Christmas [n.]

[the period just before and after] 25 December, a Christian holy day that celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ. Synonyms : Noel, Yule, Yuletide.
Cambridge Dictionary

Christmas is a mix of the Christian celebration of the birth of Christ, combined with the time of year and concepts from earlier celebrations and beliefs such as the Norse Yule, the honouring of Odin in Germany, worship of Mithra, Saturnalia and even early Mesopotamia that occurred at this time of the year. It was not until the 4th century that the Feast of the Nativity was declared by Pope Julius. This later became known as Christmas and over time developed the present Christmas format.

This page covers Christmas history, the religious meaning, traditions around the world, an Australian Christmas, arts, crafts, cards, games, books, Santa Claus, Christmas foods & cooking, songs & music, making gifts, … .


  • Aussie Christmas Recipes [Jamie Oliver]
    ‘87 Aussie Christmas recipes. Christmas recipe ideas for December 25th in the sun. From prawns to pavlovas we’ve got your Aussie Christmas recipe inspiration right here’.
  • Australian Christmas Carols with Lyrics
    Click on titles [find titles also by clicking on Show More in the Subscribe panel] to hear the music and also find the lyrics. Newer version of the previous collection.
  • Australian Christmas Recipes
    400+ recipes listed at time of update.
  • Christmas Recipes and Christmas Food : SBS Food
    ‘Christmas in Oz is one of spiced fruit puddings, fresh prawns and hearty roasts, plus a cider-baked ham if you’re into that ! Here’s our pick of festive recipes - some naughty, all nice’.
  • Christmas in Australia
    ‘G’day, Welcome to our Christmas in Australia site. The pages have grown so much over the years that the menu on the left has become very complex. I trust you can find the information that you need. Home, Food and Fun, More’. Quite extensive.
  • Christmas in Australia [2]
    ‘In Australia, Christmas comes towards the beginning of the summer holidays ! Children have their summer holidays from mid December to early February, so some people might even be camping at Christmas’.
  • Christmas in Australia [3]
    Introduction; Food; Decoration; Tradition. There are also links to Christmas in a wide range of other countries.
  • Christmas Traditions in Australia
    ‘Australians live on the world’s largest island, which is also the world’s smallest continent. Most of Australia's immigrants bring their Christmas customs with them. When Australians celebrate Christmas on December 25, it is during summer vacation’.
  • Christmas Traditions in Australia 2]
    ‘Celebrating Christmas in Australia; Santa Claus in Australia; Carols by Candlelight; Australian Christmas Songs; Holiday Meal Traditions in Australia; Enjoy a Traditional Aussie Christmas’.


  • All about Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
    ‘Did you know your favourite Christmas character, Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer almost wound up having neither a red nose nor the iconic name Rudolph ? Here you’ll find everything that’s worth trying out and knowing about this character : Rudolph carols, riddles, stories, printables and crafts to bring him into your own home’.
  • Christmas Around the World
    ‘Christmas Traditions and Celebrations in Different Countries and Cultures’. For example Christmas in China, Christmas in Israel and India. There is also a page showing that Christmas isn’t Celebrated Everywhere
  • Christmas around the world : 12 countries of Christmas
    ‘Celebrated around the world, people of all faiths and beliefs have embraced Christmas traditions. Here’s our 12 countries of Christmas’.
  • Christmas Around the World [Primary] - FTfs
    ‘Christmas Day is celebrated all around the world in many different ways. Although traditionally a Christian holiday, people from all cultures now celebrate Christmas. Below you will find lots of information about Christmas and how it is celebrated around the world’.
  • Christmas around the World Primary Resource [National Geographic Kids]
    ‘This primary resource introduces children to different Christmas traditions across the globe. Why are Christmas trees in the Ukraine decorated with sparkly spider webs ? What does a Polish Christmas dinner consist of? Which country has a Christmas witch named La Befana ? Pupils will discover how Christmas is celebrated in different countries around the world in our National Geographic Kids’ Culture primary resource sheet. They will also learn how to say ‘Happy Christmas’ in different languages, as well pick up five tips on how to have a green, eco-friendly Christmas’.
  • Christmas Celebrations in Different Countries
    ‘Christmas is usually celebrated among Christians but since the world is becoming a global village, Christmas is now celebrated in every part of the world. The traditions, the festivity or even the dates might differ’. Includes Animation and Video as well as links to related information.
  • Christmas Day
    Clickview. ‘Christmas is a hugely popular and fun celebration – but how did it begin ? What happened on the day we now know as Christmas Day ? And what are some traditions observed during the month of December ? This Miniclip will take you back to the birth of Jesus Christ, introduce the role of the angel Gabriel, the importance of the celebration for Christians around the world and explain some of the symbols that are prominent during the “holiday season”.’
  • Christmas Traditions Around the World
    ‘The information placed on this site may not be the way all people celebrate traditions today. Many are over 100 years old. Many people change to suit their families’. Songs, recipes, favourites, toys, gifts, favourites, How “Merry Christmas” is said in different countries and much more. Click on individual links for information about specific countries.
  • Christmas Traditions in England, Scotland and Wales [A British Christmas]
    Information and links compiled by Woodlands Primary School in England. An Introduction to a British Christmas.
  • Comparing and Contrasting Christmas Around the World - download the lesson plan from the site. There are also related resources. Designed for younger children.
  • Happy Holidays !! - Christmas
    How Christmas is celebrated in many countries - icons, music, colouring pages, poetry, links to Hannukah, Kwanzaa, the Winter Solstice and Christmas in a selected group of countries.
  • How Christmas Works
    Trivia from the How Stuff Works site on Christmas. Want to know how it came to be ‘X’mas ? When the first Christmas was, sections on the History of Christmas, Christmas Gifts, Christmas Traditions and even asks Was Jesus Really Born Dec. 25 ?
  • How did we come to celebrate Christmas ?
    ‘Where did Christmas traditions originate ? Where did Santa Claus come from ? Christmas in the modern era’. The Conversation.
  • Observance of Christmas by Country [Wikipedia]
    Covers countries initially by geographical area, then individually; References, further reading; links.
  • Saint Nicholas
    ‘Who is Saint Nicholas ?’, St Nicholas traditions in a range of countries, activities, other resources, play games, read stories, more.
  • Star of Bethlehem
    ‘At this time of year it seems almost traditional for stargazers to ponder the age-old question of the origin of the Star of Bethlehem. The Star’s appearance some 2 000 years ago is quite possibly one of the best-known celestial events in all of recorded history’.
  • The History of Christmas
    ‘The history of Christmas dates back over 4 000 years. Many of our Christmas traditions were celebrated centuries before the Christ child was born. The 12 days of Christmas, the bright fires, the yule log, the giving of gifts, carnivals, parades with floats, carollers who sing while going from house to house, the holiday feasts and the church processions can all be traced back to the early Mesopotamians’.
  • The Most Christmas Information on the Web
    Covers sections on ‘Christmas Traditions and Customs; Christmas around the World; The Christmas Story and History; Christmas Fun and Activities’. Each has a significant range of information
  • What does Christmas mean to you ?
    Western Australian Museum. ‘The notion of “Christmas” means a lot of different things to a lot of different people’. Includes multiple historical inclusions

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  • Animated GIF Archive - Christmas
    Almost 29 000 Christmas animations of all kinds at time of updating - modern, traditional, unusual and much more.
  • Christmas Clipart
    More than 1 000 000 images on the site with 900+ Christmas Clip Art items that are Royalty Free.
  • Christmas Clipart and Animations
    ‘Why not download some free Christmas clipart and add holiday ornamentation to your virtual world as well ? These are also great to use for crafts including creating your own personalised greeting cards, scrapbooks or perhaps even home-made gifts’
  • Christmas Clip Art Stock Photos
    ‘Browse 1 862 [at time of update] professional Christmas clip art stock photos available royalty-free’. A wide range of styles but all of good quality.
  • Christmas
    ‘The galleries [below] each feature dozens of free Christmas graphics, Xmas web images and festive clipart images. Feel free to use these images to jazz up your personal Christmas cards, invitations, blogs, websites and social media accounts’. Click on specific Gallery titles to access the contents.
  • Christmas PNG Clipart
    ‘The best resource of free Christmas PNG Clipart art images and PNGs with transparent backgrounds to download’. Nearly 120 quality items at time of update
  • Christmas Clipart and Holiday Graphics and Images
    Classroom Clipart. ‘Browse through our great Christmas Clipart collection. In this section you will find great free christmas clipart to download. Choose from free Christmas clipart images of angels, candy canes, elves, ornaments, Christmas Shopping, Holiday Shopping, Season’s Greetings, Santa, trees, bells, reindeer, snow, candles, Christmas wreaths, candy canes, Christmas gifts and much more’.
  • Free Christmas Clip Art
    Clip art for e.g. home made cards and signs. Multiple categories to choose from. Note the copyright information at the top of the page.
  • Free Christmas Clipart Images
    Many free clipart images to use [170+ at time of update]. ‘All of our clip art images are in the public domain, meaning that they are free to use for personal and commercial purposes. Perfect for websites, blogs, school projects, presentations and more’.
  • Free Christmas Clip Art and Graphics
    Listed under both sections [in the title] with a total of 224 items at time of update. There are numerous, individual groupings within each major section.


  • 25 Cute and Simple Christmas Crafts for Everyone
    ‘Looking for some simple Christmas crafts for kids or for yourself ? Here are 25 ideas for all ages that will put you in the holiday spirit !’
  • 25 Fabulous Christmas Crafts for the Festive Season [Mum’s Grapevine]
    ‘We’ve found 25 of the best [and easiest !] Chrissy crafts for you to try your hand at. Happy crafting !’
  • 25 homemade Christmas Gifts
    ‘There’s nothing quite like receiving a homemade Christmas gift. The thought that goes into one makes it seem just that little bit more special than something bought off the shelf’.
  • 50+ Christmas Crafts for Kids
    ‘With Christmas just around the corner, what better way to get into the Christmas spirit than to do some fun Christmas Crafts for Kids ? Be sure to check back often for new Christmas crafts and activities. We’ll be adding new ideas every week’.
    ‘Offers 1 000s of free craft projects, home decor ideas and more. Some of our reader’s favourites include Ornament Crafts, Christmas Crafts for Kids, DIY Christmas Gifts and DIY Christmas Decorations’. Be sure to check the menus on both sides of the home page as they provide links to activities and free material.
  • Christmas Decorations
    Napkin rings to candles and miniature Christmas trees. Disney Family.
  • Christmas DIY Projects [To Spread The Holiday Spirit]
    ‘There’s no better way to celebrate Xmas than to get together with your loved ones and craft away to the sound of your favourite Christmas carols. We’ve decided to help you make this holiday season merry and bright with these DIY projects. Happy crafting !’. 6 sections -Decoration; Card; Ornament; Gift; Wreath; Garland. Hundreds of options.
  • Christmas Gifting - DIY Crafts
    ‘There are many things you can make for Christmas which would be great gifts such as ornaments and decorations. Let the following links guide you with great ideas and directions for Christmas do-it-yourself crafts’.
  • Christmas K-3 Theme Page
    ‘These crafts projects are for Preschool, Kindergarten and Elementary School children. The crafts use materials found around the house like egg cartons, cardboard, paper, boxes, string, crayons, paint, glue, etc.. See a page about colour mixing to see how to combine paint to make all the colours of the rai nbow’.
  • Danielle’s Place
    ‘Christmas crafts for kids’. 11 pages of activities for all ages. Note that to download some of the items incurs a small fee.
  • Fun Australian Christmas activities for kids [NITV]
    ‘To make your holiday decorations a little more local and a little less northern hemisphere, use things found in your own backyard’.


  • 25 Free Online Christmas Books and Read Aloud Stories for the Holidays
    ‘A wonderful list of free read aloud books online for Christmas and winter holidays is sure to inspire holiday reading !’
  • 50 Funniest Christmas Jokes for Kids of All Ages
    “Christmas is around the corner and what is a festive holiday season without a good laugh amongst the family members and friends ? Here are the 50 best Christmas jokes for kids to share with everyone and have a pun-intended Christmas”
  • A Child’s Christmas in Wales
    A Dylan Thomas short story. Viewer comments suggest a very high standard, enjoyable movie to view. [54:23]
  • A Christmas Carol
    Read this famous book by Charles Dickens online. Download a second [ebook] version available here, while a video version of the story [1:41:00] is found here. A shorter animated version can be watched here.
  • Christmas and Winter Poems
    A small collection of poems on the Christmas theme.
  • Christmas Poems
    ‘The Christmas Poems that have been selected are very traditional and are dated as far back as the 14th century. Many of the Christmas Carols detailed on the appropriate section on this site were originally written as Christmas Poems but became Christmas Carols when music was added to them’.
  • Christmas Stories
    ‘Christmas is a time when magic really does happen. These are our seasonal tales’. Audiobooks - listen or download.
  • Christmas Stories from Around the World
    ‘Holiday tales for all ages as well as how to say Merry Christmas in several languages’. Christmas stories, Fun Christmas Facts, Did you know that ? and much more.
  • How the Grinch Stole Christmas - Read Aloud Picture Book
    ‘Follow along as Ms. Linda reads the ultimate Dr. Seuss Christmas classic - no holiday season is complete without the Grinch, Max, Cindy-Lou and all the residents of Who-ville !’. [15:07]
  • Kid’s Christmas Stories, Poetry, Rhymes, Plays and Recitals, Children’ Literature for Teachers
    ‘Popular Old-Fashion Christmas Short Stories for Children, Religious Christian Christmas Stories for kids, Christmas Fun and Religious Christian Christmas [to remind us of the reason for the season …]’.
  • Ten Little Snowmen
    Rachael Donaldson. Interactive book for the young. You can download this as a video book [15:00, MP4] for a reasonable fee. or download it as a PDF file for even less.
  • The Polar Express
    ‘This beautiful hardcover edition of The Polar Express is the perfect gift for all those - of any age - who believe, come Christmas Eve, that they too will hear the sweet sound of a reindeer’s silver bell. This edition includes a keepsake ornament’. Current price is reasonable. You can also access other books by this multi-awarded author
  • Traditional Christmas Stories & Poems
    ‘Whether you are 2 years old or 102, these charming Christmas poems and stories can warm your heart and enhance the spirit of the season. If you are a teacher searching for traditional or historic Christmas poems and stories or a parent wanting to share the “Night Before Christmas” with your children, reading these Christmas poems and stories will be just as entertaining for you as they will be for the children who hear these wonderful old treasures’. Also learn how to give Christmas greetings in a number of languages.

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  • 123 Greetings - Christmas
    ‘Beautiful Merry Christmas wishes, Christmas cards and ecards to share the spirit of peace and joy with your friends and family and make their Christmas a memorable one. Browse more than 700 cards’ with different themes.
  • Animated Christmas Cards 2022-2023 Greeting Cards, Free eCards
    ‘Our free Christmas 2022-2023 digital online cards are fully animated, sparkling, musical, elegant, funny, original, unique and fully customisable. They are filled with snow, christmas trees, toys, bouquets of mistletoe, angels and lights. And most of them are featuring Santa Claus himself !’.
  • Christmas cards - Greetings Island
    ‘Sleigh bells ringing, reindeer prancing and cards for giving this Christmas ! Design with our card maker, print or send online for free !’ They also provide access to a free Online Card Maker.
  • Christmas E-Cards
    ‘Click the Christmas image that you would like to send as an E-Card ! Free and Premium cards available for sending’.
  • Create Custom Christmas Cards for Free in Minutes
    ‘Adobe Express makes it easy to design custom Christmas cards. Get started with free Christmas card templates or make your own original design. Create your own Christmas cards now’.
  • Flipsnack Card Maker
    Design your own Christmas cards. Use listed templates or your own material. Covers multiple special days. To access the Christmas Card section, scroll down and select Christmas from the menu, select View More, then Cards / Christmas from the menu on the left. Free to use but there are also paid plans if you want to fully design everything.
  • Free Christmas Cards : Victorian Santa Claus
    ‘We are offering these Free Printable Christmas Cards for all our readers. There are eight Victorian Santa Claus Christmas cards which you can download and print at home. Share these traditional Christmas Cards with your friends and family, or learn more about The History of Xmas Cards’.
  • Koala’s Free Christmas Email Cards
    ‘I have had lots of people ask for more Australian content in the cards. With this request in mind I have taken some of my photos of Australian animals and scenery and replaced some of the more traditional cards with these. Christmas in Australia is all about Summer … , not snow, so enjoy’.
  • Kudoboard Christmas Cards
    Online, Personalised and Fun. A different approach to creating a Christmas greeting. Both free and fee-based sections available.
  • Personalised Christmas Cards - Canva
    ‘Spread the festive cheer with custom Christmas cards. Upload your own holiday snaps to create a photo Christmas card, or explore hundreds of seasonal card templates. Best of all, it’s free !’
  • Printable Christmas Card Templates
    ‘With matching envelopes, labels and writing paper. Even if you have a colour printer, you may prefer the black and white version which the kids can colour in themselves’. Full details are provided to complete the process.
  • Virtual Cards : Christmas
    ‘From Santa Claus to church bells and all the decorations and gifts and food in between, there’s something for everyone during this joyous season. Send a Christmas card to friends and family to show them you’re thinking of them this time of year and wish them Happy Holidays’.


  • 16 easy Christmas recipes [Better Homes and Gardens]
    ‘Christmas is a wonderful time of the year but it’s one where the food you serve does take a bit of planning. Keep things simple with our round-up of our easiest recipes’.
  • 50 Favourite Christmas Recipes
    ‘Planning your Christmas menu can be stressful, so we’ve tried to make it easier. Whether you prefer to go traditional or a little bit fancy this year, we have the recipes for you’.
  • Christmas ‘Cookies’ - Recipes for Christmas
    Cookies and other christmas fare from around the world. A second cookies site is found at
  • Christmas Recipes
    Extensive [1 600+] and sometimes unusual listing broken into multiple sections and more.
  • Christmas Recipes [AllRecipes]
    ‘Cookies to decorate. Christmas dinner ideas. Party traditions like pudding and cake. See top recipes, plus videos and tips from home cooks like you’.
  • Christmas Recipes and Christmas food : SBS Food
    ‘Christmas in Oz is one of spiced fruit puddings, fresh prawns and hearty roasts, plus a cider-baked ham if you’re into that ! Here’s our pick of festive recipes – some naughty, all nice’.
  • Christmas Recipes for an Australian Christmas
    ‘More than 100 traditional and modern Australian Christmas recipes to ensure you have an easy Christmas celebration’.
  • Christmas Recipes and Menus
    ‘Look no further for Christmas recipes and dinner ideas. Get into the spirit with Christmas food like mulled wine and mince pies, make homemade presents and create the perfect Christmas menu’. BBC.
  • Christmas Recipes for Kids : Child-Friendly Cooking
    ‘These fun and festive recipes are the perfect way to get the kids involved during the holidays ! Explore simple Christmas recipes for the kids on KitchenAid’.
  • Easy Christmas Recipes [New Idea Food]
    An extensive listing of recipes - just keep on loading more when the end of the current section is reached.
  • Healthy Christmas Holiday Recipes
    ‘It’s the best time of year, and we’re here to help your celebrate with all of our healthy Christmas recipes. From prime rib to scalloped potatoes, we have a plethora of recipes to make sure you have a delicious holiday season’.
  • Kid’s Christmas Recipes
    ‘Try out some of the mouthwatering kid’s Christmas recipes and spice up your yuletide days with the dipped chocolate treats. In order to collect more information on kids Christmas recipes [and much more] please log on to our other site called Christmas Carnivals’.
  • Kids Christmas Recipes for Teachers and Homeschoolers
    ‘A collection of Christmas recipes - some of our family favourites. Kids love teat them ! They like to help too !’ Recipes are grouped in collections e.g. bread, breakfast, cakes, snacks, … .
  • The best Christmas recipes to try this year [New Idea Magazine]
    ‘To make sure that everyone will have something to enjoy, we’ve rounded up the best recipes to try this Christmas 2021 from Australian Eggs, some of which you can even make ahead. From starters, mains, sides and desserts, we have your Christmas menu covered so that you don’t have to stress about any of it’.
  • Vegetarian Christmas Recipes [BBC Good Food]
    ‘99 Recipes. Enticing meat-free recipes for the festive season, including starters, main courses and snacks. Enjoy a variety of moreish pies, soups, pastries, tarts, nut roasts and vegetable traybakes’.
  • Vegetarian Society Recipes Collection
    Search for specific recipes using the extensive range of filters available on the left of the page.


  • 13 Christmas Party Games for Kids
    ‘These Christmas party games for kids are perfect for a school party or a family get together where there are going to be lots of kids. The best part about these Christmas party games is that they only use items that you already have’.
  • 30 Awesome Christmas Games for Kids
    ‘I’ve played a version of this game in every class Christmas party I’ve ever hosted. The kids love it, it’s super interactive, and the supplies are pretty simple. Watch the video below for inspiration and then keep reading to see game instructions and supply lists’.
  • 47 Fun Family Christmas Games That Will Bring Joy to Your World
    ‘We’ve rounded up the best family Christmas games that should become a part of your traditions. Whether you need an activity for your annual Christmas party or a simple Christmas kids’ table idea to keep them occupied, we’ve got something that’ll suit your style on our ultimate Christmas game list’.
  • 61 Free Printable Christmas Games
    ‘I have made Christmas games for kids, adults and the whole family. You can play these games in your home, at Christmas parties and in classrooms. I have also written easy-to-follow how to play instructions with these games’.
  • Christmas Games [Primary Games]
    ‘Play free online Christmas games. Celebrate Christmas with these fun and festive games ! Help Santa deliver presents to good girls and boys, learn new vocabulary words, solve challenging puzzles or make Christmas cookies with Baby Hazel’.
  • Christmas Minigames
    A huge number of minigames with a Christmas theme. 33 games are included on the home page.
  • Disney Christmas Fun
    ‘Games, colouring pages, printables and more Christmas themed fun !’

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  • All About Christmas
    ‘There’ s much more to the fascinating history of Christmas ! Where did the Christmas tree originate ?, why are Christmas candles important?, etc. ? The answers are all here’.
  • All Things Christmas
    Use multiple menus to find All things Christmas.
  • An Old-fashioned Victorian Christmas
    ‘Create the magic of an old-fashioned Christmas with Victorian Christmas decorations, Victorian Christmas trees and ornaments, Victorian food, parties and crafts. Decorate your Christmas tree the old-fashioned way. Pictures and instructions’. Check for even more options.
  • Christmas
    Etymology, history, traditions, date, economy, controversies, further reading, links and more. Wikipedia.
  • Christmas 2021 - All about Christmas
    Good overview of Christmas in general. History and a large range of other categories are covered on the site.
  • Christmas Winter Crafts and Children’s Activities
    Christmas Colouring Pages, Christmas Crafts, Christmas Games and Puzzles, Christmas Plays, Poems, Prayers and Songs, Christmas Printables, Christmas Recipes, Christmas Stories and Christmas Worksheets. Also Check out the links, articles, guides, clipart, web backgrounds and the links to other Christmas sites in the bottom section of the page. Mostly for younger children.
    Claimed to be the internet’s largest Christmas portal, for everything you did or didn’t, want to know about Christmas.
  • Christmas Countdown 2022
    ‘How Many days until Christmas 2022 ?’
  • Christmas Fonts
    This site provides you with a wide range of fonts suitable for use in many ways at Christmas. All are free for personal use and includes a variety of styles.
  • Christmas For Kids !
    ‘We have hundreds of Christmas activities for kids here at Activity Village - from religious activities to fun printables to well over 300 lovely, original colouring pages ! Have a good look around, find some inspiration and ideas, get sparkly and enjoy yourselves this Christmas!’
  • Christmas Resource Units
    Nearly 700 at time of update. A mix of free and fee-based units. Premium units are fee-based.
  • Christmas Tree Learning Activities for Toddlers and Pre-K
    ‘Free Hands-on Christmas Tree Learning activities for Toddlers and Preschoolers to practice maths, literacy and visual skills’.
  • How Christmas has evolved over centuries
    National Geographic. ‘People around the world celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ on December 25. Here’s why - and the history of its iconic symbols from Christmas trees to Santa Claus’. You need to subscribe with an email which gives you access to several free articles per month
  • Merry
    ‘ is your total Christmas destination ! From Christmas Games, Letters to Santa and Christmas gifts to Christmas Stories, Jokes and Recipes’.
  • My Merry Christmas
    Christmas online, music, movies, stories, clipart, downloads, for parents, memories, world Christmas, more.
  • Santa Letter
    ‘Your place for family friendly Christmas fun. Browse our sections [to the left in the Candy Cane signs area], or check some of our favourite recommendations. We have lots of fun activities to do, one of our top things to do is send a letter to Santa Claus !’
  • Santa’s Naughty or Nice List
    Check the quiz to see which you are. Use the icon links at the top to access a number of specific areas for resources. ‘With a free account, you will be able to write a letter to Santa, send postcards, request a birthday e-card from Santa and more’.
  • Welcome to Santaland
    Select specific areas from the menu on the left side of the page. This includes Arts & Crafts, Kids Corner, Christmas Gifts, Carols & Lyrics, Recipes, Stories & Books, Cards & Stamps, Traditions and more.

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  • 10 Last-Minute DIY Christmas Gift Ideas
    ‘Left your DIY Christmas gifts to the last minute ? These ideas will make anyone happy and take no time to make !’
  • 17 Christmas Tree Crafts for Kids
    ‘This season, depart from the store-bought gingerbread house making kit and set the kids to work building their own mini Christmas trees. Explore materials such as cardboard tubes, patterned paper, and colourful pom-poms, then let little ones loose to build and decorate festive pine trees. Get your holiday making started with these easy, kid-friendly tutorials’.
  • 30 Beautiful DIY Homemade Christmas Ornaments to Make
    ‘30 easy decorations to make. I hope you enjoy making them too !’
  • Christmas Labels and Christmas Label Templates
    ‘Great free Christmas Labels, Free Christmas Label Templates and Tags ! Printables, Christmas labels and more ! Most of these labels and tags are in ready to print templates and a free download’. 240 pins at time of update.
  • Crafts kids can make to give as gifts [on Pinterest]
    635 pins at time of update. Links to related boards, some also covering crafts. Wide range of choice.
  • Easy to Make Christmas Gift Ideas [with full tutorials]
    ‘Here is a selection of some of our most popular quick and easy crafty projects. Perfect for homemade Christmas gifts’. [Video, 2.13]
  • Free Tutorials To Make [Your Own] Kids Toys For Christmas
    Covers simple to make toys in areas including Wooden Toys, Felt Toys, Puppets, more. Has links to resources for each area.
  • Kids R Crafty
    Includes a number of Activities, Craft Ideas and a selection of Colouring pages, search by title.
  • Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas
    ‘Welcome to our collection of easy homemade Christmas gift ideas for men, women and kids, all with step-by-step photo tutorials. There are dozens of easy crafts and presents to make for all your friends and family, plus free printable Xmas cards and gift box templates to download’.


  • Christmas at the North Pole
    Tour the village where Santa lives, sing along [karaoke] to carols, holiday reading, Christmas Eve fun, worksheets plus activities and more.
  • Google Santa Tracker
    ‘Explore, play and learn with Santa’s elves all December long’. Multiple with, each with several activities and/or resources.
  • Santa Claus
    ‘History, Legend and Facts. Encyclopaedia Britannica’. Multiple information sections from Santa Claus - legendary figure to Contemporary Customs from different areas of the world.
  • Santa Claus : History, Origin, Legend, Facts : Complete Definition
    ‘Santa Claus is the character of illusion for children, since he is in charge of delivering gifts to all houses on the eve of Christmas Day, according to the children’s story of Santa Claus. The wonderful element that exists around this Christmas ritual is discovered as we grow older, but the myth of Santa Claus has a real origin as well’.Find details here.
  • Santa Television
    ‘Meet Santa Claus, his reindeer and elves on Santa Claus’ official Internet TV Channel in Lapland, founded in in 2000. Through our amazing videos, you’ll learn more about Northern Lights and Lapland, the home region of Santa Claus/Father Christmas in Finland’.
  • The Ancient Origins of Santa Claus
    ‘The real story of Santa Claus begins with Saint Nicholas [270 – 343 AD], who was born in the village of Patara, an area which was once Greek but is now part of Turkey’.
  • The North Pole Times
    ‘Santa’s Official Newsletter’. Read stories, visit the workshop, visit the kitchen, check the wish list.
  • Track Santa
    Track Santa Claus on his travels around the world. Begins on 1 December each year.

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  • 13 Royalty-Free Christmas Music Downloads
    ‘These free and legal Christmas music downloads are perfect for contemporary, classical, and traditional Christmas music’.
  • A good hour of good old classic Christmas songs
    ‘A carefully curated mix of classic Christmas songs, specially mixed to create the ultimate old Christmas holiday environment. With a number of well known Christmas classics and oldies Christmas music, the full playlist of Christmas songs will help to liven your family’s spirit with the best Christmas traditions’. [1:08:05]
  • Best Christmas Songs Of All Time [Christmas Songs Medley 2022]
    Some songs and artists you will recognise, others may be new to you. See whether you agree with their listing or you think others should have been included instead.
  • Christmas Carol Lyrics
    Classics and also modern carols and songs. Previously listed as Lyrics to Popular Christmas Songs and Carols. There is also a link to Christmas Music Playlist which has several musical options.
  • Christmas Carols
    ‘Looking for the lyrics to your favourite classic Christmas carols, songs and hymns ? Simply click on the title that you’re interested in and you’ll be taken to a page that shows all of the words to the carol in question. We’ve recently also added midi music players to many of the carols, so that you can sing along to your heart’s content, if you feel the urge’.
  • Christmas Sheet Music and Carols to Download
    ‘Pick your instrument, skill level and collection to enjoy our extensive Christmas offering of over 3 000 carols available from over 260 different high-quality digital sheet music collections by Virtual Sheet Music®. If you wish to print them out or download them as PDF files as well as downloading the included audio files and accessing any included accompaniment file, please add your selected item to your cart and proceed to the checkout to buy it, or Become a Member to download everything for free’.
  • Christmas Songs
    ‘Find your favourites in our free, online Christmas Songs list. Christmas songs, with their unforgettable lyrics and music, bring back wonderful memories of Christmastime in the past, And create free, festive fun and excitement for the future holiday season to come - especially for the kids. There are Christmas Songs, Music and Videos to suit everyone - Christmas songs for kids, rock or pop music fans and gospel and church Christmas songs for Christians. Enjoy some ‘Jingle Bell Rock’ with our Top Christmas Songs list and lyrics’. Links to other sections and options.
  • KIDiddles Christmas Songs
    ‘Christmas Songs, Christmas Carols and music for the Holiday Season with lyrics and music to listen to. About 140 songs listed alphabetically’.
  • Resources to Help Teach Christmas Carols [Includes Videos]
    ‘If you would like to make sure you and your children or class are fully ready [for the winter holidays], this collection will help you teach Christmas carols to anyone. It includes videos, printables, lyrics and much more. You can simply use the filters below to choose the age range of your pupils, as well as the type of resource that would be fit for them. Then all you have to do is sing your heart out’.
  • The 60 best Christmas songs of all time
    ‘Not all Christmas songs are boring. These 60 pop-music carols are sure to brighten your holiday’. Artists range from Bing Crosby to Mariah Carey, Wham ! to the Jackson 5, Stevie Wonder to Taylor Swift. Enjoy the ones you like. [1:14:01]
  • The Top 100 Christmas Songs
    ‘These are 100 of the top Christmas songs of all time, including details and links to pop performance videos. The list is an admittedly subjective one. Please enjoy comparing with your own favourites’.
  • The Ultimate List of Christmas Songs
    ‘We at Shelf Edge love Christmas and festive songs and we know loads of other people do too. That’s why we put together this Ultimate List of Christmas Songs and music videos for you to enjoy ! See our huge list of Christmas songs and watch the videos below’.
  • Top 100 Traditional Christmas Songs Ever
    Links to other videos with Christmas songs as well. [1:02:19]
  • Top 100 Christmas Songs of All Time [3 hour Christmas Music Playlist]
    ‘Enjoy all of the best Christmas songs and classic Christmas carols in this 3 hour Christmas music playlist. Our Christmas music mix features all of the classic Christmas songs you know and love’. [2:58:14]


  • eMail Santa
    Email him. There is also a range of other activities in which to be involved. Be sure to read the section at the bottom as well.
  • How to Write a Letter to Santa Claus [with Pictures] - WikiHow
    ‘Sample letters; Preparing to Write; Pick your paper; Choose something to write with; Writing your letter; Decorating and sending your letter; Q & As; Tips; Warnings; Things you’ll need; Related things to do. Start by thinking about what you want to ask for in advance. Then write a polite letter, decorate it and give it to your parents to send it off to the North Pole’.
  • Santa Mail : Let’s write to Santa
    ‘Australia Post. Santa and his elves are busy going through letters from children all over the world. To give your letter the best chance of reaching Santa’s desk in time for Christmas be sure to post it no later than our recommended dates’. All relevant details are available on the site.
  • Letters to Santa
    ‘Send a letter to Santa and get an instant reply ! NO email or home address is required’. Complete your letter by using the section on the letter form on the screen.
  • Send a Letter to Santa
    ‘Once you have sent a letter to Santa, come back and check your mailbox by clicking Santa Letter Pick-Up. Santa answers every letter that is sent to him, but he has so much mail it usually takes him about three days to write back to you. Have you sent a letter to Santa on this site previously? You can view it here’ by logging in to your account. You need to have set up a free account to do this.

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