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Indigenous Education Resources

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander viewers are warned that the following may contain images and voices of deceased persons.

Sites are Australian unless specifically indicated otherwise. They may be suited to either/both Indigenous Education or Indigenous Studies. They may apply to several curriculum areas. Resources cover all areas from Dreamtime stories to specific Careers advice, Indigenous readers to film guides, statistics to webquests. Unless otherwise stated they are free.

Listed individual resources are suitable for teacher use with all education levels unless specifically indicated otherwise.


  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures
    ABC Splash. Done in levels with sections for parents and teachers. Video, audio, digibooks, links, more.
  • Dust Echoes : Ancient Stories, New Voices
    ‘A series of twelve beautifully animated dreamtime stories from Central Arnhem Land, telling stories of love, loyalty, duty to country and aboriginal custom and law’.
  • Frontier Education Online
    ‘Designed to complement the Frontier television series, the Frontier Online site, and the Frontier CD-ROM set. Moving from the Dreaming through contact history, to massacres and resistance, on to assimilation policies and the politics of Aboriginal cultures, to a final section on historiography’. Originally created in the 1990s.
  • Message Club
    ‘ABC’s new youth site for upper primary and lower high school Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students. The site offers school activities for Indigenous and non-Indigenous students with the opportunity to present their work online’. Multiple sections.
  • Werde ! Welcome to Us Mob
    ‘With Us Mob, you can follow central Australian Aboriginal teenagers Charlie, Della, Harry and Jacquita as they head off on journeys full of fun, excitement and crisis’. ABC. Requires the latest Flash plugin.

Education Departments & Schools

  • Aboriginal Dreamtime Stories Unit of Lesson Plans - Year 3 and 4
    Australian Curriculum Lessons. ‘Will allow students to explore and analyse traditional Aboriginal Dreamtime Stories. Upon completion of the program, students will write their own Dreamtime story’.
  • Aboriginal Education Research & Resources
    New South Wales Board of Studies. Links to information regarding ACAP, numeracy, literacy, Primary Links. A number are PDF documents. Part of the larger Aboriginal Educational Contexts site.
  • Aboriginal Studies
    NSW HSC Online. Social Justice & Human Rights, with specific case studies listed.
  • Deadly Pathways
    ‘Career Information Service, Queensland. Deadly Pathways has a lot of information specifically for Aboriginal students and Torres Strait Islander students’.
  • Indigenous Kids Read
    ‘A free resource for Indigenous families to help their young children [0-8 years old] with literacy and language development. Developed by a project team that included Indigenous and non-Indigenous early childhood educators’. Department of Education and Training, NT.
  • Let Us Teach You
    Walungurru Kuula, NT. ‘Follow the links on this page to learn from the skills and knowledge of the students of Walungurru’.
  • Resources and Links
    ‘Links to support Aboriginal Education’. PDF downloads, access to resource listings for each of the areas listed in the menu on the left.
  • Web Links - Aboriginal Studies
    Compiled under several topic headings by the North Sydney Institute of TAFE, NSW.

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  • Art + Soul : Study Guide
    ‘The series offers a fascinating tour of the history and infinite variety of the work of Indigenous artists. At the same time, art + soul provides a cultural and political history of how Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders have represented their country and their culture visually’. EnhanceTV.
  • Ten Canoes Study Guide
    ‘Ten Canoes provides an excellent resource for studying two aspects of Indigenous culture : 1. A study of the film offers us a way of exploring the rich depiction of the traditional Indigenous culture, lifestyle and language of Arnhem Land, and 2. A study of the making of the film offers us a way of exploring change and continuity in that culture in modern times’.

Government Departments, Libraries …

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Other Sources

  • Aboriginal Resources - Multicultural & Indigenous
    ‘Children can learn about Australian Aboriginal culture in fun and interesting ways with these products’. Fee-based.
  • Aboriginal Teaching Resources for Language Learning, Literacy, History, Culture & Aboriginal Education
    ‘An innovative new teaching and learning system that gives all students, regardless of their ethnic background or age, the opportunity to learn about and engage in the rich diversity of Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island cultures’. Fee-based resources.
  • ARDS
    Established by the Yolngu people in Arnhem Land. General information, specific areas.
  • New ! Aboriginal Art Education Resources
    Japingka Gallery. ‘Presents quality education resources that may be useful for teachers in primary and secondary schools who would like to incorporate information about Australian Aboriginal artists and their art into lessons’.
  • BlackWords
    ‘Provides searchable information about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander writers, writing, storytelling, criticism and reviews’.
  • Central Art Aboriginal Art and Culture
    ‘Collection of articles, audios, videos relating to Aboriginal people and their art. Find stories on Aboriginal dreamings, interviews with Aboriginal artists, information on different Aboriginal art regions’.
  • Crackerjack Education
    ‘Our expert team have individually designed written and chosen Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander online resources that match each Indigenous code of the Australian Curriculum. Topics include : Language, Dreaming Stories, Cultural maths, Cultural knowledge, Poetry, songs and rhyme, Cultural texts, Kinship, Weather seasons, First contact, Status and rights, Commemorative events, Communicating with culture, Country and place, Notable individuals and Comparing cultures’.
  • Dare to Lead
    ‘Enthusiastically supporting the opportunity to take a leadership role in achieving educational equality for Indigenous Australians’. Designed to assist Indigenous students achieve maximum educational outcomes.
  • Dhinawun Consultancy
    Consultancy in the area of Aboriginal Education, culture and learning. Fee-based but within the scope of a school wishing to access their expertise.
  • Indigenous Literacy Foundation
    ‘Funds raised by the Foundation help purchase and supply culturally appropriate books and literacy resources for over 200 remote communities around Australia’. See how schools can be involved.
  • Indigenous Education Projects Unit
    ‘Established to manage Indigenous education projects and develop partnerships that work collaboratively to progress the goals of the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education Policy and the Melbourne Declaration’. Access a separate blog by Dr Chris Sarra who is associated with this Institute.
  • Indij Readers
    ‘Indij Readers For Big Fullas and Little Fullas is a collection of literacy acquisition classroom stories, accompanying teachers’ guides, other support materials [media files]’. Links provided to Australian Curriculum.
  • Language of Belonging
    ‘A multi-platform education resource based on the ground breaking Indigenous animation Wadu Matyidi. Designed specifically for Primary-aged students, this diverse learning program explores Adnyamathanha language, culture, stories and traditions, encouraging students to develop their own portfolio and cultural understanding. A password to access the Language of Belonging website is provided when you purchase the resource’.

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  • Marvin
    ‘Award winning training and education authoring solution that produces high value interactive presentations using easily identifiable digital personalities tailored to target audiences’. Fee-based.
  • Music Outback Foundation
    ‘Dedicated to the use of music and related art forms as a means of improving outcomes on remote Indigenous communities’.
  • Our Dreamings
    ‘Our Dreamings is a multimedia downloadable educational resource about indigenous aboriginal traditional art and culture from the Central Desert of Australia. Available to purchase and download direct to your own desktop’.
  • Rick Roser Resources
    Resources from clipart to performances on this site.
  • Ronin Films - Indigenous Australia
    ‘Including many films by Indigenous film makers. Stories range across issues relating to health, identity, the “Stolen Generation”, art, anthropology, traditional life and culture, history and archaeology both before and after the arrival of Captain Cook’.
  • The Critical Classroom
    ‘For teachers wishing to embed Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander perspectives into their classroom practice’. Free Indigenous Resources, links to other Indigenous resources, teaching ideas.
  • What Works. The Work Program
    Download the Guidebook and Workbook. You need Flash to view the rest. One example from Salisbury North R-7 School is found here.


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