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The Arts Resources

With the variety of The Arts, some sites are not topic specific but act as portals providing resources, associations, discussion forums, blogs, journals, magazines, … .

This page looks at sites that have been developed in Australia, many with original resources. Unless otherwise stated they are free.

The Second Page looks at sites and resources from other countries.

You should also check individual Arts pages such as Dance [archived], Drama, Craft and Media for further resources.

Remember sites on the second page are not Australian. Check carefully to be sure they conform to Australian requirements before use, e.g. spelling, terminology, guidelines, … .

Australian Sites

  • a3 Australian Arts Alive
    Part of the Australian School of Performing Arts. It ‘offers a wide range of Performing Arts activities to primary and secondary schools including specialist song and dance workshops and professional development opportunities for teachers’.
  • Art & Art History
    University of Queensland Library. ‘Free online resources for secondary schools’.
  • Art Education Resources
    ‘A gathering of free art resources for students and art teachers’. Resources, Icon Artists, Art Movement information, students advice, career guides, more.
  • Art Forum Australia
    ‘Free to join forum for Artists, Art Teachers & Art Students. Help, support and encourage each other’.
    ‘A showcase for Australian art online and a comprehensive directory of galleries, artists, services and museums in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific’.
  • Arts-POP - Managing Resources, Visual Arts Resources
    Well annotated links to resources from arts groups around Australia.
  • Arts Victoria
    ‘Professional Learning and Teaching Resources’.
  • Arts : Live
    ‘Jump on board this free and easy, interactive web application to facilitate collaboration and innovation across all five art forms in your classroom’.
  • Art-Stuff
    ‘Visual Art resources, ideas, tips, techniques, options and strategies for students and artists’.
  • Art Supplies, Australia
    ‘Looking for the most popular art supplies in Australia ? If so, you’re in the right place’.
  • Canva Collage Maker
    ‘Create stunning photo collages in Canva with our amazingly simple drag-and-drop design tool’. Free to join.
  • Commedia con Corinna
    ‘Links with many school communities, organisations and groups to promote multiculturalism, world theatre and to demonstrate how Commedia dell’Arte can be a vehicle for the learning of many other art forms and theatre skills’. Provides shows, professional development and workshops for teachers and students.

Education Departments, Boards, Other Bodies, …

  • ASME Links
    Includes, groups associations, state department areas, members specialist pages, more.
  • Creative Arts K-6
    BOS, NSW. Units of Work, resource links, work samples, more.
  • Curriculum Resources
    SCSA, WA. Select, Search and Find resources for nominated curriculum areas.
  • Scootle
    Covers the Arts area. Filter by type, level, etc., using the options on the left.
  • The Arts Domain
    DET, Victoria. Links to resources, etc., in The Arts Domain.
  • The Arts Unit [NSW]
    ‘Responsible for dance, drama and music ensembles; runs camps and student workshops in dance, drama, choral and instrumental work; visual art exhibitions; debating, public speaking and spelling competitions; events and festivals; professional learning workshops and opportunities for teachers’; more.
  • VCE resources
    From AMUSE. General and specific resources.
  • Victorian Music Library
    ‘We aim to make the music collection available to our members who include orchestras, string ensembles, brass bands, school music departments, musicians, performers, students and music teachers’. Membership required. Costs are reasonable.
  • Welcome to Creative Arts K-6
    DEC, NSW. ‘provides support to teachers of Dance, Drama, Music and Visual Arts in NSW public schools’. Check the links and material from the menu on the left.

Galleries & Museums

  • Digital Resources for Teachers and Students
    Museum of Contemporary Art Australia. ‘Access audio, video, photographs, artist statements and curatorial interpretation with a few clicks. Discover ideas for pre- and post-visit activities, and interactive teaching tools for the classroom’.
  • Education Resources
    The Art Gallery of Western Australia. Resource documents in PDF format.
  • Education Resources K-12
    National Gallery of Australia. ‘Aims to provide a wide variety of online learning resources for students, educators and families’.
  • Great Australian Albums
    ‘Will have interest and relevance for middle and senior secondary students studying a range of subjects including Music - Styles, Industry, History and Performance; English; Popular Culture; Australian Studies and Contemporary Culture’. EnhanceTV.
  • Kids ‘n’ Music
    ‘Original and upbeat songs that reinforce the therapy concepts set in place by speech therapists, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, psychologists’, more.

Musical Competitions & ‘Spectaculars’

For links to competitions [rather than spectaculars] nationally, and in various states/territories, go to the Competitions & Challenges page.

  • MzuriDance
    ‘Facilitates learning and development of students’ technical and artistic ability in dance, music and performance’. Based in Melbourne.
  • Noteable Music Education Resources
    ‘Dedicated to creating and supplying top quality, great music education resources to music educators’. Most are fee-based, though several are free.
  • Resources for Teachers : Australian Music Centre
    ‘Engage your students with music of our time and place’.
  • School Musicals
    ‘Written by teachers with school-based performances in mind’. Most are fee-based but reasonable in cost. Some free plays.
  • School of Music Online
    ‘Bringing music education to the world through an interactive journey accessible to anyone’. This is not free, though costs seem reasonable.
  • Shows for Schools
    ‘Find the right event for your students. Search under various criteria [in school/excursions, year level, term, curriculum area, more]. Send an Enquiry or Booking directly to the company’.
  • The Arts Lessons [Australian Curriculum Lessons]
    Filter by topic area.
  • The Song Room
    ‘Our aim is to bridge the education equity gap for all Australian children by facilitating learning through the arts, starting with our most vulnerable groups and reaching all communities that lack specialist music and arts education’.
  • Visual Arts Years 7-10
    TES Australia. ‘Free resources for teaching visual arts, including artist worksheets, art lesson plans, art activities and other ideas for you to use with your students’.
  • Zart Art
    ‘School and educational supplier of art and craft materials and resources. We also provide professional development workshops for teachers and educators of the visual arts’. Activities to do, products to create, a newsletter, special publications and more.

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