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Easter [n.]

the festival of the Christian Church celebrating the resurrection of Christ, held [in the Western Church] on the first Sunday after the first full moon following the northern spring equinox.
- ORIGIN Old English, related to EAST
Oxford Dictionaries

Easter has other links beside those for the Christian religion. It was first a pagan festival celebrating the beginning of spring, with the Goddess known as Eastre having a rabbit as her symbol, hence the Easter Bunny. The Easter Rabbit did not become a commonly used symbol, however, until the 19th century. Similarly, the sharing of eggs was a common practice during spring celebrations, though they may not have been quite as colourful or made of chocolate. Further information on the history and traditions of Easter is found below.

This page covers history, traditions, Easter in Australia, arts, crafts, cards, games, religious meaning, material for the very young, education material, Easter images, … .


Australian Easter

  • Burra Nimu, The Easter Bilby
    ‘An Australian children’s story’.
  • Easter 2015 Australia
    Covers all aspects of Easter from traditions to festivals, eggs to stories.
  • Easter Bilby
    Australian site urging replacement of the Easter Rabbit with the Easter Bilby.
  • Easter Bilby [2]
    ‘A website to support the endangered Australian bilby’. There are Teacher resources, activities, fun stuff and links. All schools received log in details at the beginning of 2003 for the teaching resources.
  • Easter Crafts - Easter Activities
    Fun and games, activities, more.
  • Easter in Australia
    General information plus a significant array of links grouped under selected headings. Dated but still basically applicable.
  • Easter in Australia [2]
    ‘A website that gives a short summary of Easter and some of the events that occur in different parts of Australia. Perhaps of greater use, would be the material to be accessed by the various links on both sides of the home page.

Easter Art & Craft Ideas

Easter Cards

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Easter Games

Easter Images

Easter Traditions Around the World

  • Easter [Wikipedia]
    How they find the date, background, position in the church year, non-religious Easter traditions, religious traditions, controversies, meanings of Easter in other languages and more.
  • Easter Around The World
    Looks in particular at Africa, Australia, Europe and Mexico.
  • Easter Around the World [2]
    Links to many international country sites.
  • Easter Symbols and Traditions ‘Bet you didn’t know : Easter Traditions. How did Easter traditions like the Easter bunny and egg hunts become part of the holiday celebration ?’ Article, videos, more.
  • Easter Traditions from around the World
    ‘International editors tell us all about the Easter festivities in their countries’.
  • How Easter Works
    ‘We [will] explain the origin and significance of the Easter holiday and of many of the traditions associated with it’.

Specific Countries & Regions

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General Information

  • Can teach : Easter Poems and Songs
    A Canadian site with the words of songs and poems related to Easter.
  • Easter
    Annotated links to Easter material including printable books, crafts, activities, themes, worksheets [various subjects], Easter Unit, songs, downloads, cards, more.
  • Easter [2]
  • Easter Activities for Kids
    Games & activities, downloads, free stuff, other links.
  • Easter Activity Pack
    State Library of Queensland. Easter background, resources for librarians, resources for students and activities. Dated but still usable.

Easter Dates

  • Determining the Date of Easter
    Information on how this is done in Australia, a calculator, other information.
  • Easter Dating Method
    Find Easter for dates from 1700 to 2999 and also how Easter dates are determined, including programs for you to use.
  • Easter Sunday Dates
    ‘Here is a list of Easter Sunday dates from 1990 to 2050. Below the list is an Easter Sunday date calculator for any year from 326 to 4099 ! Western Easters are the basis of public holidays, and are the dates celebrated by Western religions. The Orthodox dates below are based on the original calculation using the Julian calendar, converted to the equivalent date in the Gregorian calendar now in use’.
  • Easter - Happy Easter
    A site with a wide range of inclusion - books, facts, crafts, celebration information, gifts, Easter party, poems, recipes, songs, symbols and Traditions.
  • Easter Links
    A collection of Easter links done by a local library group in Boston USA.
  • Easter Poems
    Multiple sections including Bunny Poems, Easter Eggs, Easter Pictures, Short Poems and The Christian Story. You can submit Easter Poems for possible inclusion.
  • Easter Resource List
    A compilation of resources from AussieHomeschool.
  • Easter Recipes and Holiday Dinner Ideas
    Recipes and menus for all types of foods as well as egg decorating ideas.
  • Easter Resources
    A huge range of material grouped into specific Easter topics ranging from Easter Celebrations to an Egg Theme Page and beyond. Covers lesson materials and worksheets.
  • Easter Story Quiz, The
    ‘Try to put the Easter story back together in the right order. If you think you need more knowledge then click [here] to see the Easter story’.
  • Easter Symbols
    Text presentation. Links to other aspects of Easter.
  • Easter Symbols and Celebrations
    Brief description. Links to other aspects of Easter.
  • Easter Teaching Resources
    TES Australia. Nearly 1 800 resources. These can be divided into school levels for ease of use. Created by teachers.
  • Easter Teaching Resources [2]
    TES Connect, UK. Similar to the Australian listing above. Nearly 800 resources are available.
  • Happy Easter !
    Cards, greetings, crafts, jokes, facts, games, features and more.
  • Happy Easter [2]
    A site which covers every aspect of Easter - history, songs, Easter across the world, foods, baskets, decorations, books, when it is, icons, games, crafts, cakes & cookies, even Easter Island !
  • History of the Easter Egg
  • Scootle : Easter
    Classroom and teacher resources. About 40 at this time. Multiple filters available to narrow the focus.
  • The Holiday Spot - Easter
    Screensaver, history, stories, poems, recipes, colouring in, fonts, craft, wallpapers, greeting cards.
  • The Mystery of the Empty Easter Bunny Basket
    ‘A mystery game for 6-12 children and 3-4 adults. Includes role playing and party games’. This is fee-based.
    Other sections of the site may not be suited to children.

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