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Beginning teachers can face anticipation, uncertainty, stress, concern, even fear when first taking up a teaching position. They have to implement all they have learned in the most effective way, create relationships with students, other staff and parents, become part of a system, a school and a staff with all this implies, match the desirable with the possible and finally, cope with the physical demands of teaching full-time. While this can prove rewarding and hopefully does for new teachers, it makes for interesting times until the moment you are certain you made the right decision.

This page gives access to procedures and programs used in each state & territory, special reviews, reports and surveys, resources & tools, books, even Survival Guides. It looks at induction, mentoring and other special programs.

For related information, visit the Professional Development pages.

States & Territories

Australian Capital Territory

New South Wales

  • Beginning Teacher Conferences
    ‘Beginning Teacher Conferences are open to all new [beginning] teachers who are : employed as full time, temporary or casual teachers by the DET in the schools sector and located within a reasonable travelling distance of the conference’. NSWTF. They also have a Graduate Survival Kit.
  • Better Support for Beginning Teachers
    Includes release time and mentoring during the first year.
  • Induction [NSW]
    ‘Induction includes orientation to the Department and to the school, as well as a school-based induction program involving structured supervision, collegial support, mentoring and professional networking’. There is also information on Casual teacher induction.
  • Information for Newly Appointed Teachers
    ‘Contains an overview of information with which you will need to become familiar. It is part of the induction process which will be continued by your principal’.
  • Probationary Service
    ‘Probationary teachers are beginning teachers and have the support of an appropriate induction and structured supervisory program’.

Northern Territory

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South Australia


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  • Induction and Orientation
    Select from the options and follow the prompts.
  • Induction for Beginning Teachers
    ‘The Beginning Teachers Induction web pages offer a range of resources and suggestions to support you at this important stage of your career’.
  • Induction of New Teachers
    ‘Principals can support the induction of new teachers in their school by being explicit about the values and expectations that inform and reflect the behaviours and practices of staff within their school. Effective induction of beginning teachers in schools is primarily the responsibility of principals’.
  • Mentoring
    ‘Mentoring offers individualised support to beginning and returning teachers’. Introduction with links to Mentoring Beginning Teachers and Teacher Mentor Support Program information.
  • School Centres for Teaching Excellence
    ‘Explored new options for the delivery of pre-service teacher education and ways in which pre-service teachers could be better immersed in effective professional practice’.
  • Supporting Provisionally Registered Teachers
    ‘Newly qualified teachers with provisional registration can access information and resources required to apply for full registration’.
  • Teaching Academies of Professional Practice
    ‘Teaching Academies adopt a partnership model to deliver innovative and effective initial teacher education’.
  • The e5 Instructional Model
    ‘The e5 Instructional Model is a reference point for school leaders and teachers to develop a deeper understanding of what constitutes high quality teacher practice in the classroom’.

Western Australia

  • Aspiring Teachers
    ‘Has a range of information that will acclimatise you with the internal structure and functions of the Department of Education and Training and teaching with them’.
  • New & Graduate Teachers
    Information on the Graduate Teacher Induction Program, In-class Coaching Program and Teacher Registration Board programs.
  • Staff Induction Policy
    Download or read online.
  • Switch Program
    Links to information.
  • Benefits and Support
    ‘You have access to a variety of employee benefits and support services’.
  • The Early Career Teachers Program
    ‘Targets Early Career Teachers employed in Catholic schools as graduate teachers, to support their transition into the teaching profession’.

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Other Information

Books & Other Publications

  • Beginning Teacher’s Handbook
    ‘takes you through the challenges you will face in joining a school community, establishing positive relationships with parents from day one, and engaging the students you are given’. Fee-based.
  • New Teacher’s Kit
    ‘The New Teacher’s Kit is a complete set of downloadable, printable resources and classroom strategies’.
  • New-Teacher Toolbox
    US, but still applicable. Available through Amazon. Partly available through Google Books.

General Sites

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Research, Reports & Surveys


  • Adventurous Lives : Teacher Qualities for 21st Century Learning
    2016; Faulkner, Julie and Latham, Gloria. ‘In this paper, the authors turn their attention to the importance of teachers’ lives and mindsets to meet current, emerging and future challenges’.
  • A Retrospective Appraisal of Teacher Induction
    2016; Nasser-Abu Alhija, Fadia M and Fresko, Barbara. ‘Examination of an induction program for new teachers was undertaken from the viewpoint of induction graduates three years after participation’.
  • Drawing identity : Beginning pre-service teachers’ professional identities
    2015; Beltman, Susan; Glass, Christine; et al. ‘This paper reports a study focusing on beginning pre-service teachers as they imagine, and graphically represent, the teacher they hope to become. It discusses the themes emerging from these drawings as teachers at the very beginning of their career journey imagine the identity they see for themselves’.
  • Examining Changes in Pre-Service Teachers’ Beliefs of Pedagogy
    2016; Sheridan, Lynn. ‘This research focuses on monitoring the pedagogical beliefs of a cohort of pre-service teachers’ pre-existing pedagogical beliefs on important/relevant pedagogy for secondary teaching and how these beliefs changed over the course of their degree’.
  • Growing Great Teachers Literature Review
    2013; Social ventures Australia. ‘This review of literature is intended to make a contribution to the Growing Great Teachers project in several ways, each of which is a normal expectation for a review of literature in research and evaluation’.
  • Lessons learnt from dancing the data : Performed research of beginning teachers’ experiences
    2015; Ludecke, Michelle. ‘This paper explores the process of creating and presenting arts-based research to expand the avenues through which the results of research are made available to a relevant audience’.
  • Research Agenda for Initial Teacher Education in Australia
    2015; AITSL. ‘This Research Agenda describes research priorities for initial teacher education in Australia, and the actions the Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership will take to achieve them’.
  • Retaining quality early career teachers : …
    Some lessons from the international literature in the Australian context. 2014; Preston, Barbara. ‘This paper is part of a symposium in which other papers explore the views and experiences of early career teachers and school leaders regarding how schools attract, recruit and retain quality teachers’.
  • Understanding beginning teacher induction
    A contextualized examination of best practice. 2014; Kearney, Sean. ‘ The problems that teachers face early in their careers are a major factor in growing rates of attrition among neophyte teachers. Recommendations are made, specifically in the Australian context, which could help to improve induction practices to better acculturate neophyte teachers to their profession’.


  • Early Career Teacher Attrition : Problems, Possibilities, Potentials
    2012; Centre for Research for Teacher Education and Development, University of Alberta. ‘A two-year project to explore the experiences of early career teachers in Alberta, with particular attention to the issue of early career teacher attrition’. Canada.
  • Keeping New Teachers
    A First Look at the Influences of Induction in the Chicago Public Schools. 2007; ‘Many districts, including Chicago, are using induction programming to help new teachers develop the skills they will need to have a positive experience and stay in the profession’. USA.
  • Research on mentor education for mentors of newly qualified teachers …
    2015; Aspfors, Jennifer and Fransson, Göran. ‘The aim of this meta-synthesis is to deepen the understanding and knowledge of qualitative research focusing on education for mentors of newly qualified teachers’. Europe.
  • Retention and Satisfaction of Novice Teachers : Lessons from a School Reform Model
    2016; Glennie, Elizabeth J; Mason, Marcinda; Edmunds, Julie A. ‘In many countries, novice teachers, or those with fewer than four years of experience, have a higher turnover rate than do more experienced teachers. Using teacher employment data, we examine whether schools in an American whole-school reform model are better able to retain novice teachers’. USA.
  • The Experience of New Teachers. Results from Talis 2008
    2012; OECD‘Examines the working lives of new teachers through the Talis 2008 survey of lower-secondary teachers and schools. New teachers are defined as having two years or less of teaching experience’. International.
  • What Are the Effects of Teacher Education and Preparation on Beginning Teacher Attrition ?
    2014; Ingersoll, Richard; Merrill, Lisa; May, Henry. ‘This study addresses the question: Do the kinds and amounts of pre-service education and preparation that beginning teachers receive before they start teaching have any impact on whether they leave teaching ? We examine a wide range of measures of teachers’ subject matter, education and pedagogical preparation’. USA.

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  • Mentoring Beginning Teachers
    Program Handbook for this program. Alberta Teachers’ Association. Canada.
  • National Induction Programme for Teachers
    ‘Aims to support the induction of newly qualified teachers into the teaching profession in primary schools in Ireland’. A very detailed example of what occurs in other countries.
  • Resources Toolkit for New Teachers
    Edutopia. ‘From classroom management to working with parents, lesson planning to learning environments, this compilation of blogs, videos, and other resources provides an array of tips and advice for teachers just starting out’.
  • The Music Teachers Project
    ‘A forum based site that has been designed to give support to beginning music teachers. Talk, send video, ask for help and share the highs and lows of your experiences in the classroom’.
  • The New Teacher Centre
    ‘A national resource focused on teacher and administrator induction’. US-based. Articles, resources and sample programs may prove useful in an Australian setting.

Survival Guides

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