and activities. Not restricted to South Australia.
  • Coaching Resources
    Gymnastics Australia. Multiple options including down to KinderGym. Fee-based.
  • School Courses
    ‘The following courses are offered by SASMA for school students’. Fee-based.

Education Departments, Boards, Universities, …

Government Bodies

  • Australian Sporting Commission
    Information on Australian sports, Institute of Sport, supporting sport, participating in sport, research, sports news, more.
  • Curriculum Resources
    ‘The Australian Sports Commission, in conjunction with national sporting organisations and education professionals, has developed resources that are aligned to the Australian Curriculum. The resources below have been developed for teachers and coaches to support student learning about health and physical activity’.
  • Integrity in Sport [Sport Australia]
    ‘Building the capacity and capability of sport to provide safe, ethical and inclusive sporting environments’. Multiple sections covered.
  • Munch & Move
    Lessons, lesson ideas, professional development, more. Replacement option for previous Healthy Kids website.
  • Resources and Professional Development
    Sporting Schools, Australian Sports Commission. ‘Choose from the options listed to view some of the resources available’.
  • Safety Guidelines for Children and Young People in Sport and Recreation
    ‘The Australian Government has moved to make sport safer for young Australians with the launch of new national guidelines to promote safety in sport and a national sport injury prevention program’.

Other Resources

  • AcePE
    Don’t be fooled. There is a great collection of links to physical education resources covering multiple areas available through this site. They include adapted physical activities. Well worth a visit.
  • AHPES Phys Ed For Years 3-4
    ‘Part of the Australian Health And Physical Education Series which comprises ten books altogether. This book has been written to help students enjoy participating in physical activities at school, and to encourage them to be physically active every day. AHPES Phys Ed For Years 3-4 contains nearly 40 physical activities which will help students to develop and consolidate skills outlined in the Australian curriculum’.
  • Australian Curriculum Lessons - Health and PE
    Browse a featured range of lessons.
  • Completely Gorgeous
    Looks at body image and self-esteem. Activities, information, teacher resources. Based on an Australian book of the same name. Video, teacher’s notes.
  • Kew Volleyball
    Useful for those in the relevant Melbourne area. The largest volleyball association in Australia.
  • Let’s Get Physical
    ‘Confused about how much exercise you really need. ABC Health Matters sets the record straight’.
  • Narcotics Anonymous
    This is the Literature Downloads page which has a range of books, booklets and pamphlets covering this area.
  • National Heart Foundation
    Information on being healthy with a healthy heart. Information for planning health lessons.
  • Parenting Strategies
    ‘We have put together this website to help parents to manage the challenging issues that may occur during adolescence, including alcohol and drug misuse, depression, anxiety and other mental health problems’.
  • PE Games for Primary School
    TES Australia. ‘A selection of popular games for the PE lesson’.
  • Physical Education Resources
    200+ resources from TES Australia. Most are fee-based but generally are less than $10.
  • Primary School Teaching Resources
    ‘Explore the many factors that influence health, wellbeing, physical activity and sporting performance with VEA’s videos’. Curriculum aligned.
  • School Sport Australia
    ‘The organisation and conduct of a broad range of school sporting programs for all students commensurate with their age and ability’. Find what they do, how they do it, what results from this.
  • SNAC
    SNAC. ‘A new support site for education and care centres and early years educators. Many reliable, accurate resources to help you provide a healthy eating environment at your centre - fact sheets, recipes, videos, quizzes’.
  • Veto Sports
    Coaching material, resources for all aspects of football, equipment, resources to clothing supplies.

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International Sites

  • Ace Fitness
    American Council on Fitness. Free exercises to help effective exercise. Designed to ‘create your own workout depending on the amount of time you have and the equipment available to you’. USA.
  • A Guide to Integrating Physical Education and Technology
    ‘This is a handy tool kit for teachers and coaches who take particular interest in using creative applications and devices when teaching’. Multiple sections with further resource links for each. USA.
  • Dole
    US children’s health and nutrition site. Emphasises eating of 5-9 servings of fruit and vegetables a day. Resources in the Teacher’s section, Reference Centre, activities, more. USA.
  • Field Day Activities
    Running a PE Field [curriculum] Day ? PE activities successfully used for this. Each done in detail, so adopt or adapt as needed. USA.
  • Healthy Meals Resource System
    United States Department of Agriculture. While US-based, there are sections of value. Data and Research; Resources, Programs; Newsroom. USA.
  • Healthy Living Resources
    ‘Offers some key tips for parents, followed by a “Top 40” list of suggested activities for parents and kids to enjoy on their own, or together ’. Canada.
  • Lesson Plans
    Lesson plans - Pre-School, Grades K-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12. Each has annotated links providing title, grade level, description, users rating. Minor and major games. Link to other curriculum areas. Now directed to A to Z Teacher Stuff. USA.
    Developed by a US government agency. ‘Eat Healthy; Life Stages; Resources; Professionals; MyPlate Kitchen’. Resources offers MyPlate Tools; Print Materials; Graphics; and Videos. Communicators and Educators section offers advice to people working in these areas. USA.
  • Ophea Teaching Tools
    Canadian range of resources with levels indicated for their use. Canada.
  • Outstanding Physical Education Lessons - Online Course
    ‘This free online course is designed to help teachers develop and deliver outstanding physical education lessons. This course is designed for physical education teachers globally’. Formally starts 13 March but you can express interest in starting at other times. Course can be upgraded for a fee.
  • PE Scholar
    ‘PE Scholar is a free community website for sharing high quality physical education resources, lesson plans, academic articles, blogs and more’.
  • PE Teacher’ s Websites - Teachphysed
    ‘If you are looking for some great information and tools to use in your class, you need to check out some of these teacher’ s websites. There is enough here to keep you learning for hours’. USA.
  • Physical Education - Scotland
    ‘Approaches to physical activity in the primary year’. Scotland.
  • Physical Education : Links, Adapted
    American-based. Links include Physical Activity, Government sites, Disability Culture, Resources, more. Some of assistance in Australia. USA.
  • Physical Education Links, Resources and Activities
    Internet4Classrooms. ‘The portal is used by teachers, parents and students of all ages on six of the seven continents [there are not many classrooms in Antarctica] and is available to anyone with an Internet connection’.

Physical Education Software

  • FitStats Education
    ‘The most powerful web-based fitness assessment, physical activity tracking, survey and health promotion software available today for K-12 Schools. It can be extensively customised in order to use any custom measurement, … ’. USA.
  • Pajama Sam 3
  • teAchnology
    Shareware and commercial programs, primarily for the Mac platform. USA.
  • Physical Education Update
    ‘PE Update’s condensed, illustrated article format, videos and super-fast article abstracts allow you to learn what you need’.
    You need to be a member to access the materials. Membership is not free, but is quite cheap.
  • Preschool Physical Education [PE Central]
    ‘Information that should be helpful to those who are responsible for providing movement programs for young children’. Instructional videos, lesson plans, homemade equipment, articles, FAQs, books, more. USA.
  • Primary Resources
    British site. Warm-up activities, dance & gymnastics, games. UK.
  • Reedswain
    ‘Soccer coaching, entertainment products at reasonable prices’. DVDs, Books, Software, Equipment. USA.
  • Resources
    California Physical Education-Health Project. Annotated links for PE & Health, Outdoor Recreation, PE Software, PE Publishers, Health & Nutrition. Some not relevant to Australia. USA.
  • Sports Media
    Belgian site. Lesson plans [Free registration], links for sports, skills, Ask the Expert [responses and further links], general education, more. If you speak a European language you can extend your usage. USA.
  • The Physical Educator
    ‘Physical Education Ideas, Resources, & Professional Development’. Canadian.

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