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Teacher Employment

Teacher Employment covers casual/part-time/relief/substitute teaching, full-time teaching and specialist positions such as consultants, itinerant teachers and counsellors. Teachers can work in government or several non-government systems, including specialist schools.

Advertised positions are found through multiple sources, in both print and internet media. Some apply to individual schools at a specific site while others operate across regions or the whole state.

This page covers procedures for transferring recognition of registration/accreditation between states/territories, including New Zealand. It also covers job sites and any special programs.

The First Page covers procedures and programs used in each state & territory.

Recognition of Interstate Registration

Nowadays, there is greater mobility than ever before. With the advent of teacher registration and accreditation it has added another factor to the process. This also applies to teachers moving to Australia from New Zealand or other countries.

Most bodies have some degree of recognition of your registration/accreditation from other states. Information and relevant forms, can be accessed from the relevant institution.

New South Wales is an exception. New South Wales accredits instead of registering teachers. This creates difficulties with most other jurisdictions except Victoria which operates a Memorandum of Understanding.

Links below take you to the relevant page for details from each state/territory on the registration process covering transferring from one to another.

If you wish to be registered in more than one jurisdiction clarify the validity with both bodies.

Australian Capital Territory

The Registration page provides details of the process which operates in the ACT. This also connects to the following two areas.

Teachers who are already Registered. This is the site ‘if you currently hold full or provisional registration in the Northern Territory, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria, Western Australia or New Zealand’. It will step you through the process.

Teachers who are NSW Accredited start on this page. There is a Memorandum of Understanding which applies. Read the overview, then follow the process as listed.

New South Wales

Recognition of Interstate Teacher Registrations
Specifies processes for both previously accredited teachers and those wishing to be accredited for the first time. Follow the relevant steps as listed.

Northern Territory

The Mutual Recognition Principle page provides a clear overview, especially as it applies in NT. An Application for NT Teacher Registration Under Mutual Recognition is available here This does not apply if coming from NSW. If from NSW, you will need to use Form A, but clarify this if in any doubt.

The Documentary Evidence page lists the other certifications required to go with your application.

Check the FAQ on Teacher Registration which covers this area.


The Application for Registration Under Mutual Recognition Guidelines are found here.

Mutual Recognition
Information for a Mutual Recognition application. Further information is found on the Applying for Teacher Registration page. Note : mutual recognition does not include NSW. NSW teachers should contact the Queensland College of Teachers direct for further information.

South Australia

Application for Registration under Mutual Recognition
The document provides both information and the application form. Note : this process does not include NSW. People from NSW should contact the Teachers Registration Board of South Australia direct for application instructions.


Application for Registration as a Teacher in Tasmania under Mutual Recognition
Click here for step by step instructions. Note : this does not include those from NSW who have to register using a general online application process.

TRB Online. ‘You will need to apply on TRB Online. If you are applying for the first time you will need to establish an account.


Application for Registration under Mutual Recognition
‘If you are currently registered with a teacher registration authority in Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Western Australia, the Northern Territory, Australian Capital Territory or New Zealand, you are eligible to apply for registration under the Mutual Recognition Principle’. Complete Form E - Application for Registration under Mutual Recognition.

Memorandum of Understanding
‘The Victorian Institute of Teaching [VIT] has a Memorandum of Understanding [MoU] with the NSW Institute of Teaching’. Additional information is enclosed on this page. Find out more about the Application for Teacher Registration here.

Western Australia

The Mutual Recognition page clarifies the process. ‘All Australian States and Territories except NSW, as well as New Zealand, recognise each others’ teacher registration. This is called the mutual recognition principle. For further information on mutual recognition registration refer to the Initial Registration Policy, Section 6’.

The Mutual Recognition Application Form can be downloaded here.

For teachers moving from NSW, contact the Teacher Registration Board of Western Australia regarding your position and the process to follow.

New Zealand

New Zealand Teachers Council
General information for those who may be interested in a teaching position in New Zealand.

Trans-Tasman Mutual Recognition Agreement
Scroll down to this section. Details who is eligible, Note : this does not include NSW, and provides access to the relevant Application Form [TC0].

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Other Information

Position Advertisements

The following normally have listings of education vacancies at all levels. Some are daily, others on a weekly basis.

Online Education Job Sites

  • Australian Teachers
    Search by category, state and program.
  • Class Cover
    ‘An online booking platform for casual relief teachers. Schools save a lot of time when booking through the Class Cover system’. Free trial. Teachers can remain involved for Free.
  • Class Professionals
    ‘Class Professionals provides staff to child care centres, primary and secondary schools across Perth and regional WA with ease and professionalism’.
  • EduKation Essentials
    ‘Our site gives casual teachers a way to actively seek casual employment opportunities within their local area without having to hand in resumes to individual schools. Schools have Free membership. Teachers can have a Free 1 year trial.
  • Go Teaching
    ‘Great teaching jobs for great teachers’.
  • Jobaroo
    Education jobs collated from a number of employment agencies.
  • Resource Ed Australia
    ‘The best access to teaching opportunities in Melbourne and regional Victoria through its local teacher placement agency service’.
  • Resource Ed Personnel
    Find employment here and in other countries.
  • SchoolJobs : Admin. and Teaching Jobs in Australian Schools
    ‘A job website designed exclusively for Australian primary and secondary schools’. Narrow your search by subject areas, level and more.
  • Seek
    More than 3 000 positions.
  • Switch Education.Recruitment
    ‘Our emphasis is on providing staff that completely satisfy your requirements in a timely and ‘hassle’ free manner’.
    Claims the largest range of positions. Australia wide.
  • Teaching Job
    Lists jobs in directories.

Other Information

  • Assessment for Migration
    Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership. The site for those seeking Skilled Migration status. Multiple documents covering different teaching roles.
  • Getting Good Teachers into Challenging Schools
    ‘Australian article [2008] on the problem of encouraging the best teachers to work in the most challenging schools’.
  • Careers for Teaching Graduates
    Information and links to further information. There is a section on Education and Training.
  • How to Become a High School Teacher
    30+ courses in Australia that will qualify you for this role. Other teaching levels also covered.
    Federal government body for checking professional qualifications to gain Australian recognition. It covers all qualifications. Fee-based.
  • Salaries [AEU]
    The Australian Education Union provides comparative salaries across Australia for school teachers, TAFE teachers, Principals and Casual Relief teachers.
  • Staff in Australia’s Schools [SiAS]
    Information from ACER, 2013.
  • Teach For Australia
    ‘Designed for outstanding graduates from all degree disciplines. Allows participants to build highly-valued transferable skills and a powerful network, whilst inspiring and motivating students in the most disadvantaged schools in Australia’. Check further information in their Our Program section.

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