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Early Learning Resources

Like Cross Curricula Resources, these are usable across multiple curriculum areas. They cater to children in ages from birth to approximately 8 years old. They cover all areas from colouring pages and books to software, programs to stories, television linked activities to crafts. Unless otherwise stated they are free.

There are some links to information on child development and parental advice.

Remember many sites are not Australian. Check carefully to be sure they conform to Australian requirements before use, e.g. spelling, terminology, guidelines, … .

Listed individual resources are suitable for teacher use across the Early Education level unless specifically indicated otherwise.

Australian Sites

  • ABC Children’s Television - The Playground
    Australia’s ABC. all your favourite characters and activities. Among the many areas are Make and Do - ‘We’ve got pictures to colour, party packs to make, computer goodies to enjoy. Search by character, or activity to find your favourite things’ and Parenting [ABC] - ‘ABC Parenting is the trusted one stop location for advice on raising children from pregnancy all the way through to school years. To deliver the best information, the ABC has partnered with the Raising Children Network to present factual content about everything from health and nutrition to appropriate media and games’
  • ABC Splash
    Select from the range of options provided on the top menu.
  • Count Us In Games
    ABC Learning. Games which can be played to develop understanding of basic number concepts.
  • ActiveActivities
    ‘At ActiveActivities, we’ll help you find an extensive selection of education activities for kids, toddlers and babies. We provide the most comprehensive listing of sports, games and activities for children in Australia’.
  • Good Science Books for Children
    Preschool. ‘Science picture books will help develop observation and thinking. Some books in this section may not seem very scientific or informative, but are included because they develop an idea in a way that can lead to understanding scientific thought’.
  • Home Interaction Program
    For Parents and Youngsters. ‘HIPPY is a home-based parenting and early childhood enrichment program targeting disadvantaged families in our community’. Brotherhood of St Laurence.
  • K-3 Teacher Resources
    ‘A part of Australian [and overseas] education for 3 years, producing quality printable resources for K-3 Early Years Education. Our site also includes a comprehensive Teaching Ideas Directory, where more than 500 teachers from Australia and overseas have submitted and shared their valuable ideas’. Both free and fee-based resources, but membership is cheap.
  • Little Learning Planet
    ‘Little Learning Planet is dedicated to helping parents to help their children to read and spell’. You can access some of the material for free, but to continue with the program, it becomes fee-based.
  • Modern Teaching Aids
    ‘Australia’s largest supplier of quality, Early Childhood, Primary and Secondary School Resources’. Notes these are fee-based.
  • Mummy Weekly
    ‘Danielle Mantakoul has now educated thousands of parents on a wide range of topics surrounding early childhood’. Read a collection of these on the site.
  • ‘My House’ and ‘Going to Fair Day’
    Books described as ‘early childhood education material which include same sex parent families, … These readers promote inclusiveness and the acceptance of diversity’.
  • Playschool [ABC]
    The most popular program for the very young.
  • Wiggle and Learn
    ‘A resource that is available for free to early childhood educators around the world. You can also get a brief overview by clicking on “Learn More” on the Wiggle and Learn landing page, and if you would like to see more, we invite you to register, so you can have a look at the resource’.
    Highly Recommended !

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International Sites

  • 16 Ideas for using ICT in the Early Years
    “Ideas to Inspire”. Use the slide show to choose which you are interested in.
  • 4Kids2Play
    Click on icons to access colouring, brainwork, click and drag, ecards, screensavers, new items.
  • ABC Kid Genius
    Free software to teach basic ideas such as alphabet, numbers, reading.
  • abcteach
    Printable material covering basics, shape books, theme units, fun activities, flashcards, sections at higher educational levels. Access 5 000+ printable documents.
  • A Child’s Place [Ruth’s Child Care]
    Themes and activities.
  • Activity Idea Place
    Index of activities for used with early learning students in formal or non-formal situations. Animal Activities, Miscellaneous grouping, Seasonal/Holiday Activities - some American.
  • Activity School Bus
    ‘Free Preschool printables, lesson plan printables, activities for preschool, preschool themes, craft ideas, preschool & kindergarten maths worksheets. Also, Pre-K How To videos along with a variety of unique preschool & elementary school resources for parents & teachers. Kindergarten worksheets and other printables for kids can also be found here’. Canadian site.
  • Alphabets For Kids
    ‘This alphabets for kids printables and children’s educational website has many alphabet printables, alphabet songs, alphabet games and activities for teaching your children everything about there ABC’s. Please take a good look around our alphabets for kids website and Please Share the articles and printables that you find interesting on this children’s alphabets educational website’. Canadian site.
  • Ask The Preschool Teacher
    Still in recess. An archive of asked questions/answers still available. If they were good questions, you will probably find an answer to help you.
  • Alphabet Soup
    Units, games, activities, crafts, fun, recipes.
  • A to Z Teacher Stuff
    Educational Sites for Teachers - Early Childhood. Links to information, resources, more.
  • Baby Einstein
    ‘Helps by using music, language, nature and art in playful ways to entertain and engage little ones from birth and up’. Select products by age or category. Delivery to a range of countries including Australia.
  • Beantime Stories
    Original stories for children from preschool to primary grades. Parent’s and Teacher’s Guides assist you.
  • BookwaKwala
    Ideas and advice for parents, 600+ activities. In directories. Part of the Up to Ten site.
  • Briana’s Playroom
    ‘Nursery rhymes, fairy tales, bedtime stories, pictures of magic fairies, poems about fairies, fun songs to sing, lullabies to help you go to sleep. Use your mouse and do things like practice writing your numbers and letters on the magic slate, colour a picture, play a game’.
  • Busy Teacher’s Cafe
    Worksheets, lesson plans, management tips, educational tips, links, free clipart.
  • Childfont
    “The Art of Reading and Writing”. American developed Phonics program in age levels, Some initial material is free, though it is fee-based for full programs. Works in multiple length packages for each age group. Site presently being reconstructed.

Colouring Books and Pages [Online]

For other resources in this area, check links on The Arts Resources page.

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  • Early ICT
    ‘Themed ICT activities and resources to support learning in the Foundation Stage’. Developed in the UK. A second site is found here.
  • Enchanted Learning
    American but with useful material - crafts, printouts, lesson plans, themes, dictionaries, Kids’ Club.
  • EarlyLearningHQ
    ‘Features hundreds of quality foundation stage and key stage one teaching resources, all of which are free to download’. UK based site.
  • Family Fun [Disney]
    Printables, downloads, game activities, cooking, other creative activities.
  • Favourite Friends for Preschoolers
    ‘Find free printable crafts, colouring pages, cards, etc., to keep your preschooler occupied for hours !’ Two other sections covering Favourite Friends and Book Breaks.
  • Fine Motor Skills and Gross Motor Activities for Preschool Children
    Information, explanations, multiple topics including activities and skills and much more. Canadian site.
  • First School
    Resources for children 2-6 years. Printable crafts, other activities, online resources in Spanish.
  • Fossweb K-2 Modules
    A series of Science modules specifically for the K-2 level of schooling. 16 modules in all.
    You need to be able to sign in to access this site.
  • Funbrain
    A wide range of activities, both curriculum and fun. Select by grade levels.
  • Fun With Spot
    Activities based around a favourite book character. Mouse over home page items for available activities.
  • Games for Children Ages 1 to 5
  • Idea Box
    New ideas, activities. Enough for every day for a long time.
  • Kidopo
    Colouring pages, printables, games, crafts, videos, stories, Christmas.
    Highly Regarded !
  • KidsCom Junior
    Linked to KidsCom. Preschool and infant levels. Kids games, educational and learning games, online colouring books, preschool activities, other games for preschoolers’.
  • Kid Stuff !
    Easy craft activities and projects. Craft and cooking activities, many linked to special events. Many involve recycling household goods.
  • Kidzone
    Mathematics, language, science. Puzzles, magic tricks, worksheets, lesson plans, etc..
  • KinderArt - Art Lessons - Art Education
    Art lessons, art library, free newsletter, special sections, a Don’t Miss section. All aspects of art.
  • KinderCrafts for Preschool and Kindergarten
    ‘With adult supervision and guidance, even toddlers can make most of these simple projects. The crafts use materials found around the house like egg cartons, cardboard, paper, boxes, string, crayons, paint, glue, etc. See a page about colour mixing on how to combine paint to make all the colours of the rainbow’.
  • Kinderstart
    “Because kids don’t come with instructions”. Multiple sections on all aspects of early childhood. Specific sections cover Child Development, Education, Learning Activities, Sports & Exercise.
  • Kinderweb Children’s Games
    Matching games using different shapes, animals shapes, colours.
  • Learn2Type
    ‘These fun introductory exercises allow young children to get familiar with the concept of typing. Animated exercises allow them to visualise the simple sentences and encourages them to type the letters shown. There is no scoring for this age group, everyone gets the same positive encouragement upon completing the exercise. As the child grows older, you can setup a new account with the next age group [Grade 3 through Grade 5], which will actually begin the touch typing instructions’.
  • Lessonsense
    ‘Lesson material and ideas for preschool and elementary age children. Loads of downloadable material that can be used in lessons of your own or at home. What you will not find here are strict lesson plans to follow. The suggestions and materials can be used to create your own lessons. Most downloadable materials are in PDF format’. Done by an early learning teacher from the Netherlands. Well worth visiting.
  • Letter of the Week
    Free Preschool curriculum. It goes further than this, providing a curriculum up to age 11. US based, but should be adaptable for Australian conditions. Access to resources, links to other sites.
  • Lil’ Fingers
    Free storybooks, games, ABCs, number, more for the very young.

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  • Magnetic Letters
    ‘Click or type a letter, then make a word ! Drag the letters to the edge to remove them’.
  • Mostly Mommies
    Well-annotated links to online games, activities for toddlers. Many lead to high quality activities.
  • Mr Printables
    ‘Mr P is a friendly site offering free printables for children, parents and teachers. We love designing, drawing, crafting with paper and creating things for children. We aim to have the best free printable projects for parents and teachers on the web, always great designs and new inventive paper crafts’.
  • My Treasure Trove
    ‘Thousands of free classroom resources for teachers. All the resources are free to download, and we will be uploading the site with new resources regularly. We provide thousands of high quality teaching resources for early years and KS1’.
  • Pauly’s Playhouse
    Games, activities, cartoons, more, geared to the young. Activities include colouring, more complex actions. Much is Flash based.
  • Pratt’s Early Childhood Education
    ‘Including themes, songs, arts & crafts, literature, online activities, more’. Check viewer and reciprocal links for the same areas.
  • Pre-K-Prep-App
    ‘This 6 month, page-a-day iPad program equips the caregiver/parent with a simple way to impart needed pre-kindergarten skills to their child in a fun and convenient way. All teaching/learning experiences take place during normal household routines’. The Apple App information purchase page is found here.
  • Preschool Activities
    Paula’s Archives. Activities, many extensively detailed and explained, links to other activity sites suited to this level. Additional, simple listings of activities.
  • Preschool Education
    Access information under Classroom headings from Alphabet Ideas to Useful Recipes, find out about updates, additions, articles, more. Links to related sites.
  • Preschool Express
    ‘Preschool Activities & ideas for teachers, parents and grandparents’. Monthly as well as topic groupings.
  • Preschool Learning Online
    ‘Preschool Learning Online helps parents to teach kids at home using preschool activities. Pre-K printables, child preschool activities such as circle time and children’s songs, creative movement, science and themed Pre-K lesson plans can be used during rainy days or preschool time’. Canadian site.
  • Pre-school Library
    ‘The StoryPlace is full of great activities for you to explore. Choose a theme to start the fun !’ Each theme has an online story, activity, take-home activity, parent’s activity, suggested reading. 15 themes included.
    Well presented !
  • Preschool Printables
    Printables for activities and special occasions.
  • Seussville Games
    Children love Dr Seuss. Access games played using characters from his books e.g., The Lorax, The Cat in the Hat, Horton. You need Shockwave. Printable games in PDF format.
  • Stories to Grow By
    Free and fee-based materials, extends beyond this level. Free teacher material.
  • The Perpetual Preschool
    ‘Over 12 000 Free Ideas for Parents and Educators of young children’.
  • The Personal Intelligences in the Early Childhood Classroom
    Information on development in early learning settings. Multiple page article. Other links.
    Preschool, Infants, Primary
  • Toddler Toddler
    ‘Find some favourite learning activities and games for your little ones. We have over 250 activities, fun, games, crafts, printables,, exercises for you to enjoy with your toddlers !’ Even a Toddlers 101 section to help deal with some of their actions.
  • TurtleDiary
    ‘TurtleDiary is a technology-based online educational program that offers a depth and breadth of educational content for early learners, with more than 1 000 individual learning activities and over 200 lesson plans’. Internet required for access and the program is fee-based but quite reasonable.
  • Under 5’s
    Rhymes, printables, activities. Designed for the United Kingdom curriculum.
  • US National Association …
    For the Education of Young Children. Developmentally appropriate activities and practices for children from birth to Year 3.
  • Welcome to Bry-Back Manor
    For people who care for young children or children with special needs. Activities, fun stuff, garden fun, links, picture recipes.

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