Physical Education

Physical Education in schools concerns the involvement of children in fitness activities, sports, Health and Drug Education, gymnastics and some aspects of dance. All are designed to encourage a healthier, more enjoyable lifestyle.

This page looks at the State & Territory information - including curriculum; sections covering fitness activities, minor games, aerobics; sources of assistance; lesson plans; and Australian Physical Education groups.

Australian Capital Territory

  • Board of Senior Secondary Studies
    A list of the courses in Health, Outdoor & Physical Education offered in Years 11 and 12. Each can be downloaded in MS Word format and range from Human Movement to Sports Studies.
  • Physical Activity Foundation
    ‘All Kids, More Active, More Often. Programs, resources, health information’. Move It Challenge, Active Kids Challenge, more.
  • Physical Education and Sport Policy
    Education Directorate. ‘This policy provides a framework to support physical education and sport in ACT public schools’.

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New South Wales

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Northern Territory

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  • Drug Education and Intervention
    Introduction, Drug intervention measures, online Resources.
  • Health and Physical Education - Prep-Year 9
    Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority. Includes Essential Learning, components of these, Assessable Elements, Sample Unit Templates, more information. Much available in PDF format.
  • Health and Physical Education - Senior Subjectsbr>‘The QCAA supports 2 types of senior subjects in the area of Health and Physical Education. Both types can count towards a Queensland Certificate of Education - Authority subjects and Authority-registered subjects’.
  • Health Education Senior Syllabus 2010
    Information for teachers of senior students.
  • HPE Sourcebook Modules
    ‘Provides teachers with a range of learning and teaching ideas. Teachers are encouraged to modify modules to meet the specific needs and interests of particular groups of students and individual students, their own needs and the learning environment’. Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority.
  • Years 1-9 Health and Physical Education Resources
    Multiple sections. Links to Curriculum, Assessment, Reporting. Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority.

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South Australia

  • Overview - Physical Education - South Australian Certificate of Education
    ‘Renewed Stage 2 Physical Education will be taught for the first time in 2020. It is an experiential subject in which students explore their physical capacities and investigate the factors that influence and improve participation and performance outcomes, which lead to greater movement confidence and competence. Physical activities can include sports, theme-based games, fitness and recreational activities’.
  • Health and Physical Education [The Australian Curriculum]
    ‘The Australian Curriculum : Health and Physical Education [F–10] as implemented by South Australia, aims to develop the knowledge, understanding and skills to enable students to access, evaluate and synthesise information to take positive action to protect, enhance and advocate for t their own and others’ health, wellbeing, safety and physical activity participation across their lifespan’.
  • Policies
    Select relevant entries using the various filters available.
  • Physical Education
    ‘Students gain an understanding of human functioning and physical activity, and an awareness of the community structures and practices that influence participation in physical activity’. Key documents, Learning and Assessment Plans, Individual Performance Indicators, more.

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Western Australia

  • Curriculum Resources
    Find resources by using the initial link on the top menu, then selecting the appropriate option, e.g., Teacher Support Materials, Ways of Teaching Videos, Links, … .
  • Health and Physical Education
    ‘Practical Support for teaching Health and Physical Education and Outdoor Education’.
  • Physical Activity
    Teaching & Learning Support, Physical Activity in Schools, Community Programs, Grants & Awards and Parent Information. Education Department site.
  • WACE Courses
    Includes Health Studies, Physical Education Studies and Outdoor Education. These are courses for the Western Australian Certificate of Education [senior years of school].

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Physical Education


  • Aerobic Exercise
    Multiple topics from Aerobic Exercise Facts to What equipment is involved.
  • Aerobic Exercises
    ‘A complete explanation about aerobic exercises’. A wealth of information including videos and more.
  • Aerobic Exercise : What you need to know What it is; How often; How hard; progression; balanced fitness program; Precautions.
  • Workouts that Work
    Provides the essentials of the process.
  • Turnstep
    Created for people who run aerobic classes. It provides routines and a dictionary so you know what terms mean. Still available but not updated for some time.

Agencies & Associations

  • Australian Sports Commission - AIS
    ‘Australia’s strategic high performance sport agency’ with national and state based centres.
    “Australian Council for Health, Physical Education and Recreation”. A world of resources and advice for Physical Education, Health, Dance, etc.. See below and also Physical Education Resources for more detail.
  • ASADA - Education
    ASADA offers a range of anti-doping education opportunities for individuals, clubs, schools, state and national sporting organisations’.
    Information and assistance with sports and activities for young people. Links to the Sports Commission, Active Australia, Institute of Sport.
  • Australian Sports Foundation
    ‘We assist hundreds of organisations every year to raise funds for Australian sport through our Sport Incentive Program and we provide small grants to community and grassroots sporting organisations to grow participation in sport’.


Playground Games

  • Increasing Physical Activity in Schools
    “Through The Use Of Playground Games”. Common sense article which includes a number of games/activities.
  • Kid’s Games
    Detailed description of children’s games that were commonly played in school playgrounds. It covers skipping, ball strength, circle games, more. Still available but not updated for some time.
  • List of traditional children’s games
    ‘Most children’s games include at least two of the following six features in different proportion : physical skill, strategy, chance, repetition of patterns, creativity, and vertigo’. Listed alphabetically. Wikipedia.
  • Street Play
    Look for games people used to play in the street. Rules, equipment are listed.
  • Traditional Playground Games
    ‘Select any children’s game from the list to find out how it is played’. UK.
  • Water Games [Pool]
    ‘Find water games and games for the swimming pool to entertain children for hours using our activity finder’. Select from the list or refine by age. Covers early childhood to primary level.

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Journals & Magazines

For all educational journals, see the Education Journals page.

  • Active & Healthy Magazine
    ‘Aimed at physical educators, health educators, fitness leaders and the generalist teacher. The emphasis is on informative articles of interest that underpin the Health and Physical Education curriculum in schools’. Electronic format.
  • Journals for Physical Education and Sport
    Annotated links. Most are not free but may be accessible through libraries or other educational institutions. Also includes other journals and newsletters.
  • Palaestra
    ‘Forum of Sport, Physical Education & Recreation for those with disabilities’.

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Resource Links


  • ACHPER - Primary Resources
    A listing of more than 270 resources collated and available from ACHPER in the area of Primary Health & Physical Education areas Note these have to be purchased.
    You now need to be able to log in to access this site.
  • ACHPER - Secondary Resources
    A listing of more than 280 resources collated and available from ACHPER in the area of Secondary Health & Physical Education areas. Note these have to be purchased.
    You now need to be able to log in to access this site.
  • Australian Screen, Body Image
    ‘The following [video] clips have teachers’ notes related to this topic’.
  • Body Image
    Links to resources about Body Image and related conditions. Health Direct, Australia.
  • Clearinghouse For Sport
    ‘Connecting people in sport to a world of ideas, experience and knowledge’.
  • Gymnastics Articles [Gymnastics 4 Hire]
    Site includes articles on gymnastics. There are other resources available. You need to register to gain access, but registration is free.
  • Health and Physical Education : An introduction for teachers
    Short video from ACARA.
  • The PE Geek
    ‘I am a Physical Education Teacher from country Victoria, Australia. As I am also Information Technology trained I delight in aiming to engage students in my classes using web 2.0 tools. The purpose of my blog is to detail the different ways I am trialling these technologies in my classes’.


  • Physical Education Guide
    ‘Knowing how to stay active and which foods you need is part of your overall physical education. You can find plenty of resources online to help you build strength and energy and keep your body healthy’. Games, Nutritional activities, exercises, activities and more. Interesting sources for some inclusions. USA.
  • Physical Education K to 9
    British Columbia, Canada. Includes ‘Introduction, Goals and Rationale, What’s New, Curriculum Overview, Core Competencies, Big Ideas and Learning Standards’. Implemented 2016. Access the draft Grades 10-12 curriculum here. Information about Daily Physical Activity K-12 is found here. Canada.
  • Physical Education Practitioner Research Network
    ‘Created to encourage interactions between physical education teachers whether they are in schools or in universities. It is our hope that we can start multiple conversations about what physical education is and what it might aspire to be and then find ways of jointly making that happen’. UK.
  • Physical Education Resources for Teachers Collections of links related PE to other curriculum areas. US oriented, but many are still suitable. USA.
  • Physical Education Teaching Playlists
    Select from the extensive range of playlists. From Popular lists through to Teaching Fitness.
  • Saskatchewan Physical Education Curriculum
    Includes curriculum, safety guidelines, Physical Activity area, lesson builders, assessment & evaluation, resources and more. This opens to the Kindergarten level. Select other levels using the “Physical Education” link on the top menu. Canada.
  • Sports Injury Prevention Guide for Kids
    ‘It’s easy to stay safe on the field or on the court when you keep these tips in mind’. USA.
  • Staying Healthy and Avoiding Injuries in Sports
    Contains multiple section covering areas such as Sprains and Strains, Knee Injuries, Fractures and more. Each has general information and advice plus links to further information on specific areas of these.
  • TeachPE
    ‘Your free resource for Physical Education and Sports Coaching’. Annotated links for both general and sport specific assistance. UK.
    ‘An online professional resource for Physical Educators’. Forums, downloads, links to websites and resources, more. Canada.
  • The Web Puts Fizz Into Phys-ical Fitness !
    Education World. ‘The Web has just the resources to help you with new games, ideas, and lessons that will make your students jump for joy ! Included : Stretches for cyber fitness too !’


  • 7 Games to Make Running Fun for Kids [ACTIVEkids]
    ‘These seven ideas for workouts disguised as games not only train young bodies, but score high on the fun factor as well’.
  • A PE Lesson Plan Incorporating Running Games For Children
    ‘The following lesson and handouts provide an exciting way to channel your students’ energy and help them set personal goals in fitness’.
  • Fun Running Games for Kids
    ‘Kids love to run but that doesn’ t necessarily mean they love to train. Here are some fun running games for kids that will sneak some training into their play time’.
  • Why Exercise is Cool
    Article about children’s exercise, particularly running, links to related articles, resources.
  • Kids Running
    US-based. Several sections are relevant to Australia including coaching help, School resources, links to related resources, other advice.

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