Christmas [n.]

[pl. Christmases] 1. [also Christmas Day] the annual Christian festival celebrating Christ’s birth, held on 25 December. 2. the period immediately before and after this.
- ORIGIN Old English,“Mass of Christ”
Oxford Dictionaries

Christmas is a mix of the Christian celebration of the birth of Christ, combined with the time of year and concepts from earlier celebrations and beliefs such as the Norse Yule, the honouring of Odin in Germany, worship of Mithra, Saturnalia and even early Mesopotamia that occurred at this time of the year. It was not until the 4th century that the Feast of the Nativity was declared by Pope Julius. This later became known as Christmas and over time developed the present Christmas format.

This page covers Christmas history, the religious meaning, traditions around the world, an Australian Christmas, arts, crafts, cards, games, books, Santa Claus, Christmas foods & cooking, songs & music, making gifts, … .

History, Religion & Tradition

An Australian Christmas

Tradition & History of Christmas

  • Christmas Around the World
    ‘This is a collection of historical Christmas celebrations for many different countries. The celebration or activity is the earliest history for each country and may not represent the current Christmas celebrations of today’.
  • Christmas Around the World [2]
    ‘Christmas Traditions and Celebrations in Different Countries and Cultures’. A really long list of countries are covered.
  • Christmas Traditions Around the World
    ‘The information placed on this site may not be the way all people celebrate traditions today. Many are over 100 years old. Many people change to suit their families’. Songs, recipes, toys, gifts, favourites.
  • Happy Holidays !! - Christmas
    How Christmas is celebrated in many countries, icons, music, poetry, links to Hannukah, Kwanzaa, the Winter Solstice.
  • How Christmas Works
    Trivia from the How Stuff Works site on Christmas. Want to know how it came to be ‘X’mas, when the first one was, etc. ?
  • How did we come to celebrate Christmas ?
    ‘Where did Christmas traditions originate ? Where did Santa Claus come from ? Christmas in the modern era’. The Conversation.
  • Saint Nicholas
    ‘Who is Saint Nicholas ?’, St Nicholas traditions in a range of countries, activities, other resources, play games, read stories, more.
  • Star of Bethlehem
    ‘At this time of year it seems almost traditional for stargazers to ponder the age-old question of the origin of the Star of Bethlehem. The Star’s appearance some 2 000 years ago is quite possibly one of the best-known celestial events in all of recorded history’.
  • The Christmas Tradition
    EnhanceTV. Primary level students.
  • The History of Christmas
    Dates back more than 4 000 years [according to the information supplied]. How pagan festivals linked to Christian ones.
  • The History of Christmas [2]
    ‘How much do you really know about this festive holiday ? Explore our site to find the true history !’ Videos, Christmas in Depth sections.
  • Welcome to Why Christmas ?
    ‘The Hows, Wheres, but mostly the Whys of Christmas’.
  • What does Christmas mean to you ?
    Western Australian Museum. ‘The notion of “Christmas” means a lot of different things to a lot of different people’.

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Other Information

Arts & Crafts

Art & Images

Craft Activities

  • 25 homemade Christmas Gifts
    ‘There’s nothing quite like receiving a homemade Christmas gift. The thought that goes into one makes it seem just that little bit more special than something bought off the shelf’.
    ‘Offers 1 000s of free craft projects, home decor ideas and DIY tips. Some of our reader’s favourites include Ornament Crafts, Christmas Crafts for Kids, DIY Christmas Gifts and DIY Christmas Decorations’.
  • Christmas Crafts
    Using common items found around virtually every home.
  • Christmas Decorations
    Napkin rings to candles and miniature Christmas trees.
  • Christmas Gifting - DIY Crafts
    ‘There are many things you can make for Christmas which would be great gifts. Let the following links guide you with great ideas and directions for Christmas do-it-yourself crafts’.
  • Danielle’s Place
    ‘Christmas crafts for kids’. Activities for all ages.

Books, Poems & Other Stories

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Cards & eCards

Christmas Recipes & Cooking


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General Sites

  • All About Christmas
    ‘The answers are all here’.
  • All About Christmas
    ‘There’ s much more to the fascinating history of Christmas ! Where did the Christmas tree originate, why are Christmas candles important, etc. ? The answers are all here’.
  • All Things Christmas
    Use multiple menus to find All things Christmas.
  • Amazing Christmas Ideas
    ‘Providing you with a resource to help you with all your Christmas planning, shopping and decorating’. Use the Main Menu for book reviews, decorating, tips, even Christmas stockings.
  • A Victorian Christmas
    Decorating, entertaining, toys, dolls, gifts, crafts, a Child’s Christmas, links. All based on Christmas as it was during the Victorian period.
  • Christmas
    Etymology, history, traditions, date, economy, controversies, further reading, links, more. Wikipedia.
  • Christmas 2019 - All about Christmas
    Good overview. History and a large number of other categories are covered.
  • Christmas Activities
    DLTK’s Holiday Activities for Kids. Activities from colouring pages, to games and puzzles, a variety of other activities. Mostly for younger children.
  • Christmas Activities for Kids & Teachers
    Links under several headings. Traditions, Christmas Around the World, The Legends of Christmas, Christmas Songs.
    Claimed to be the internet’s largest Christmas portal, for everything you did or didn’t, want to know.
  • Christmas Countdown 2016
    ‘How Many days until Christmas 2016 ?’
  • Christmas Fonts
    This site provides you with a wide range of fonts suitable for use in many ways at Christmas.
  • Christmas For Kids !
    ‘One of the most special times of the year, and we know it ! We have hundreds of Christmas activities for kids at Activity Village. Have a look around, find inspiration and ideas, enjoy yourselves !’
  • Christmas Fun For Kids
    Things to do, read, sing, guess, work out, simply enjoy. Activities you can print.
  • Christmas Quiz - Novice
    An ‘Illustrated on-line Christmas trivia quiz. This is the Novice Level quiz, featuring ten of the easier questions from the Christmas trivia collection’. Check other levels.
  • Christmas Theme Unit
    Includes all you want in a Christmas unit. Suited to younger children.
  • Christmas Traditions in England, Scotland and Wales [A British Christmas]
    Information and links compiled by Woodlands Primary School in England.
  • Christmas Tree Activities for Early Learning
    Lesson plans, things to print, things to make, Crafts, Online Activities, media.
  • Christmas World
    A vast collection of Christmas information, activities and more. Use the menu on the left or the boxed information on the front page. Some pages/sections are specified for Adults.
  • History Channel Videos
    All things Christmas from history, to Santa Claus, gifts related to the Christmas season. Videos are about 3 min. long.
  • Merry
    Holiday stories, tradition, recipes, games, music movies, email Santa, more.
  • My Merry Christmas
    Christmas online, music, movies, stories, clipart, downloads, for parents, memories, world Christmas, more.
  • Oz Christmas Lights
    ‘This site is dedicated to listing Christmas light displays on peoples homes that are available for everyone to view around Australia. Select a state then a city to view all the Christmas Light displays in that area’.
  • Santa Letter
    ‘Your place for family friendly Christmas fun. Browse our sections [to the left in the Candy Cane signs area], or check some of our favourite recommendations. We have lots of fun activities to do, one of our top things to do is send a letter to Santa Claus !’
  • Santa’s Naughty or Nice List
    Check the quiz to see which you are.
  • Welcome to Santaland
    ‘Old fashioned Christmas Traditions’. Arts & crafts, gifts, carols, recipes, stories, books, cards, stamps, more.

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Making Gifts

Santa Claus, His Life & Home

  • Christmas at the North Pole
    Tour the village where Santa lives, sing along [karaoke] to carols, more.
  • Santa Claus At Claus.comGames and puzzles designed especially for younger children. Some grating aspects, however.
  • Santa Television
    Christmas traditions from around the world, visit Santa, watch presentations.
  • The North Pole Times
    ‘Santa’s Official Newsletter’. Read stories, visit the workshop, visit the kitchen, check the wish list.
  • Track Santa
    Track Santa Claus on his travels around the world. Begins 1 December.

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Songs & Music

Write or Email to Santa

  • eMail Santa
    Email him. There are also other activities in which to be involved.
  • Let’s write to Santa
    ‘Australia Post Santa Mail’.
  • Letters to Santa
    ‘Send a letter to Santa and get an instant reply ! NO email or home address is required’.
  • Send a Letter to Santa
    ‘All you have to do is click on the inkwell on the desk and I’ll help you write your letter to Santa. You can also send one of Santa’s animated postcards to your friends’.You need to set up a free account.
  • Write to Santa
    Also try this site.

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