Early Learning Resources

Many resources are usable across multiple curriculum areas.

They cater to children in ages from birth to approximately 8 years old. They cover all areas from colouring pages and books to software, programs to stories, television linked activities to crafts, play activities and more. There are some links to information on child development and parental advice.

Be aware that some of the listed resources are specifically designed for teachers, while others can be used by anyone who finds them of value.

We have tried to ensure resources are free to use wherever possible.

Remember some sites are not Australian. Check carefully to be sure they conform to Australian requirements before use, e.g. spelling, terminology, guidelines, … .

Australian Sites

  • ABC
  • ABC Kids
    All your favourite characters and activities. Among many areas are :
  • ABC Kids App
    ABC Kids. ‘The ABC Kids app is a video app designed to support little ones through each and every stage of growing up. The app is aimed at preschoolers, helping all children to discover the content that’s best for them’.
  • ABC Kids - Early Education
    ‘ABC Kids welcomes early childhood educators. You will find video and audio resources categorised according to six broad curriculum areas. We offer screen-free extension ideas to support educator planning and practice, along with topical posts in the ABC Kids Early Education Reflective Journal’.
  • ABC Education
    Vast range of activities listed alphabetically and with appropriate years shown, including those for early childhood.
  • ABC Everyday - Family
    Includes a range of articles to help families achieve their best in a multiple areas.
  • ABC KIDS iview
    ‘ABC Kids is now streamed live on iview. Watch your favourite ABC Kids programs anytime, anywhere, on your computer, tablet or smartphone. This stream is available 5am - 7.30pm AEDT and will reflect the ABC Kids NSW schedule’.
  • ABC KIDS Play
    ‘It’s free ! With no advertising directed at children and a dedicated Grown Ups section to help parents get the most out of the app and become actively involved in the play experience’.
  • ABC TV Education
    ‘Learn with ABC TV Education. And remember, there is an enhanced collection of carefully curated education content always available on iview’.
  • Games
    Games linked to different stories from the ABC.
  • Grown Ups - ABC Kids - ABC Kids
    ‘ABC Kids creates a magical world where your children can learn, play and explore through our trusted programs, games, and activities. We care about kids, and we value the trust that Australian families place in us to educate and entertain their children’.
  • Listen
    ‘Programs [including Latest Programs]; Ideas; Playlists; FAQs’.
  • Make
    ‘Pictures to colour, party packs to make, computer goodies to enjoy. Search by character, or activity’.
  • Playschool [ABC]
    The most popular program for the very young.
  • Play School Art Maker
    ‘Aimed at 2 to 6 year-olds, the app is fun and easy to use. It encourages imagination and creativity’.
  • ACECQA - Useful Links
    An extensive list of annotated links covering most aspects of child care and education. More for practitioners than parents. There are also links on the right to FAQs and other information.
  • ActiveActivities
    ‘We’ll help you find an extensive selection of education activities for kids, toddlers and babies. We provide the most comprehensive listing of sports, games and activities for children in Australia’.
  • Childcare Centre Management Resources
    ‘Childcare Centre Desktop gives you the ‘time-smart’ resources for your day-to-day child care service operations’. Fee-based but it may be worth considering.
  • Childcare Resources Australia – Learning Guides
    ‘Our learning materials are easy to read, link to additional resources (including videos), incorporate Children’s Services National Quality Framework and latest legislation research. We update immediately as legislation changes to ensure learning guides stay current. Educators and trainers praise our learning guides for their content and ease of use’. Primarily for educators. Costs appear very reasonable.
  • Children’s Services Resources
    Australian Early Childhood College. ‘The following resources are core documents that every service and childcare professional should have access to. Some of these are very large documents so we recommend online access. Smaller booklets could be downloaded and kept readily at hand while you study’.
  • Connections : A resource for early childhood educators about children’s wellbeing
    ‘Connections is a practical resource for early childhood educators to guide them in supporting children’s mental health and wellbeing. Connections contains information about supporting children [birth to eight years] in a range of settings including long day care, family day care, preschool and out of school hours care’.
  • Cool Australia
    FREE Teacher Curriculum Resources. ‘Our resources are created by teachers for teachers. They are curriculum aligned, easily adapted and create positive change through action-based education’. Find Early Education resources by clicking on a Subject button then selecting Early Learning from the Year Level menu option. Check across a wide range or resources but a special one early learners might enjoy is the Bluey Education and Teaching Resources.
  • Digital Technologies Hub
    Has a small selection of resources at the Foundation to Year 2 level which could prove suitable.
  • Early Childhood Australia - ECA Resources
    These are listed under two headings - Categories and Products. Most are fee-based but of high quality.
  • Early Childhood Education and Care - Activities and Resources
    Queensland Department of Education. ‘Browse by topic, the collection of early years activities and resources designed to assist families, early childhood education and care providers and schools support early learning for children’.
  • Early Childhood Resource Hub [ESA]
    ‘Early childhood educators can go to the Early Childhood Resource Hub for professionally developed resources, discussions and information aligned to the National Quality Framework. The website brings together content from a range of sources in a single, easy-to-navigate portal’.
  • Early Childhood Resource Hub - Professional Learning
    ‘The Early Childhood online professional learning modules are still available. You can access and complete the Professional Learning Modules. These modules are self-paced and free. You will receive a certificate once you have successfully completed one or more of the modules’.
  • Early Childhood Resources – Down Syndrome Australia
    ‘The Early Years Guide provides information for parents about early intervention, development and supports in the early years’.
  • Early Childhood - Road Safety Education
    ‘Early childhood is a key time in a child’s development for them to observe positive road safety role modelling. In this age group, road safety education is focused on holding hands, child restraints and parent role modelling and supervision’.
  • Early Learning Resources [NSW]
    ‘On this page - Resources for teachers, Resources to support families and COVID 19 specific resources’.
  • Early Years Teaching Resources [Tes]
    At time of inclusion, said to have 700 000+ resources at Preschool level. Note that resources are generally not free, though many are quite cheap. This is the Australian site.
    There is also a British site which has similar resources.
  • ELSA - The Elsa Program
    ‘ELSA is a nation-wide play-based program that has demonstrated a strong evidence-based curriculum over a 3-year period. From remote indigenous communities to regional towns and urban areas, ELSA provides all children equal opportunity to access the pedagogically rich and technologically innovative program, enabling cultural and contextual learning, irrespective of where children live’. Access Research, Apps, Educator Resources and more.
  • Enlighten Press. Big Books
    ‘For the early years framework Australia. Click each image to zoom in and see sample pages’.
  • Fine Motor Skills
    Information, explanations, multiple topics including activities and skills.
  • Free Resources - Early Learning Association Australia
    Part of a larger Services & Resources section. ‘ELAA provides specialised advice, resources and programs to help you manage your service’. Includes a range of free resources as well as fee-based resources.
  • Get Up & Grow
    ‘Healthy eating and physical activity for early childhood – Resource collection. Australian Government Department of Health’.
  • Gross Motor Skills
    Kid Sense Child Development. Services, Workshops, Fact Sheets, Resources and more.
  • Home Interaction Program
    ‘HIPPY is a two-year, home-based, early learning and parenting program for families with young children. HIPPY supports parents to deliver a structured 60-week curriculum of learning activities, designed to make children ‘school-ready’ and develop a love of learning which will last a lifetime’. Brotherhood of St Laurence.
  • Inclusion resources [FUSE] Department of Education & Training
    ‘Equitable opportunities for children promote their learning and development outcomes. All children have the capacity to succeed, regardless of their circumstances and abilities’. Check the site for greater detail about this resource.
  • K-3 Teacher Resources
    Now run by a new group as well as the original person. Previously you paid for resources, now there are Free and Premium accounts. They ‘have streamlined the website, making it even easier for you to find and download the resources you need’. There are also Free Teacher Resources Archives.
  • Kidz Book Hub
    ‘Publishes well known author educators and aims to provide high quality literacy learning materials for teachers, parents and students at the early childhood level and at the beginning reading level in primary schools’. Free trial available then requires a relatively small subscription to continue access.
  • Learning at Home [EYLF]
    A significant number of resources for the early years with a mix of free and fee-based. Various plans are available at reasonable cost.
  • Learning Potential Resources
    Australian Government site. Covers a wide range of resources across all school levels. Includes Babies, Toddlers and Preschool sections.
  • Little People’s Literacy Learning [ALEA]
    ‘ALEA has developed a series of modules to support parents and carers with activities that can be shared with children. The activities have been designed with an emphasis on learning through collaborative play and shared discovery. Click on each module below to access and download the module content’. There are also other public resources you may find interesting and/or useful.
  • Modern Teaching Aids
    ‘Australia’s largest supplier of quality, Early Childhood, Primary and Secondary School Resources’. Note these are fee-based.
  • Movement & Gross Motor Skills Activities for Kids [Pinterest]
    Pinterest. ‘Gross motor activities, Outdoor activities and Toddler activities [350 at time of update]’.
  • Parent Resources
    ‘Early Childhood Australia has developed a variety of resources for parents. We will continue to add additional content regularly to this area’.
  • Reimagine - Helpful Tools and Resources
    Previously listed as ECIA. ‘Reimagine Australia has developed a suite of resources and tools to support practitioners in your work with children with disability and/or developmental delay and their families. These resources are freely available to you’.
  • Resources for Early Childhood Educators
    ‘Resources includes videos and printable documents that provide information about the strong links between the AEDC, the National Quality Standard and the Early Years Learning Framework as well as examples of how early childhood providers have used the data’.
  • - Early Childhood Education & Care
    ‘Your first step into early childhood education and care’. A wide coverage from your child’s development through to Finding Child Care, Tips for parents to Your child at home. Australian government.
  • TeachEzy Early Childhood Resources
    ‘Resources for Literacy, Numeracy, Art & Craft, Printables, Special Event Resources, Extras and Freebies. A subscription required, but this is quite small’.
  • The Spoke
    ‘Early Childhood Australia’s Blog. A voice for young children’ and one to which you may contribute.
  • Top Teacher
    ‘Innovative and creative early childhood curriculum resources for your classroom’. Not free but very reasonable for a yearly membership [two levels].

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International Sites

  • 10 of the Very Best Online Resources for Early Childhood Teachers
    ‘Here are the top 10 early childhood websites that I absolutely relied on when I was teaching Pre-K’. A wide range of other articles from the same We are Teachers site, including 50 Ways Schools Can Support Early Literacy and Teaching Kindergarten : 57 Tips, Tricks, and Ideas. USA.
  • 10 Best Children’s Books of 2020
    Smithsonian. ‘These top titles deliver history lessons, wordplay and a musical romp through the animal kingdom’. Each shows ages for which it is best suited. USA.
  • 18 best ICT for Early Years
    Pinterest collection. UK.
  • 20 practical ideas for ICT in the Early Years and beyond - Part 1
    ‘Through play opportunities children can experience a range of resources that support their ICT knowledge and understanding as well as enhancing other key skills. A programmable toy has control technology but it may also support literacy and numeracy skills. The following ideas, written by Carol Allen and Claire Graham, provide insights and practical suggestions for practitioners’. UK.
  • abcteach
    Printable material covering basics, shape books, theme units, fun activities, flashcards, sections at older educational levels. Access 5 000+ printable documents. Free and member sites. USA.
  • A Child’s Place [Ruth’s Child Care]
    Themes, activities, recipes and articles. Use the Free Printables link in the menu at the top to access resources. Canada.
  • A to Z Teacher Stuff
    Educational Sites for Early Childhood Teachers. Includes sections for Preschool and Grades K-2. At time of update, you need to browse the directory of subject areas, USA.
  • Baby Einstein
    ‘Helps by using music, language, nature and art in playful ways to entertain and engage little ones from birth and up’. Select products by age or category. Delivery to a range of countries including Australia. USA.
  • Beantime Stories
    Original stories for children from preschool to primary grades. Parent’s and Teacher’s Guides assist you. Jump down the page to Stories and Poems for Young Listeners and Readers. USA.
  • Bookwa & Kwala©
    Ideas and advice for parents, 900+ activities. In directories. Part of the Up to Ten site.
  • BrainPOP Jr.
    Part of a larger site. This section covers K-3. Has a Movie of the Week and covers all the major learning areas. You can access other areas from the menu at the bottom of this page. USA.
  • Can I Eat Plants ? A Simple Guide To Understand Every Day Plant Food
    ‘A short picture book series, designed to educate children & young adults, more about the plants we eat everyday. It teaches them in an engaging way, the importance of eating different plant food on a daily basis’. USA.

For other resources in this area, check links on The Arts Resources page.

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  • Early Childhood Education Resources
    ‘What you’ll find is a comprehensive library of websites, blogs, webinars, research and tools. Whether you’re just embarking on an early childhood education career or already work with children, you’ll find plenty of useful information’. USA.
    Multiple sections from Games to Science fairs. Each has a section covering early childhood/Preschool and more. 30 000+ resources at time of updating. USA.
  • Enchanted Learning
    American but with useful material - crafts, printouts, lesson plans, themes, dictionaries, Kids’ Club. See What’s New, Free Sample Pages and more. Subscription is quite cheap. USA.
  • EarlyLearningHQ
    ‘This is just a small snapshot of the thousands of unique, time-saving early years teaching resources available to download here at Early Learning HQ. You’ll find resources across a whole range of popular early years themes including superheroes, people who help us and pirates as well as resources to help with planning, observations and behaviour management’. UK.
  • Favourite Friends for Preschoolers
    ‘Free printable crafts, colouring pages, cards, etc., to keep your preschooler occupied for hours !’ Other sections cover Favourite Friends and Book Breaks. Canada.
  • First School
    Resources for children 2-6 years. Printable crafts, other activities and also one site with online resources in Spanish.
  • Fossweb K-2 Modules
    Science modules specifically for K-2. 16 modules in all.
    You need to register to access this site [but this appears to be free]. Be aware the site is moving to a new home. USA.
  • Funbrain
    A wide range of activities, both curriculum and fun. Games, videos and books. Select by grade levels. USA.
  • Fun With Spot
    Activities based around a favourite book character. Mouse over home page items for available activities. UK.
  • ICT Resources for Early Years Settings
    ‘Rachel Ager shares advice on equipping your setting with educational ICT resources’. UK.
  • Idea Box
    ‘Music and songs; Kids Crafts; Holidays; Seasonal Crafts; Recipes; Games to Play; Fun Activities’.
  • Kidopo
    Colouring pages, printables, games, crafts, videos, stories, Christmas. English and Spanish presentations. USA.
  • Kidzone
    ‘KidZone’s printable Preschool and Kindergarten worksheets help younger kids learn their letters, numbers, shapes, colours and other basic skills’. Links to several other listed pages. USA.
  • KinderArt - Art Lessons - Art Education
    Art lessons, art library, free newsletter, special sections, even a Don’t Miss section. All aspects of art. USA.
  • KinderCrafts for Preschool and Kindergarten
    ‘With adult supervision and guidance, even toddlers can make most of these simple projects. The crafts use materials found around the house like egg cartons, cardboard, paper, boxes, string, crayons, paint, glue, etc. See a page about colour mixing on how to combine paint to make all the colours of the rainbow’. Over 35 000 educational web pages at time of updating. Subscription is quite cheap. USA.
  • KinderWeb Educational Children’s Games
    A selection of games with different requirements plus a range of colouring activities. Some involve computers. USA.
  • Learn2Type
    ‘Animated exercises allow them to visualise simple sentences and encourages them to type the letters shown. There is no scoring for this age group, everyone gets the same positive encouragement upon completing the exercise’.
  • Learn to Type
    This is a major updated version from the original Let’s Type which was previously listed as Magnetic Letters and which required Flash to operate. Activities are listed under two major headings - Learn to Type and Literacy. Children should enjoy using these. UK.
  • Lessonsense
    ‘Worksheets, crafts, lesson plans, printables, flashcards, games and other free resources for Kindergarten, First Grade, primary-elementary school teachers and ESL learners. Most downloadable materials are in PDF format’. Netherlands, but in English.
  • Letter of the Week
    Free Preschool curriculum. It goes further than this, providing a curriculum up to age 11. It also has a series of link lists for various resources. Originally done for a homeschooling family. USA.

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  • Make-Stuff
    Easy craft activities and projects. Craft and cooking activities, many linked to special events. Many involve recycling household goods. USA.
  • Mostly Mommies - Games for Toddlers
    Well-annotated links to online games, activities for toddlers. Select from All the Games or from the Most Recently Added List. USA.
  • Mr Printables
    ‘Enjoy tons of fresh ideas for preschool learning, kids activities, kids crafts, party printables, holiday fun and even DIYs for beautiful kids room decorations ! Making millions of families happy since 2011’. USA.
  • NAEYC - Resources
    Developmentally appropriate activities and practices for children from birth to Year 3. USA.
  • NeoK12
    ‘5 000+ educational games and videos for kids to enjoy learning and do better at school’. Most sections indicate relevant grades for use. Total access requires a subscription but this is quite reasonable. USA.
  • PBS LearningMedia - Teaching Resources For Students And Teachers
    Quality resources including print and video material. Select the subject and grade levels desired from the two menus at the bottom of the home page. USA.
  • PE Central Video Center
    ‘Preschool Mini Video Lessons’. USA.
  • Phonemic Awareness : Developing Sound Sense
    ‘A comprehensive curriculum for phonemic awareness instruction. It is intended for parents to use with one child in the home as well as for preschool teachers to use in the classroom’. Includes curriculum, lessons, printable material and teaching tips. Previously listed as Sight Words : Teach Your Child to Read. USA.
  • Pre-school Activity Library
    ‘Our Pre-school Library is full of great activities for you to explore. Choose a theme or activity below to start the fun’. Each theme has an online story, activity, take-home activity, parent’s activity, suggested reading. USA.
  • Preschool Express
    ‘Preschool Activities & ideas for teachers, parents and grandparents’. Monthly and seasonal as well as topic groupings. USA.
  • Preschool Learning Online
    ‘Preschool Learning Online helps parents, early childhood educators, students & kindergarten teachers to teach kids at home or in the preschool classroom by accessing various preschool activities online through our website’. They also have a YouTube channel you can visit and use. Canadian.
  • Scholastic - EYFS
    Early Years Foundation Stage, Scholastic. At time of update, there were nearly 3 000 items listed. Exchange rate at that time is [very approximately] $2 = £1. UK.
  • Seussville Gamequarium
    ‘We did our best to recreate all the wonderful memories of growing up with Dr. Seuss in these highly interactive magical and magnetising games and activities filled with rhyme, rhythm and repetition. Learning will always be extra special when it’s done with the wonky, wacky brilliance of Dr. Seuss. Try our free Dr. Seuss games anytime, anywhere’. USA.
  • Stories to Grow By
    ‘Award-Winning Stories for Kids ! Fairy tales & Folktales : Kid-Tested, Moral Short Stories in English - Free’. Select the Teachers section of the menu for teaching and learning resources and lesson plans [for parents as well]. Scroll down this page to filter options to get exactly what you want for specific ages [it goes beyond early learning ages]. USA.
  • Teach Preschool
    ‘Welcome to Teach Preschool ! Sit back, relax, and take your time discovering just how capable young children really are. They will absolutely amaze you … ’. Activities, investigations, advice, arts and crafts, more. Even a Teach School Newsletter. USA.
  • Technology In Early Childhood
    Teaching with Technology in Kindergarten and Pre-school Classrooms. Apps information, teaching resources and tutorials, freebies, more. USA.
  • Technology in the Early Years
    “Look at our gallery for ideas of how to embed uses of technology that support children’s learning, imagination, creativity and collaboration. Planning for uses of technology. Training and support materials to help you develop effective uses of technology within your settings”. UK.
  • The Best Software for Early Childhood Education Classrooms
    Early Childhood Education Zone. ‘Technology isn’t just for teaching children how to use it. ECE is seeing the benefits of software tools that are great for learning. The laptops and touch screens get students involved in interactive educational games for developing skills in maths, reading, typing, day-to-day tasks and positive reinforcement for good behaviour’. Also has a separate Preschool section.
  • Toddler Toddler
    ‘ is a place where mums, dads, grandparents, sitters, nannies, teachers and daycare owners can find fun activities, crafts and games to do with little ones’ Guide, Activities, Popular, ABCs, Arts & Crafts, Colours, Games, Numbers, Printouts, Rainy Days and Shapes. USA.
  • Tools for Early Childhood Teachers
    Ignore the training courses and Finding Schools and head for the ‘Free Lesson Plans, Units, Classroom Materials, Teacher Communities and More’. This contains briefly annotated links to a range of useful resources. USA.
  • TurtleDiary
    ‘A technology-based online educational program that offers a depth and breadth of educational content for early learners, with more than 1 000 individual learning activities and over 200 lesson plans’. Program is fee-based but reasonable. Select their grade level from the pencils at the top. USA.
  • Welcome to Bry-Back Manor
    ‘For people who care for young children or children with special needs’. Activities, fun stuff, garden fun, links, picture recipes. USA.

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