Gifted Education

Gifted students are those whose potential is distinctly above average in one or more of the following domains : intellectual, creative, social and physical. Talented students are those whose skills are distinctly above average in one or more areas of human performance. 1

This descriptor is linked to Gagne’s work as in this document and demonstrated in his Differentiated Model of Giftedness and Talent with a linked video. Other models are also noted in the document listed above.

Within the Australian system, gifted education can be found with individual students on special programs, within individual classrooms, in specialist classrooms such as OC Classes in NSW, in selective high schools, in specialist high schools, curriculum differentiation, through early entry to schooling and through accelerated progression once within the system.

No individual method is best for all students. Gifted children are individuals and learn best in different ways and situations. They should be matched with the best system possible for them. If this can be done, then there should be maximum achievement and pleasure with their learning.

This page looks at Gifted programs, system support, associations, support groups and other information for all Australian states & Territories plus other Australian information.

States & Territories

Australian Capital Territory

New South Wales

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Northern Territory


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South Australia


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Western Australia

  • Academic Programs
  • Application Process
    ‘All students applying for Gifted and Talented Secondary Selective Entrance Programs must sit the Academic Selective Entrance Test’.
  • Arts Programs
    ‘Children have the opportunity to shine in these innovative and challenging arts programs’.
  • Gifted and Talented Policies
  • Languages Programs
    ‘Children with an aptitude for learning new languages have the opportunity to develop their language skills to an advanced level, develop an appreciation and understanding of culture and enjoy a dynamic and challenging learning environment’.
  • Presentations for Parents
    ‘Information for Parents. Gifted and Talented Selective Entrance to Secondary Schools and Programs. Application, selection and placement’.
  • Primary Extension and Challenge [PEAC]
    ‘A part-time withdrawal program for upper primary school Year 5 and 6 students in public schools’.
  • Selective Schools
    ‘Programs are offered at a fully selective academic school and a selective arts college’.
  • Students from Country WA
    ‘Children who wish to participate in a Gifted and Talented Academic, Arts or Languages Secondary Selective Programs have access to a range of options including Selective Academic Program Online, regional school [Bunbury Senior High School] and a residential college’.

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Australian Information

  • Born to Soar
    ‘Born to Soar provide educational learning opportunities for gifted students through Centres for Gifted and Talented [One Day Schools] currently located in Melbourne, reaching gifted students across Australia and Asia and professional learning for teachers in gifted education’.
  • Directory of Schools for Gifted Children in Australia
    ‘Schools listed here have been nominated by one of our members as being relevant to providing effective programs for gifted children’.
  • Gifted and Talented Children [Kidspot]
    ‘Defining a gifted and talented child and the Characteristics of gifted children. If you think that could be your child, what should you do next ?’
    ‘Providing support to parents of gifted children and their families, gathering and disseminating information about raising and educating gifted children, and promoting the needs of these families within the community’.
  • Gifted Education : GERRIC
    Gifted and talented education from a group at the University of New South Wales. News, resources, information for parents, teachers, students.
  • Gifted Resources
    Based in Western Australia. Extensive catalogue that can be sorted in multiple ways. Additionally, the following Resources for Parents" have been compiled by the AAEGT.
  • Gifted Services
    Annotated links to other sites, particularly in Australia.
  • Kids Like Us
    ‘Striving to raise awareness and support within the Australian education system for the modifications twice-exceptional students require’.
  • REACH Education Consultancy
    We know it is based in New Zealand ! ‘REACH Education Consultancy is an agency created specifically to support schools in working successfully with gifted learners.’ Of most interest might be their Online Course, “Certificate in Effective Practice in Gifted Education”, already used by some Australian teachers as a professional development course.

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1. Gifted and Talented, Gateways, 7 November 2016. Web. 7 November 2016.

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