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Online Education

Online education is seen as an area available to those unable to access full-time education. Technology has now allowed the use of CDs, DVD, email, web-based presentations and more. It is possible to carry virtually a full load or a single unit.

You can choose where and when you study/complete work, even overseas. It can be done in conjunction with full-time work, managing a family or running a business. It can be done for professional or personal reasons. You can select individual courses from a number of sources [MOOCS].

In previous years, this form of study was often called external studies or distance education, with the latter term still being used by some bodies and levels.

Online education is provided by most universities, some colleges and many school systems. Numerous universities are now providing “Open Courseware” online, for free use by anyone who is interested, though they may not lead to qualifications.

Be aware online education has positive and negative aspects. You must know if you are suited to this method of learning. Charles Sturt University has information regarding the process.

Other sites that may be useful include Distance Learning 101 and Distance Learning Web Resources. While the last two are US based, several sections apply worldwide and are worth reading before starting any online/distance education course.

This page looks at online education programs in Australia. This covers all levels from schools [Distance Education, School of the Air] to universities and vocational areas.

The Second Page looks at Open Courseware, specialised online learning areas, video and other tutorials.

The Third Page looks at international universities that offer online education and courses, and other information.

Australian Information

Distance Education

Education with work completed online, with mail or other methods.
The controlling units/schools are provided in the first section for each state/territory, with other centres in the second part of each listing.

School Level

Australian Capital Territory

New South Wales

  • A More Connected Future
    2010. Outcomes of a Distance Education review. Interesting to read.
  • DEduce
    ‘Portal for information for teachers working in Distance Education in NSW. As the definition of deduce states this is your address to reason, work out and understand changes that are happening in Distance Education’.
  • Rural and Distance Education [NSW]
    As well as the unit, there is a Rural & Distance Education - CAP NSW site which ‘support[s] rural schools and distance education schools of NSW’.

Northern Territory


  • TAFE Open Learning [Qld]
    ‘TAFE Open Learning - online and distance education. Courses for people living throughout Australia and the world’.

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South Australia


  • Tasmanian eSchool
    Replaces Distance Education Tasmania and the Open Learning Network.


Western Australia

  • SIDE
    ‘The centre for secondary distance learning within the WA Department of Education.’ The SIDE Primary School page is found here.

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Other Australian Sites

  • ABC Splash
    Online information and learning. Links to learning at different levels [see top menu], helped by ABC material and ideas.
    ‘The Australasian Council on Open, Distance and E-Learning, the peak Australasian organisation for universities engaged or interested in open, distance, flexible and e-learning’.
  • Accredited Online Training
    ‘Online, nationally recognised courses all over Australia. Certificates and Diplomas in the Business Service training package, Training and Assessment and Finance’.
  • AOI, the First Online Institute in Australia
  • Australian Correspondence Schools
    Also try Australian Correspondence Schools Online.
  • Australian Flexible Learning Framework
    Advice to improve and refine online learning as well as other distance education. Check State & Territory Contacts here. The New Generation Technologies for Learning page provides up-to-date information about this area.
  • Career FAQs
    ‘Over 700 nationally recognised, accredited online university and vocational education courses from leading Australian distance education specialists. Career FAQs also offers an extensive range of valuable online career resources’.
  • College of Fine Arts’ Public Online Courses
    ‘Initiative designed to provide opportunities for study to the public, primarily in the area of visual arts and design.’ University level.
  • CourseFinder
    ‘Bringing together online and distance education courses from the biggest and best Australian universities, TAFEs and private colleges’.
  • Courses Direct
    ‘A leading distance vocational education provider in Australia & New Zealand’.
  • DEHub
    ‘DEHub serves as a central research institute for investigation into best practices in distance education. DEHub also serves as an online agency for the dissemination of information on best practices in distance and blended education for the Australian higher education sector. Financed by the Australian Department of Education’.
  • Distance Education Australia
    ‘Browse currently listed programs and visit the program providers’ websites for their complete offering.’
  • Distance Learning Australia
    ‘Study at your own pace with unlimited support from our highly qualified and experienced staff’.
  • E-Campus Australia
    ‘e-Campus Australia was developed to help the Maritime Industry and Mariners gain access to on the job training, reduce the amount of time in the classroom’.
  • Fitness Institute Australia
    Courses, tutors, assessment, more.
  • HSC Learn Online
    ‘Fully accredited online courses for preliminary and HSC subjects for students around NSW’. Fee-based.
  • New ! Inspire Education
    ‘We have courses offered online, through distance learning, or face to face !’
  • International Career Institute
    ‘A provider of courses used by individuals, business and government to improve the skill sets and performance of personal careers, staff and management’.
  • Lifestyle Learning Direct
    ‘Provide the complete distance education solution by offering onlone and correspondence courses from The Sackville Academy, The Writing School, and Lifestyle Learning Online’.
  • My Online Training Hub - Microsoft Office Online Training
    A free section including access to free software, plus paid access if desired.
  • Now Learning
    ‘Promoting a wide range of correspondence courses from universities and colleges across the country’.
  • Open2Study
    ‘All of our subjects are available to everyone. When you successfully complete your subject you’ll get a Certificate of Achievement, which you can use to demonstrate your interest in learning about a certain area’. Part of the Open University group.
  • Open Colleges
    ‘We focus on meeting the specific needs of adult learners by delivering highly flexible, accessible and affordable learning opportunities’.
  • Resourcebank
    1 000+ e-curriculum resources. Fee-based.
  • Rural and Remote Education Online
    For practising medicos to improve their education through case studies, modules and courses. Links to workshops and conferences.
  • SAVE Training
    ‘A small specialist Registered Training Organisation [RTO] focused on getting people qualified online. The efficiency of our business allows us to pass on a great product along with a premium level of service and support’.
  • SEEK Learning
    ‘IT Certificates, TAFE Courses, university degrees, short computer courses and more.’
  • StudyNow
    ‘We give students the chance to research and browse courses from a range of institutions in a range of locations and settings’.
  • Where-u-Learn
    Some free trials give an idea of fee-based courses available.
  • Your Tutor
    ‘An easy, affordable and convenient way to give students access to extra help and coaching’.

University Online Courses

For online education from any university in Australia, go to the Universities page. Only a sample are provided here.

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