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Home Schooling Resources

These resources are usable in multiple curriculum areas. They cover areas such as resource databases, commercial software suppliers, lesson plan databases, planners and organisers, worksheets, … . A selection of Australian-based suppliers are included.

Included are several resources for people with specific home schooling requirements - Preschool, Christian, Islamic, Montessori, Special Needs, … . Unless otherwise stated they are free.

Remember many sites are not Australian. Check carefully to be sure they conform to Australian requirements before use, e.g. spelling, terminology, guidelines, … .

Listed individual resources are suitable for teacher use with all education levels unless specifically indicated otherwise.

Australian Sites

  • ADNIL Press
    Run by a home schooling family. Provides access to material useful to others interested in home schooling. While has a good range, it is particularly strong in language areas.
  • Always Learning Books
    ‘Homeschooling, unschooling, Natural Learning Books to Inspire and Encourage’.
  • Aussie Homeschool Classifieds
    ‘The place to buy, sell or swap curriculum - new or used. A place for fun, fellowship, information, learning’.
  • Australia - Jon’s Home School Resource Page
    Links to Australian home school information. From this page you can also access home school links and world information.
  • Australian Education Online Resources
    Annotated links. Click on “Resources” and select from the choices.
  • Aussie Homeschool Classifieds & Forum
    Resources for those wanting to home school. A message board with interesting content. You must join [Free] to access the site.
  • Australian Used Homeschool Books
    Extensive listing in all areas. Very cheap for many items.
  • Barinya - Family, Fun & Educational Activities
    ‘An educational and information site for every family ! Barinya is an Australian Aboriginal word meaning Star. One of our main areas of focus is to help awaken a love of learning throughout life, by providing educational activities with a difference. Our educational activities are designed to stimulate a child’s natural curiosity and creativity’. Many activities, movie reviews, travel information [South Australian based], more.
  • Christian Homeschooling in Australia
    A range of links to various Christian homeschool resources and information.
  • Educate My World
    ‘A home education resource, designed to bring teacher resources as well as classroom resources into your home in order to supplement your child’s current schooling. All content has been directly based upon teaching resources and classroom resources directly targeted at set curriculums and then combined with modern home education techniques. Information is sorted by Grade and subject and there is an abundance of worksheets under General Knowledge and Games and Puzzles’.
  • Educational Aids [Australia]
    ‘Educational aids and school supplies’. Download catalogue, price list in PDF format.
  • Games for Fun, Fitness & Learning
    ‘A resource book for parents, teachers, childcare workers, Cub Scout Leaders, Sunday School teachers, anyone else who supervises or entertains children. The book provides games for children between the ages of 7 and 16’.
  • Games from Everywhere
    ‘Australian owned and operated. We sell Board Games that have thrilled families for thousands of years, plus the latest award winning board games from Australia, USA, Europe and beyond. Games that take you into the daily lives of Kids from Ghana, Monks from Tibet and the Pharaoh’s of Ancient Egypt !’
  • Homeschooling Downunder
    ‘Australian homeschool supplier and publisher of Australian homeschool resources. We now have many products that will suit, Science, English and History in the homeschool. Our products have the Australian home educator in mind. Find uniquely Australian products for sale and free homeschooling resources’.
  • Home Schooling Supplies [Australia]
    Victorian supplier who has home schooled their own children.
  • KidsHQ
    Extensive, quality information available from the Australian War Memorial.
  • Maths Games Plus Literacy
    A wide range of hands-on resources by level, with ACARA number and NSW Outcome number. They are listed by grade level. These are fee-based but affordable.
    ‘MATHTRAK is an online Learning Management Tool based on the Australian National Mathematics Curriculum for Years 5 to Year 10. In addition to helping the learner to develop mastery of the mathematical knowledge of the National Curriculum, MATHTRAK provides a comprehensive mathematical problem solving tutorial available to all students from years 5 to 12 and a fun game to develop fluency with number skills’. Fee-based.
  • Precision Academics©
    ‘Over 400 Workbooks suitable for students with special learning needs. Resources are designed to cater for the needs of children of all ages, who attend mainstream, special schools as well as home school settings’. While fee-based, costs are within the scope of individual families [and schools]. ‘Download some Free samples to try with your children’.
  • Rockpool Homeschool
    Access a forum, find information about events & groups, news & articles, reviews, classifieds, blogs, information about newly added and popular material, links to further homeschooling information.
  • South Australia Homeschool Camps
    A Yahoo Group for these.
  • Vocal Adrenaline Performing Arts
    ‘We teach singing, piano and acting with lessons catering for all ages from beginner to professional. We are also offering a Free Introductory Lesson for all new students ! Time’s are available both day and night’. Based on the Gold Coast, this studio has been used by other Home Schoolers. Their motto is ‘It Is Never Too Late To Start!’. You can also access this studio through the following email address if required.
  • Youth Excel
    ‘Life skills resources developed for young people between the ages of 12-16. They are an excellent life skills curriculum set in themselves and are used by many schools throughout Australia. They have also made an excellent resource for home schooled children’. Samples of the resources available.

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International Sites

  • ABC-Home Preschool
    ‘Understands how difficult it is to decide upon the perfect preschool curriculum for your child. We offer separate Preschool Curriculums for 2 year olds, 3 year olds, and 4 thru 6 year olds’. There are also resources available.
  • CurrClick
    Tomorrow’s Lesson Today ! Search for resources [Fee-based] by age, subject or publisher. Discounted material, reviews, FAQs, several tutorials, more. US-based site, so some material will not necessarily be relevant in the Australian setting.
  • Favourite Companies and Resources
    Homeschooling children with special needs.Listed in two major groupings of What families are using for …, and subject listings.
  • Free Educational Podcasts
    ‘Educational podcasts are a wonderful way of homeschooling for free. As well as podcasts, I have included some other mp3 type resources’. Listed primarily in subject areas.
  • Free Homeschooling Resources
    ‘Use any of the free homeschooling resources we have available for your homeschool or classroom. Assortment of free notebooking pages, lined paper, homeschooling charts, printables organised by subject in the categories you see in the left sidebar’. US-based, strongly Christian in outlook.
  • From Wonder … to Wisdom
    Home education, free books, children’s writing, recipes, more.
  • Great Homeschool Links For Special Learners
    Extensive listing of annotated links for all sorts of products and information.
  • Homeschool Central
    ‘Has been around for many years helping homeschoolers of all types. Whether you are just beginning or you are a pro, we have information that will make your job easier’. US-based. Several sections will not be relevant, others will.
  • Homeschoolers
    A collection of annotated links compiled by the Burlington County Library System in the US.
  • Home Schooling Resources at Questia
    Articles, books, documents and more through Questia.
  • HomeschoolingSupply
    Canadian site. Being Canadian based means some sections will not be as relevant as others, but there is useful material.
  • Homeschooling Today
    4 main areas covered in this journal - considering homeschooling, getting started, continuing, beyond homeschooling.
  • Homeschool Journey
    ‘The History Portfolio Series encourages rigorous study and plenty of creativity while providing a compact and handsome way of keeping and storing a student’s own written projects and reports, colourful drawings, photographs, clippings, downloaded images, anything that can fit between the pages !’
  • Jon’s Homeschool Resources
    ‘A source of neutral, non-commercial homeschooling information for over ten years’. Check the Quick Tips as a starting point.
  • Kingsley Educational
    ‘Mail order supplier of home education curriculum and support materials’.
  • Let’s Homeschool
    ‘Free online resources and curriculum for homeschooling’. Information on homeschooling in a number of countries including Canada and New Zealand.
  • Life Learning
    ‘Discover how to employ self-directed, life-based learning in your own life and/or that of your child. This type of learning is sometimes known as Unschooling, Radical Unschooling, Unstructured Homeschooling or Natural Learning. All the issues of Life Learning are available to read for free in PDF’.
  • Look, Listen & Learn
    ‘Each Look, Listen & Learn set includes a DVD and an interactive CD-ROM, as well as full-colour books [both printed or electronic]. Students can view, listen to, and read material, then complete tasks that reinforce learning and encourage critical thinking and discussion. By watching the video and following the activities, children are encouraged to place their own interpretations on the material studied’. Note : this section of their site is for Homeschoolers and parents and has specific prices for them.
  • Mikey’s Big Book Of Drawing Tips
    Extensive listing of techniques, with the majority using a cartoon-based format. Still very effective.
  • Online Learning Haven
    ‘Provides a child friendly environment for learning just about anything and everything ! Ideal for homeschooling and vacation activities’. Contains many areas but strongest in Social Studies.
  • Paula’s Archives
    Homeschool Curriculum & Materials, stages of homeschooling, new additions, special links, more links to homeschooling information.

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Planners & Organisers

The majority are fee-based, though often not too dear. Many originate in the US. They can be useful but be careful to ensure they suit your needs. Some are for particular operating systems - PC, Mac.

Preschool Resources

  • Homeschooling 3 and 4 Year Olds
    Short articles covering this topic.
  • Letter of the Week
    Preschool Curriculum. A free online curriculum that begins with Preschool and extends way beyond. US-based, strongly Christian in outlook.
  • Preschool Activities
    Links to other sites, activities and ideas to use.
  • Using TEACCH At Home
    “Treatment and Education of Autistic and Related Communication Handicapped Children”. University of South Carolina. A very specific, quite structured program designed to work with younger children.
  • Quiz Hub
    Information in school levels and sections such as quiz, spelling, words. A good addition.
  • SpellingCity
    ‘Online spelling program that makes practising for spelling tests fun. Over 30 000 words, including plurals, contractions, past and future tenses. It uses a real person’s voice to say the word and use the word in a sentence. Anyone can enter and save spelling lists for their students or children’.
  • Starfall
    ‘Primarily designed for first grade, Starfall is also useful for pre-kindergarten, kindergarten and second grade. Perfect for home schooling’. Large group of free resources. They start with the alphabet and expand from there.
  • Teaching Treasures
    Material and activities that can be used for regular as well as gifted and talented students. Done in subject areas.
  • The Homeschool Chronicles
    ‘Reflections on Homeschooling, Parenting, and Life’.
  • The Homeschool Freebie of the Day
    ‘Every weekday, Monday through Friday, we’ll post a new homeschooling “freebie”. What kind of “freebie” ? Stuff like : Unit Studies, Ebooks, Audio Programs, Games, Samples, Lesson Plans, classic books, other quality resources !’ Only free on the one day. A US-based site, so some material may not be relevant in Australia.
  • The Home School Mom
    Bringing You the Best Free Homeschool Resources. US site that offers information for those new to homeschooling, help with getting organised, newsletters, a school room, teachers’ lounge, even help in the kitchen for busy homeschoolers who still have to cook.
  • The Montessori Great Lesson Page
    Compiled under topic headings.
  • The Reading Skills Pyramid, The
    ‘Illustrates a typical sequence for acquiring reading skills for use by parents for homeschools and enrichment. The reading skills are organised using the No Child Left Behind system. The “What Works ?” Report found the five key areas in learning to read are phonemic awareness, phonics, reading comprehension, vocabulary and reading fluency’.
  • Web Page Sites for Montessori Students

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