Professional Development

Professional development [n.]

Professional development may be used in reference to a wide variety of specialised training, formal education, or advanced professional learning intended to help administrators, teachers, and other educators improve their professional knowledge, competence, skill, and effectiveness.
The Glossary of Education Reform

Professional Development is an integral component of teacher development. At best, it is a process that works individually with the strengths and needs of a specific teacher to create higher capability and understanding. Continuing or Continuous Professional Development, Staff Development and Mentoring are other common terms used in this area.

This page looks at Professional Development information from all Australian states & territories.

The Second Page looks at other Australian information. It has sections on Leadership Development, resources, programs and associations.

The following pages also include links to this area Conferences and Beginning Teachers.

States & Territories

Australian Capital Territory

  • ACT Education and Training Directorate
  • Professional Learning
    Home page for the ACT Government system. This includes links to the following and more :
  • Other Sources

New South Wales

  • NSW Department of Education
  • MyPL
    ‘MyPL allows all staff within the Department of Education to manage their professional learning. It is available in the DoE staff portal’. Multiple section cover all aspects.
  • Professional Learning
    ‘Professional learning is a key component of continuous improvement’. Multiple sections from Leadership to Future-focused professional learning.
  • Professional Learning Policy for Schools
    Online, background, links to related documents. 2014.
  • Quality Teaching Rounds
    ‘Quality Teaching Rounds brings together the strengths of professional learning communities, instructional rounds and the Quality Teaching model’.
  • Teacher Professional Learning - Arts Unit
    ‘High quality, engaging professional learning, available to support all Art Unit program’.
  • NSW Institute of Teaching
  • Other Sources

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Northern Territory

  • NT Department of Education
  • Music School
    Consultancy and professional development are part of their brief.
  • Curriculum Resources : Learning Links
    ‘A comprehensive range of resources have been developed to support teachers. This support is available through Learning Links’.
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  • Professional Learning
    Link to this area on the Departmental Intranet.
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  • Catholic Education Office
  • Updated ! Professional Development
    ‘Access a range of professional development activities through the Catholic Education Office in Darwin and support staff employed by the Department of Education’.
  • Other Sources


  • Education Queensland
  • QCAA
  • Queensland College of Teachers
  • Teach Queensland
  • Other Sources

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South Australia

  • Department for Education & Child Development
  • Other Sources


  • The Department for Education
  • Other Sources
  • Catch Up Australia Training
    ‘Face-to-face training details are available on this page for courses run in Tasmania’.
  • VET Workforce Development
    ‘This page includes information on workforce development and training generally, for employers, organisations, industry and community groups’. Multiple sections.

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  • Catholic Education Offices
  • Department of Education and Training
  • Leadership
    ‘Opportunities and resources are available for the professional development of school leaders and administrators’. Associated pages include :
  • CASES21 Training
    ‘CASES21 training is provided for business managers, principals and administration staff at thirteen regional training centres. Courses range in length from a few hours to six half-day sessions’.
  • Dimension : Building leadership teams
    ‘This dimension is part of the Professional Leadership priority and is identified as a high-impact Improvement Initiative’.
  • Induction for First Time Principals
    ‘Information to assist school principals taking up their first appointment as a principal’. Select the second of the three options on the page.
  • Needs Analysis Tool [Bastow]
    ‘The Needs Analysis Tool is an online questionnaire to determine your current level of development in 7 capability areas. The tool will give you an analysis of your strengths and areas for future development across these capability areas’.
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  • People and Leadership
    ‘Leadership Charter, Investing in our People Strategy, People Matter Survey’.
  • Independent Schools Victoria
  • Victorian Institute of Teaching
  • Other Sources

Western Australia

  • Department of Education
  • Career Progression - The Department of Education
    ‘As your career progresses there is a range of professional learning to support your development and aspirations. We have a strong focus on professional learning and development and encourage our staff to participate in learning that is responsive to the diverse requirements of schools, regions, professional support networks and learning communities’.
  • Leadership Institute
    Home page. Programs for different groups, newsletters, nationally recognised training, external providers, more. Related pages include :
  • Aspiring Principals Professional Learning
    ‘The Leadership Institute provides high level professional learning supporting the different career stages of principals’. See also the Principals Career Stages page.
  • Department Leaders Professional Learning
    ‘The Leadership Institute coordinates professional learning opportunities for Department of Education leaders, based in regions, Statewide Services Centre and central office, who are looking to enhance their leadership capacity’.
  • For Emerging Leaders
    A wide range of programs from the Institute for Professional Learning.
  • Leading a Change Initiative for Aspirant School Leaders
    Institute for Professional Learning. ‘Enables participants to demonstrate their leadership capability as they lead a school-based change’.
  • Middle Leaders
    ‘Programs to build the capability of experienced teacher leaders [Senior Teacher, Level 3 Classroom Teacher, Program Coordinator, Curriculum Leader] and Heads of Learning Area [HOLA]. Programs are designed to help participants understand their role in supporting their school executive and teaching teams’.
  • Professional Development [SDERA]
    Our ‘range of face-to-face professional learning aims to build the capacity of educators working with children and young people and their parents, to deliver best practice resilience, road safety and drug education programs’.
  • Professional Learning Newsletters
    ‘The full spectrum of issues’.
  • Catholic Education Office
  • Other Sources

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