Teaching Overseas

Teachers have moved between Australia and other countries for many years. This has been via exchange, for experience, teaching English to non-English speakers or as part of a working holiday. There are agencies and programs, including several education systems, that make this a professionally and personally enjoyable, rewarding experience.

As with any activity, always check the bona fides of any company or organisation you use. Take particular precautions when considering teaching in a culture entirely different to your own. In addition to other factors [culture, accommodation, food, language, …], you may be expected to operate under conditions and/or in ways [techniques, procedures] that are not what you expect or feel comfortable with. Careful preparation/investigation will result in a more enjoyable, secure and fulfilling experience.

This page gives access to many of these groups. Most target particular world areas or subjects. There is an emphasis on links for the Asia/Pacific region, the UK and USA. Specific areas such as TESOL and TEFL are included as are the Teacher Exchange programs which operate in several states.

No specific recommendation is given for any of the following.

Teacher Exchange

If you don’t want to give up your position, but would still like to work overseas, why not consider Teacher Exchange Programs. These operate in a majority of states & territories and often in several formats.

We highly recommend this process, having been involved in an exchange some time ago.

Check these Links

Other Exchange Information can be found here. Note these are externally arranged programs.

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Teaching Overseas



  • New ! China By Teaching
    ‘Discover teaching jobs in China ! Your teaching job is out there. We’re here to help you get it. Search mechanism with filters; Information on preparing to teach in China; How to apply; Top Jobs in China; Teaching Destinations in China [with number of jobs in each]; Stories from people who have found jobs there’.
  • China’s Job Board for English Teachers
    From Cathay Teachers.
  • English Teaching Jobs in China
    ‘Gold Star TEFL Recruitment will assist you in finding the best ESL teaching jobs in China with the leading schools in major cities’.
  • Hello Teacher!
    ‘Hello Teacher ! is the best place to find international teaching jobs in China. It’s also packed full of information about planning your adventure, life as an English teacher, and free lesson plans which you can use once you get there’.
  • Jobs in China
    Information about teaching and general life.
  • Meten English
    ‘Meten English currently has over 20 centres in over 10 cities in China with over 2 000 administration and teaching staff throughout China’.
  • New ! Teach Abroad - 5 Steps to teach English in China
    AM International. ‘Teaching English in China is plain amazing. It’ s a once in a lifetime experience. Discover right here how you can travel, work, learn Mandarin, meet wonderful people and make good money all at the same time. Simple steps to get you going’.
  • Teach English in China
    ‘We are seeking English speakers from the US, UK, Canada, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa to teach English in China for a year [or longer if you wish]. We recruit for hundreds of schools all over China’. Information re conditions, procedures on the site
  • Teach in China
  • Teaching Jobs in China
  • Teaching Nomad
    ‘Designed to provide a trustworthy source of great jobs for teachers’.


  • AEON
    Mainly teaching English.
  • Interac
    Japanese public schools.
  • JET
    ‘Aimed at promoting grass-roots international exchange between Japan and other nations’.
  • O-Hayo Sensei
    ‘The Free electronic newsletter reports the best currently available English teaching positions at conversation schools, universities, jukus, colleges, public schools and companies’.
  • Teach in Japan
  • Teaching in Japan
    ‘Teacher and student matching service for Japan based instructors of any language’.


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Other Asia-Pacific Areas



Information for the acquisition of the Cambridge qualification. Time scale/costs on each site.

Other Information

  • Conversa Spain
    Teach English in Spain in Spanish Public Schools. ‘With ConversaSpain, native English speakers can teach English in Spain as language and cultural ambassadors in public schools in Madrid or Murcia. During the duration of the program, participants will receive support moving to Spain, health coverage, initial training, and advice. Speaking Spanish is not a requirement to take part in the program’.
  • ESL Authority
    ‘Teaching Abroad Made Easy. Awesome Jobs, Expert Advice, Detailed Guides’.
  • ESL Certified
    ‘ESL Certified is an online TESOL Course Provider’.
  • IELTS [International English Language Testing System] Australia
    ‘Computer- delivered or paper-based, Academic or General Training. Take IELTS your way. Select your state and test format to get started’. In addition to the testing their is a wide range of other information, including webinars, training and support available.
  • IELTS - International English Language Testing System
    This is the international version of the above site.
  • i-to-i Teach English Overseas
    Course information, internships, Job Placement Service, Chalkboard plus downloads and other resources.
  • Teach English Abroad ‘Students can find hundreds of program options, funding resources, and tools to make going abroad even easier’.
  • Teach International
    ‘Provides internationally recognised TESOL training in major cities around Australia and New Zealand’.
  • TEFL Courses
    A site that covers a number of topics. Use the text links in the black box for specific aspects.
  • The TEFL Academy
    ‘We offer five course locations in Australia including Perth, Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide and Melbourne. You can find our course locations and dates here. We are the world’s only TEFL course provider that has received official recognition from government regulated awarding bodies both in the US and UK. You can choose to study the course entirely online or combined with 20 hours of face-to-face training’.
    ‘The TOEFL® test is the most widely respected English language test in the world’.

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General Advice

  • EasyExpat
    Forums, city information, links, FAQs, blogs, job listings, more.
  • ESL Job Exchange
    ‘Discover the best places to teach English abroad. Our extensive guides help you get started on your path to teaching English abroad’. Covers both specific countries as well as a continual stream of relevant articles.
  • International Cost of Living Comparisons
    ‘The website compares the cost of living in two cities, and breaks it down into every day items’. Recommended !
  • Teaching Abroad
    The site summarises information gained from surveys of teachers working abroad. Most is common sense.
  • Top Seven Misconceptions about Teaching Abroad

General Sites

  • Go Overseas
    Job board, articles, reviews from previous users, more.
  • New ! JOBATUS [Portal de empleo]
    An employment site which allows you to select from a variety of educational opportunities of varying levels and across all the provinces of Spain. Note that the site is in Spanish.
  • LRTT Fellowship[s]
    ‘A 3/4 week-long professional development programme bringing together teachers from economically developed countries to provide training for teachers in contexts where people live on less than $5 a day. Our Fellowships take place outside of term time and in 10+ countries around the world. Our community of more than 1 000 Fellows is made up of qualified teachers who all share a passion for global education, a commitment to continual learning and personal development, and a belief that teachers are a child’s greatest resource’.
  • Search Associates
    An international school placement organisation.
  • Teachanywhere
    ‘Teachanywhere is an agency specialising in the recruitment of teachers for international schools and organisations around the world’.
  • Teach Away
    ‘Teach Away places hundreds of teachers in countries around the world’.
  • Teacher Recruitment International
    Positions in the US, UK and International Schools.
  • Volunteer World - Volunteer in Education
    ‘Volunteer World connects students-readers with more than 1 000 non-governmental organisations in 80+ countries in fields including teaching/education [300+ programs worldwide]’.

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  • Updated ! - Careers and Teaching Jobs
    ‘Listed are the addresses, phone/fax numbers, web sites as well as other relevant information on each provincial body responsible for Teacher Certification and Teacher Classification’.
  • Requirements to work as a teacher in Canada
    ‘We have prepared a teaching ebook full of valuable information that will make the process of becoming a teacher in Canada as smooth a process as possible’.
  • Teach For Canada
    ‘Teach For Canada is a non-profit organisation that works with northern First Nations communities to recruit, prepare, and support outstanding teachers’.
  • Teaching Jobs in Canada [Moving2Canada]
    ‘Our Teaching Jobs in Canada article is written for Vancouver [British Columbia]. However, the advice is applicable to all provinces in Canada’.
  • Work in Canada
    Extensive information regarding Work Permits and other options.

South America

Covers both Latin America and South America.

  • Teach English in Central and South America
    ‘While teaching English in South America, teachers can learn a new language, experience the delights of South American cuisine, and travel around the continent - all while earning a competitive salary’.
  • Teaching abroad in South America
    ‘Do you want to find an international school job in South America ? South America has fewer international schools than Asia or Europe, but the number is steadily growing. Some excellent packages are available, and the cost of living is generally reasonable and affords a great quality of life ’.
  • Vacancies in South America
    ‘Here are our latest international teaching jobs in South America’.

United Kingdom

All of the UK unless otherwise noted.

United States

  • Certification Map
    ‘Certification Map is a simple, yet effective way to determine the requirements needed to become a teacher in each US state. We are continually updating each state’s page’.
  • Certification Requirements by State
    Requirements for teacher registration and employment in all 50 US states.
    For a small fee, receive a lengthy listing of services and information.
    ‘FACES recruits qualified educators from around the world to teach in the USA, specifically in South Carolina public schools’.
    Teachers Make a Difference. ‘A free online resource that is dedicated to helping individuals become teachers throughout the United States. Our website provides easy-to-follow outlines and career plans for aspiring teachers to follow, on a state-by-state basis. We also provide state teaching certification requirements, teaching salary data, and more’.
  • Teaching Certification
    ‘Contains up-to-date information on the exact requirements needed’. Also has information Types of certification and Schools/Programs for certification.
  • Teaching Job Leads for Students [Academic Services]
    ‘Getting teaching jobs, traditional or online, isn’t as simple today as it was just five years ago. We scrub through a list of 4 000 colleges each year to help students and job candidates increase their odds of landing a teaching job interview’. Tertiary level.
  • Teacher Licensing and Certification
    ‘Learn about the requirements for becoming a teacher’. Find state licensing requirements for every state.
  • USA Employment
    All relevant information is supplied.

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