Teachers have moved between Australia and other countries for many years. This has been via exchange, as a new experience, to teach English to non-English speakers, or even as part of a working holiday. There are education systems, other agencies and international programs, that make this a possibility. Each groups seeks to make the experience a professionally and personally enjoyable, rewarding experience.

As with any activity, always check the bona fides of any company or organisation you use. Be as knowledgeable as you can when considering teaching in a culture entirely different to your own. In addition to other factors [accommodation, food, language, …], you may be expected to operate under conditions and/or in ways [techniques, procedures] that are not what you expect or feel comfortable with. Careful preparation/investigation can only result in a more enjoyable, secure and fulfilling experience both professionally and personally.

This page gives access to many of these groups. Most target particular world areas and/or subjects. There is an emphasis on links for the Asia/Pacific region, North America and the UK. Specific areas such as TEFL, TESL and TESOL are included. So too are the Teacher Exchange programs which operate in several states.

While many options are listed, no specific recommendations are given, except for the exchange process where we had a very positive experience in both respects.


Teacher Exchange Programs operate in multiple states and territories, often in several formats. These are especially good if you don’t want to give up your current position; can [by agreement] swap accommodation, even transport and usually have additional support throughout the whole experience, even though there may be variations between different programs. For states and territories not included below, we can only suggest checking with education departments and even unions.

We highly recommend this process based on our own experience.


Other Exchange Information can be found here. Note :these are externally arranged programs.

  • Teacher Exchange Programs Abroad
    ‘A teacher exchange program provides opportunities for teaching professionals with a qualifying degree to teach in partner accredited educational institutions abroad. There are various options for qualified teachers to participate in a teacher exchange program. Read the guide to know more information about teacher exchange programs abroad’.
  • Teacher Exchange Programs [Go Overseas]
    ‘A teacher exchange is where qualified teachers can swap places with teachers in other countries, typically for a semester/year. It’s the perfect opportunity to share ideas and knowledge, as well as learn about educational practices from different countries. It’s also a wonderful way to truly appreciate the meaning of the phrase, “walking a mile in someone else’s shoes !” These programs are meant for qualified teachers’.
  • Teacher Exchange Programs - USA
    Particularly through the J-1 Visa Teacher Exchange Programs. Up to three years in length.
  • Teacher Exchange Programs : What They Are & How You Can Do One
    General information that also includes links [with brief descriptors] to a number of groups that operate exchanges.
  • Teach in the USA
    ‘Participating teachers gain valuable professional and personal experiences while promoting passion for global learning and appreciation of other cultures through cultural exchange’.

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  • Compass Teaching - Africa
    ‘We identify and source exceptional talent for international schools worldwide’. These are the listings for Africa.
  • Educators Overseas
    ‘Educators Overseas helps qualified, native English speaking teachers and school administrators from America, Canada, the UK, Australia, South Africa and New Zealand find outstanding teaching jobs abroad — in both international and ESL schools around the world’.
  • Teaching and Education Jobs in Africa [Tes]
    ‘Open to new job opportunities ? The best international schools all over the world trust us to connect them with talented teachers like you’. Multiple filters to narrow your search.
  • Teach English in Africa []
    ‘Introduction; Why Teach Abroad in Africa ?; Locations; Teaching Jobs in Africa; Salary & Costs; Accommodation & Visas; GoAbroad Insider Tips’.
  • Teaching Jobs in South Africa
    ‘Job; Job Description; Position Overview; Primary Responsibilities; Qualifications & Experience [Required and Desirable]; Position Requirements’.
  • Volunteer to Teach in Africa [Projects Abroad]
    ‘Teach English in Africa and help support children's education in rural, underprivileged areas. You’ll work alongside dedicated teachers, who are focused on providing children with a quality education’.



  • China By Teaching
    ‘Discover teaching jobs in China ! Your teaching job is out there. We’re here to help you get it. Search mechanism with filters; Information on preparing to teach in China; How to apply; Top Jobs in China; Teaching Destinations in China [with number of jobs in each]; Stories from people who have found jobs there’.
  • ESL Teaching Jobs in China
    ‘Teach English in China – with over 10 years experience in the ESL industry in China and other Asian countries, we put teachers in contact with the very best public and private schools’. Gold Star Teachers.
  • Hello Teacher !
    ‘You can teach English or subjects [if you’re qualified] to students of any age, from youngsters to adults. Positions are available in kindergarten, primary school, high school, university and private language institutes. We have vacancies for teaching positions across China, from big cities like Beijing and Shanghai to smaller cities in rural areas. We can help recommend a location if you’re unfamiliar with China’.
  • Meten Global Teachers
    ‘Teach English abroad and join a supportive community of over 400 foreign teachers just like you while enjoying a life-changing experience in one of over 30 cities with our 7 000 staff across China. We have teaching positions in China with hundreds of centres in over 28 exciting cities’.
  • Recruitment agencies for teaching in China
    The Helpful Panda. ‘Are you looking for a recruiter to help you find a teaching job in China ? One of the best ways you can find a teaching job in China is by working with a reputable recruiter. A recruiter can help you find the ideal school and position based on your needs. They can also help you with housing and the visa requirements for China, as well as answer any questions you have along the way’.
  • Teach English in China
    ‘We are seeking English speakers from the US, UK, Canada, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa to teach English in China for a year [or longer if you wish]. We recruit for hundreds of schools all over China’. Information re conditions, procedures on the site
  • Teach English in China [AM International]
    ‘Teaching English in China is plain amazing. It’s a once in a lifetime experience. Discover right here how you can travel, work, learn Mandarin, meet wonderful people and make good money all at the same time. Simple steps to get you going’.
  • Teach English in China [CῘEE]
    ‘Our flagship program will connect you with our full range of job opportunities : teach pre-K, university, or grade-school kids, in Chongqing, Shanghai, or another destination. CIEE’s TEFL certification is included, and start dates are in February, March, August and September each year. Most contracts are for two semesters [10-11 months], but a few one-semester contracts are available’. They also have a Teach in China Basics program ‘designed for people who already have teaching credentials that meet Chinese visa requirements’.
  • Teach English in China [Teachaway]
    Job information covering multiple aspects/requirements; School information; General information.
  • Teaching and Education Jobs in China [Tes]
    ‘Open to new job opportunities ? The best international schools all over the world trust us to connect them with talented teachers like you’. Multiple filters to narrow your search.
  • Teaching English in China : What are the Visa Requirements ?
    ‘China Work Visa Requirements and Documents’ plus other information.
  • Teaching Jobs in China [EFL English First]
    Teaching young learners, adults or online; Job Requirements; Position Requirements; Locations; Support.
  • Teaching Nomad
    ‘Designed to provide a trustworthy source of great jobs for teachers’. Extensive detail for each position.


  • AEON
    Mainly teaching English. The Frequently Asked Questions page will prove useful.
  • Guide to Living in Japan
    Multi-page document covering all aspects of life and providing contacts, advice, recommendations and more. Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Japan.
  • Interac Network
    ‘Make a world of difference - Enrich through education. What’s an ALT ?; Why be an ALT ?; Why Interac ?; How to apply; Blog;’ more.
  • JET Program [The Japan Exchange and Teaching Program]
    ‘Aimed at promoting grass-roots international exchange between Japan and other nations’.
  • O-Hayo Sensei
    ‘The free electronic newsletter O-Hayo Sensei reports the best currently available English teaching positions at conversation schools, universities, jukus, colleges, public schools and companies’.
  • TeachApply - Teach in Japan
    ‘Job Listings at International Schools in Japan’. Filter by Position and Contract Type, e.g. Teacher/Part time.
  • Teaching English in Japan - Jobs, Reviews, and Tips
    ‘If you dream of moving to Japan to teach ESL, here’s the ultimate guide on teaching English abroad in Japan’. You can also access a List of ESL Teaching Jobs in Japan here.
  • Teach in Japan‘Here’s a few of the best teaching jobs in Japan to make your job hunt a little easier! Keep scrolling down the page for more information about English teaching jobs and how you can become a teacher in Japan’.
  • Teaching abroad in Japan
    ‘We work with some excellent international schools in Japan and are proud to assist talented teachers to find a job there’.
  • Teaching and Education Jobs in Japan [Tes]
    ‘Open to new job opportunities ? The best international schools all over the world trust us to connect them with talented teachers like you’. Multiple filters to narrow your search.
  • Teaching in Japan [121sensei]
    ‘This site is for teachers that are currently in Japan that are able to meet students in person and teach a language. English teachers are the most sought after, but speakers of many more languages are also registered with us’.


  • HiTeacher
    ‘Korea’s Job Board for the English Teaching Professional. Announce your availability and submit your resume to hundreds of Employers that visit this site. Employers can contact you directly as soon as a suitable position becomes available’.
  • Teach English in Korea [Footprints]
    ‘Work here is mostly with private schools [hagwons]. The government-run program for English instruction in public schools is called EPIK. However, numerous government budget cuts in recent years and increasingly strict requirements placed on foreign teachers have made the EPIK intake much more competitive than it was in its heyday. Find reliable schools to interview with; Get help finding a good job; We keep the entire process organised to reduce your stress’.
  • Teach English in Korea [ReachtoTeach]
    As well as other information be sure to check their Frequently Asked Questions Page.
  • Teach English in Korea [Teachaway]
    Job information covering multiple aspects/requirements; School information; General information.
  • Teach English in South Korea
    ‘Get to know the amazing culture of South Korea while becoming TESOL certified in Incheon. After graduation, we’ll assist you with finding a hagwon [private school] job so you can stay in South Korea and teach English’.
  • Teach English Korea
    ‘We do our best to find you a job that you want and support you all the way while you are working and living in Korea. Includes insightful stories from English teachers who are teaching and living in Korea’.
  • Teaching and Education Jobs in Korea [Tes]
    ‘Open to new job opportunities ? The best international schools all over the world trust us to connect them with talented teachers like you’. Multiple filters to narrow your search.
  • Teaching English in Korea [Australian Embassy]
    Worth reading before you make any commitments.
  • Teaching Jobs in South Korea [Edarabia]
    ‘A comprehensive list of all teaching jobs in South Korea, including vacancies for ESL teacher, Kindergarten teacher, teacher, early childhood specialist, language instructor, music teacher, physical education teacher, guidance counsellor, ... . ’. Several filters allow you to narrow your search.
  • Teach in South Korea [CῘEE Teach Abroad]
    ‘CIEE offers two programs in South Korea so it’s easy for you to choose the level of service that’s right for you’. Already have teaching credentials or TEFL Certification ? Check out Teach in South Korea Basics.


  • Compass Teaching - Far East & SE Asia
    ‘We identify and source exceptional talent for international schools worldwide’. These listings include China and other smaller countries such as Myanmar [at time of inclusion].
  • HESS Adventure
    ‘Whether you are seeking adventure or looking to further your career in education, HESS has the established environment for you. With various locations in Taiwan and across Asia, there is a place for you to hone your teaching and interpersonal skills and find personal and professional growth’. Also covers China, South Korea, Singapore and Vietnam.
  • Palms
    ‘We place skilled Australians, from a vast array of disciplines and trades, in long-term assignments in remote communities to build the skills of local people’. Includes Pacific Islands.
  • Teach English in Indonesia
    ‘We have more than 70 schools in over 30 cities in Indonesia, from a busy metropolis like Jakarta to idyllic towns like Kupang’.
  • Teaching in Singapore
    ‘Singapore offers a variety of teaching jobs for ESL instructors and certified teachers in one of the world's safest cities, boasting a rich cultural mix of Eastern and Western influences’.
  • Teach in Thailand [CῘEE]
    ‘As a foreign teacher in Thailand you’ll become a part of a local community, build meaningful relationships with colleagues and neighbours, and make a difference in the lives of your students. With CIEE, you’ll have all the training and support you need to be successful inside and outside the classroom’.
  • Teaching and Education Jobs in Malaysia [Tes]
    ‘Open to new job opportunities ? The best international schools all over the world trust us to connect them with talented teachers like you’. Multiple filters to narrow your search.
  • Teaching and Education Jobs in Thailand [Tes]
    ‘Open to new job opportunities ? The best international schools all over the world trust us to connect them with talented teachers like you’. Multiple filters to narrow your search.
  • Teaching and Education Jobs in Vietnam [Tes]
    ‘Open to new job opportunities ? The best international schools all over the world trust us to connect them with talented teachers like you’. Multiple filters to narrow your search.
  • Teaching Jobs in Asia [Eteach]
  • Teaching Jobs in Southeast Asia [Tes]
    ‘Countries in this region include Brunei, Singapore and several others with links provided above. Working in these countries offers the chance to experience a whole new way of living’.
  • Vacancies in Asia
    ‘Here are our latest international teaching jobs in Asia’.

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Note this does not include the United Kingdom. Their options are listed separately below.

  • 9 Best Places to Teach English in Europe in 2021
    Introduction including things to consider; Country list. Each country has nominated programs to consider.
  • Compass Teaching - Europe
    ‘We identify and source exceptional talent for international schools worldwide’. These are the listings for Europe.
  • Conversa Spain
    Teach English in Spain in Spanish Public Schools. ‘With ConversaSpain, native English speakers can teach English in Spain as language and cultural ambassadors in public schools in Madrid or Murcia. During the duration of the program, participants will receive support moving to Spain, health coverage, initial training, and advice. Speaking Spanish is not a requirement to take part in the program’.
  • JOBATUS [Portal de empleo]
    An employment site which allows you to select from a variety of educational opportunities of varying levels and across all the provinces of Spain. Note that the site is in Spanish.
  • Teach English in Russia
    ‘We have more than 15 Kids & Teens schools spread across 3 cities in Russia : Moscow, St. Petersburg and Novosibirsk’.
  • Teaching and Education Jobs in Germany [Tes]
    ‘Open to new job opportunities ? The best international schools all over the world trust us to connect them with talented teachers like you’. Multiple filters to narrow your search.
  • Teaching and Education Jobs in Italy [Tes]
    ‘Open to new job opportunities ? The best international schools all over the world trust us to connect them with talented teachers like you’. Multiple filters to narrow your search.
  • Teaching and Education Jobs in The Netherlands [Tes]
    ‘Open to new job opportunities ? The best international schools all over the world trust us to connect them with talented teachers like you’. Multiple filters to narrow your search.
  • Teaching and Education Jobs in Switzerland [Tes]
    ‘Open to new job opportunities ? The best international schools all over the world trust us to connect them with talented teachers like you’. Multiple filters to narrow your search.
  • Teaching in Russia
    ‘Russia has a huge population and therefore has a huge job market for teaching opportunities. Demand remains particularly high for English teachers across the country, and some schools consequently make year-round hires for teachers of English’.
  • Teaching in Slovenia
    ‘Teaching opportunities in Slovenia are mostly available in the capital city Ljubljana, which is home to several reputable International Schools such as the British International School of Ljubljana’.
  • Teaching Jobs in Europe
    The International Teaching Partnership. ‘We have a wide range of teaching jobs in Europe. Our expert consultants are on hand to provide the best advice for your career and dream of teaching in this region’.
  • Teaching Jobs in Europe [WISHlistjobs]
    Teaching in Europe; Teaching Jobs; Teaching abroad in Europe facts; International School jobs; How to find these jobs.
  • Teach in Spain [CῘEE]
    ‘As a part-time Language and Culture Assistant in the Community of Madrid you will help Spanish students develop their conversational English skills by creating fun and engaging activities’.
  • Vacancies in Europe
    ‘Here are our latest international teaching jobs in Europe’.


  • Compass Teaching - Middle East
    ‘We identify and source exceptional talent for international schools worldwide’. These are the listings for the Middle East.
  • Teaching and Education Jobs in Qatar [Tes]
    ‘The best international schools all over the world trust us to connect them with talented teachers like you. Simply tell us a bit about your experience and career goals and we can help you find your dream role’. Reasonable number of positions.
  • Teaching and Education Jobs in United Arab Emirates [Tes]
    ‘The best international schools all over the world trust us to connect them with talented teachers like you. Simply tell us a bit about your experience and career goals and we can help you find your dream role’. Large number of positions.
  • Teach in the Middle East
    This opens to a page of background information with links to teaching positions in these countries - Bahrain, Qatar [and Doha] and United Arab Emirates.
  • Teaching in Dubai
    ‘With enthusiastic and well-motivated students, you will certainly find each day interesting and like no other. The main curricula being taught in Dubai are those commonly found in British and US schools’.
  • Teaching in Oman
    ‘This stunning gem on the north east peninsular of the Middle East offers teachers the opportunity to work in safe and established international schools while enjoying life among some of the world’s most impressive beaches’.
  • Teaching Jobs in the Middle East
    The International Teaching Partnership. ‘We have a wide range of teaching jobs in the Middle east. Our expert consultants are on hand to provide the best advice for your career and dream of teaching in this region’.
  • Teaching Jobs in United Arab Emirates [Teaching Nomad]
    ‘Which Emirate do you want to teach in ? Check out all of our UAE teaching jobs’.
  • Vacancies in the Middle East
    ‘Here are our latest international teaching jobs in the Middle East’.

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  • - Careers and Teaching Jobs
    ‘Listed are the addresses, phone/fax numbers, web sites as well as other relevant information on each provincial body responsible for Teacher Certification and Teacher Classification’. Also has listing of job vacancies in all provinces.
  • Requirements to work as a teacher in Canada
    ‘We have prepared a teaching ebook full of valuable information that will make the process of becoming a teacher in Canada as smooth a process as possible. Get the information you need to make your move to Canada a great success ! Free tools and resources for all’.
  • Teach English in Canada [Go Overseas]
    ‘The following list of teach abroad programs in Canada offer various kinds of set-ups – some will allow you to live in a homestay and tutor a smaller group, while others will place you in a classroom setting where you will take charge of a larger number of students’.
  • Teach English in Canada []
    ‘Whether you’re headed to Vancouver, Quebec City, or somewhere in between, Canada offers a vast amount of opportunities to teach English abroad. Jobs teaching English in Canada are prevalent, whether as a teaching assistant, working at a language school, or as a private tutor’.
  • Teach For Canada - Teach in the North
    ‘Teach For Canada is a non-profit organisation that works with northern First Nations communities to recruit, prepare, and support outstanding teachers’.
  • Teach in Canada : How to Immigrate to Canada as a Teacher
    ‘Selection Factors for FSW and Approval to Teach in Canada; Are Teachers Skilled Workers ?; Express Entry for Teachers; Working Online as a Teacher in Canada; Resources for Teacher Jobs in Canada’.
  • Teaching Jobs in Canada [Moving2Canada]
    ‘Provincial and territorial governments operate their own school systems, and are responsible for setting out the regulations for teaching jobs in Canada. The rules are broadly similar across the country, but with some local differences’.
  • Work in Canada
    Extensive information regarding Work Permits and other options.



  • Certification Map
    ‘Certification Map is a simple, yet effective way to determine the requirements needed to become a teacher in each US state. We are continually updating each state’s page’.
  • Certification Requirements by State
    Requirements for teacher registration and employment in all 50 US states.
  • Teacher Licensing and Certification
    ‘Learn about the requirements for becoming a teacher. You can become certified by the state in which you wish to teach, and then earn national certification accepted in all 50 states and the District of Columbia’. Find state licensing requirements for every state.
    For a small annual fee, receive a lengthy listing of services and information.
    ‘We work with school districts to place international teachers in South Carolina classrooms — and to provide an experience like no other. When you become a FACES teacher you get more than the opportunity to teach in the United States. You get free services and individual support from FACES staff’.
  • Teach English in the United States []
    ‘There is a blossoming movement of adults heading to the United States in hopes of learning the English language, and therefore, the demand for English teachers has grown. Whether teaching the next generation or the prior, teaching jobs in the United States will grant you access to thousands of miles worth exploring’.
  • Teaching Certification
    ‘Each state has their own requirements. Find out what requirements are necessary to earn your licensure where you wish to work’.
  • Teach in a U.S. School [Greenheart Exchange]
    ‘Greenheart Exchange’s Teach USA program connects enthusiastic, highly-qualified international teachers with U.S. K-12 host schools to promote cultural understanding and public diplomacy. Our primary goal is to facilitate an exceptional professional exchange program for teachers from all around the world to share their knowledge and experience in the U.S.’.
  • Teach in the United States [Go Overseas]
    ‘We don’t run any of our own programs, but we have thousands of listings for you to explore’. Check some of the included programs from the home page.
  • Teach in the USA [Participate Learning]
    ‘Participate Learning partners with schools in Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina. All three states are in the Southeast USA. Placements are in rural, suburban, or urban settings. Schools are carefully evaluated for suitability and need’.
  • USA Employment
    ‘Recruiting teachers from around the globe for America’s schools, building bridges between cultures through education’. All relevant information is supplied.

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Covers both Central America and South America. Some links cover a wide area including several countries, others are country specific.

  • Compass Teaching - South America
    ‘We identify and source exceptional talent for international schools worldwide’. These are the listings for South America.
  • Educators Overseas
    Select South America from the top menu. It will provide information on ‘Jobs in South America; Why Teach in South America; Where can I teach ?; and Travel to South America’.
  • Jobs in International Schools in Central America
    Covers countries including Guatemala and Mexico.
  • Jobs in International Schools in South America
    Includes countries such as Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay and Venezuela.
  • Teach English in Brazil []
    ‘As Brazil’s economy grows with large tourism and international trade industries, there’s a consistent demand for expats to teach abroad in Brazil. To earn a salary while practicing the samba, read on to learn how to teach abroad in Brazil for the adventure of a lifetime’.
  • Teach English in Latin America
    ‘Some of the more popular places to teach in Latin & South America are Costa Rica; Chile; Buenos Aires, Argentina, and the great cities of Brazil. While salaries are not as high as they are in Asia or the Middle East, the low cost of living makes the region attractive from a financial perspective’.
  • Teach English in Mexico
    ‘Latest Jobs; Fact Sheet; Top 5 Reasons to Teach there; Requirements to Teach English; Recommended TEFL Certification required; Popular Cities to Teach in; Related Articles’.
  • Teach English in South America [Exploring Abroad]
    ‘Make a whole new network of friends and colleagues as you become certified to teach English as a foreign language. Get your certification and be placed into a paid teaching position in South America. Positions available for certified English instructors to teach in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Peru’.
  • Teach In Chile [CῘEE]
    ‘Overview; What’s Included; The Destination; Job Description; Qualifications; TEFL Certification; Our Team’.
  • Teach in South America [Teach Away]
    Featured jobs, Quick Apply link for each. Limited number of positions.
  • Teaching abroad in South America
    ‘Do you want to find an international school job in South America ? South America has fewer international schools than Asia or Europe, but the number is steadily growing. Some excellent packages are available, and the cost of living is generally reasonable and affords a great quality of life ’.
  • Vacancies in South America
    ‘Here are our latest international teaching jobs in South America’.


These links cover all of the UK unless otherwise noted, e.g. London, Manchester, …


  • Teaching in England : guidance for Overseas Teachers
    Department for Education. It is important that you read this. Be sure to read the following sections : Teaching in England - Qualifications and Qualified Teacher Status [QTS]; International Teacher Recruitment Program [ITRP]; and other menu sections as listed across the top of the page. Covers changes in 2021.
  • Recruit Teachers from Overseas - GOV.UK
    ‘How schools can hire teachers who are not UK or Irish nationals and get help using a Department for Education [DfE] program. Published September 2020’.
  • Visas for Overseas Teachers coming to the UK
    ‘To live and work in the UK, all international teachers must have a valid work visa. You can work in the UK under the following visas’. 6 are listed with links to more information on each.
  • ANZUK Teachers
    Covers London and Surrey in particular as well as Bristol, Wales and Kent.
  • Brent
    Includes a specific section for Overseas trained teachers.
  • CER [Monarch Education]
  • Career Teachers
    ‘Education Recruiters Central London and Greater London’. This section is for Australia and New Zealand Qualified Teachers [consultant based in Sydney].
  • Connex Education
    ‘We source teachers and school leaders globally, helping provide schools with experienced, returning teachers. We offer day-to-day and long-term recruitment for schools looking for the best staff’.
  • GSL Education
    ‘GSL Education can help you find some of the most rewarding education jobs London [and several other areas] has to offer’.
  • Hays Education
    ‘Welcome to Hays Education, where we match top teaching talent to the roles that need them most’.
  • ITN Mark Education
  • Manchester City Council
    Check the Jobs in Schools page for specific details.
  • Point To Point Education
    ‘We are one of four agencies selected by the Department for Education to supply international STEM and MFL teachers to schools across England’. They also work with other teachers.
  • Prospero Teaching
    ‘Prospero Teaching has been commissioned by the English Government’s Department for Education [DfE] to offer a unique program, to recruit and support qualified International maths and science teachers, to England from Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the USA’.
  • Protocol Education
    ‘Whether you’re a recent graduate or an experienced teacher, we can help you to find the UK teaching job that suits you best. We work with early childhood, primary, secondary and special needs schools in London and across England’.
  • Quantum Scholars
    ‘Quantum Scholars is an education and teacher recruitment agency in the UK focused solely on helping international teachers find work in England. We are the most successful teacher recruitment agency to the UK government’s International Teacher Recruitment Program [ITRP]’.
  • Randstad
    ‘We work in partnership with the Department for Education on the International Teacher Recruitment Program. State funded secondary schools and academies in England can get help from this program to recruit Maths, Physics, Computer Science, General Science and Modern Foreign Languages teachers from abroad’.
  • Red Box Teacher Recruitment Limited
    ‘We offer day to day, long term and permanent placements for qualified teachers and teacher assistants. We are now one of the only supply teaching agencies dedicated to the primary school sector’. London.
  • REESON Education
    ‘REESON Education has worked hard to become one of the most reputable and reliable teaching agencies in London. Here you will find hundreds of teaching jobs in London and school support roles such as teaching assistant jobs. You can also register for our busy daily supply pools’.
  • Should You Move to the UK to Teach ?
    ‘Have you ever considered moving to the UK to teach ? Why not ? It’s easier than you think to move to abroad to teach. Our quiz will help you decide if the move is right for you and if it’s time you took the plunge’. SANZA Teaching Agency.
  • Smart Teachers
    ‘Choose Smart as your London teaching agency. Our team will help you find daily supply, long-term, and permanent teaching jobs in schools throughout London and the home counties. We have UK teaching jobs for experienced and NQTs in your choice of schools’.
  • Teaching in the UK [Teach in]
    ‘Teaching in the UK; Types of work; Types of UK schools; UK Curriculum and Key Stages; UK School Terms; more’.
  • Teaching Jobs in London & the UK [Engage Education]
    ‘Whether you want to work in the UK for just a few years, or are looking to relocate permanently, let Teaching Jobs London and Engage Education help you find the best teaching job for you’.
  • Teach in London
    Borough of Havering. You would need to organise other details related to travel and employment.
  • Teaching and Education Jobs in United Kingdom [Tes]
    Significant listing of vacancies [just over 3 500 at time of inclusion].
  • Timeplan
    ‘As well as recruiting from across the UK, our dedicated team has offices in Australia and Canada, and representatives in New Zealand and South Africa, meaning we have access to the best teaching talent the world has to offer’.
  • Vibe Teacher Recruitment
    Central London placements.
  • World Class Teachers
    ‘Overseas Teachers – Teaching in the UK. Whether you are still overseas and looking for a new role or already based in the UK, you can start your search with us today’.

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Information related to the acquisition of the Cambridge qualification. This includes time scale/costs on each site.


  • ESL Authority
    ‘Resources, jobs, hiring guides, and TEFL advice to help you start your English teaching career’.
  • ESL Certified
    ‘ESL Certified, was created by ESL teachers for ESL teachers. We offer 12 excellent courses that were designed to fit the needs and goals of our prospective students’.
  • Holmesglen -English Language Teacher Training Courses
    ‘English, Education and Teacher Training Course Areas’.
  • IELTS [International English Language Testing System] Australia
    ‘The International English Language Testing System [IELTS] is an internationally approved English language proficiency test for study, work and migration in Australia. IELTS offers both paper-based and computer-based English Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking proficiency exams’. There is a wide range of other information, including webinars, training and support available.
  • IELTS - International English Language Testing System
    This is the international version of the above site.
  • i-to-i Teach English Overseas
    Course information, internships, Job Placement Service, Chalkboard, FAQs plus downloads and other resources.
  • Teach English Abroad []
    ‘Choose Experience [Volunteer, Intern, Teach, Courses, Jobs, … ]; Online Programs [Volunteer Programs to TEFL Courses]; How it works; Help me’.
  • Teach International
    ‘Our courses in TESOL [Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages] are English and Employability skills. We offer two nationally-accredited courses which build upon the Foundation of teaching English to speakers of other languages’.
  • TESOL Australia
    ‘Teach overseas, online or privately tutor with this internationally recognised TESOL certificate. This course includes : Teaching Children, Adults, Business English and Teaching Online to give you the necessary training to teach in a wide range of ESL fields’.
  • The TEFL Academy
    ‘We offer five course locations in Australia including Perth, Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide and Melbourne. You can find TEFL courses in Australia includng course locations and dates via this link. We are the world’s only TEFL course provider that has received official recognition from government regulated awarding bodies both in the US and UK. You can choose to study the course entirely online or combined with 20 hours of face-to-face training’. Extensive Frequently Asked Questions are worth visiting.
    ‘The TOEFL® test is the most widely respected English language test in the world’. Potential destinations for Australians include New Zealand, Canada, United States, Europe and United Kingdom.

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  • EasyExpat
    Guides, Forum, Expat Network, links, Expat FAQ, blogs, job listings, cost of living, more.
  • ESLinsider’s Blog On Teaching English & Living in Asia
    ‘If you’re thinking about teaching English abroad [especially in Asia] or you want to improve your classes [especially if you’re teaching kids] then you’ll find heaps of help here’. Blog, How-to Videos on site and via YouTube, several courses [fee-paid but relatively cheap], more.
  • ESL Job Exchange
    Teach Abroad covers extensive list of country options from Russia to Qatar, Japan to Mexico. Guide to teaching online. TEFL certification [US and UK]. Blog and Job listing.
  • Going Overseas to Live or Work [Smartraveller]
    ‘Read this page to find out more about : what to do before you go; preparing to stay healthy while you’re away; and where to get help if you need it’. Australian Government.
  • Going Overseas - When you leave Australia [Australian Taxation Office]
    ‘If you intend to leave Australia soon, or have recently left, it could have implications for : Study and training support loans; Capital gains on your assets; Medicare levy surcharge and private health insurance; Your super; and Self-managed super’. Be sure to read what the ATO tells you on this site, if any/all of these apply.
  • How to find a job in China [8 great ideas]
    The Helpful Panda. ‘China is strange, infuriating, frustrating, amazing, eye-opening and delicious all at once [trust me – I’ve lived and worked there !]. But choosing to move to China for work isn’t always easy, which is why you probably need a little help getting your dream job in this country. So here’s my guide on how to find a job in China’. Also check available via the menu items at the top.
  • International Cost of Living Comparisons [Expatistan]
    ‘Expatistan is a cost of living calculator that allows you to compare the cost of living between cities around the world. The comparisons allow you to get a better understanding of the cost of living of any city before you move there’. Recommended !
  • [Moving abroad made easy]
    ‘Relocating soon ? No worries, we’re here to help ! All the tools and information you’ll need’.
  • Teaching Jobs Overseas
    ‘Did you know that as an educator, you can live and work virtually anywhere in the world ? The beauty of the teaching profession is that it is global and truly international. We started Joyjobs to assist those without connections, without prior international experience, but with a desire to change their lives’.


  • ESL Printables
    ‘The website where English Language teachers exchange resources : worksheets, lesson plans, activities, etc.. Our collection is growing every day with the help of many teachers’ [e.g. 716 000+ printables, 84 000+ powerpoints and 15 000+ online exercises].
  • Go Overseas
    ‘Your guide to finding the right teach abroad program with 1 005 listings and over 10 300 reviews for you to explore’.
  • LRTT Fellowship[s]
    ‘A 3/4 week-long professional development program bringing together teachers from economically developed countries to provide training for teachers in contexts where people live on less than $5 a day. Our Fellowships take place outside of term time and in 10+ countries around the world. Our community of more than 1 000 Fellows is made up of qualified teachers who all share a passion for global education, a commitment to continual learning and personal development, and a belief that teachers are a child’s greatest resource’.
  • Search Associates
    An international school placement organisation.
  • Teachanywhere
    ‘Teachanywhere is an agency specialising in the recruitment of teachers for international schools and organisations in various countries around the world. Our service does not stop at finding overseas roles but also includes support to help with the transition of different cultures and ways of life abroad’.
  • Teach Away
    ‘Connect with some of the best international schools and find hundreds of ESL opportunities around the globe’. Also runs certification and other courses.
  • Teacher Horizons
    ‘Jobs; Schools; Job seeking Advice; General Advice; Salaries and Packages information; Professional Development; Blog; FAQs’; even advice for teachers over 60.
  • Teacher Recruitment International
    ‘Teacher Recruitment International [Aust.] provides a teacher placement service for International Schools in Asia, Middle East, Europe and South America, working with over 350 International and private schools’.
  • Volunteer World - Volunteer in Education
    ‘Volunteer World connects students-readers with more than 1 000 non-governmental organisations in 80+ countries in fields including teaching/education [300+ programs worldwide]’. Wide-ranging information supplied for all those interested.

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