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Home schooling is a viable, educational alternative which appears popular in other countries, especially the United States, and which is gaining increasing popularity in Australia.

Home schooling provides an alternative educational solution for people holding particular beliefs, or having genuine concern about specific circumstances relating to a given situation. But - it is not just a simple and easy solution for every problem that may occur.

Those considering involvement in this process must understand there are not only potential benefits but also responsibilities associated with such a decision. Removing a student from a situation causing major concern is only the first step.

Then come the obligations linked to legal requirements and most importantly, the effective and ongoing education of your child, as this will affect not only their education but future life. It must be done with due care and understanding for it to be effective. Done properly, it can work very well. Done wrongly, it may have devastating consequences.

This page looks at beginning home schooling, home schooling blogs, magazines and journals, research, specialist areas and other general information. Some Australian material is included in these sections.

The First Page looks at Home Schooling in all Australian states & territories. Registration, Support Group and Other Information is provided in separate listings within each section.

The Home Schooling Resources page provides access to resources from Australia and overseas.

Specialist Areas

Catholic Homeschooling

  • Catholic Homeschool Australia
    ‘A place where Catholic homeschooling families can come together and share their ideas, experiences and provide some support to others’.
  • Catholic Homeschool Support
    USA. Blog, Catholic Curriculums, curriculum approaches, online resources, getting started, more.

Christian Homeschooling

Gifted Children - Homeschooling

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Montessori Homeschooling

Muslim/Islamic Home Schooling

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Special Needs Children - Homeschooling


  • Radical Unschooling
    Sandra Dodd. USA, but referred to by many Australian homeschoolers interested in this area. Extensive information.
  • Unschooling
    Philosophy, History & usage of the term, home education, socialisation, criticisms, other forms of alternative education, prominent advocates, adult unschoolers of note, references, other links. Wikipedia.
  • Unschooling at [Facebook]
    ‘Sharing information and resources’.

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  • Updated ! Academic Outcomes of Home Schooling Review of Research and Analysis of Statewide Tests
    2014; BOSTES. ‘This report examines available evidence on the academic outcomes of children who have been home schooled. This evidence includes a literature review of previous studies and analysis of results in statewide assessments such as the National Assessment Program Literacy and Numeracy [NAPLAN] tests, School Certificate and Higher School Certificate’.
  • Australian home educated students on self-regulation opportunities at home and in school
    2016; Glenda M Jackson. ‘This research illustrates ways conventional schooling could learn to develop more effective programmes to achieve this highly valued characteristic from home education practices and better prepare students for an engaged and effective adult life’.
  • Australian Homeschooling Statistics
    2017; Rebbecca Devitt, Why on Earth Homeschool ? ‘This page contains lots of facts and statistics on Christian homeschooling in Australia and homeschooling in general. When looking at this page, please be aware that homeschooling statistics are generally taken from voluntary populations. This means they won’t always provide an accurate sample of all homeschooling populations’.
  • So You’re a Teacher, and You Home Educate ?
    2013; Kathryn Croft. ‘Why would you, and how does that work for you ? Exploring motivations for, and implementation of, home education by qualified teachers in Australia’. Thesis.
  • Summary of Australian Research on Home Education
    2017; Glenda Jackson. ‘The topics covered in this literature cover the reasons parents home educate, demographic information, studies of how parents manage the home educating process, student perceptions, special needs, academic success, the process of learning in home schooling, student competencies and social development, legislative and legal situations in all states of Australia, and home education as an alternative form of education in rural areas’.
  • The most private private education : Home Education in Australia
    2013; Rebecca English. ‘Sets out to explore the reasons Australian parents choose to home educate and whether this decision is related to the choice of a private school in Australia’.
  • Use your Freedom of Choice : Reasons for Choosing Homeschool in Australia
    2015; Rebecca English. ‘In Australia, the decision to home educate is becoming increasingly popular. This paper reports on a case study that set out to explore the links between families that unschool and the parenting philosophies they follow’.


  • Exploring Homeschooling Diversity
    An Open Letter to Journalists. Ann Lahrson Fisher.‘As a seasoned and trusted insider, with more than twenty years as a homeschooling parent, writer, workshop leader, test administrator and support group founder, I cheerfully volunteer as your guide’. USA.
  • Home Education in the UK
    2016; Helen E Lees. ‘Home education in the UK is dominated by interpretations of education law. On the one hand it seems this is a permissive place to conduct home education yet, on the other hand, vague interpretations of the law lead to confusions, ignorance and problems. Home education in the UK flourishes not because of the law, but despite it’. UK.
  • Homeschooling Review March 2015
    2015; Ministry of Education. ‘The report covers issues raised regarding : the application process, access to resources, special education, funding, ERO, Qualifications and Te Kura, complaints and revocation process and statutory declarations’. New Zealand.
  • Updated ! Home Schooling in Canada : The Current Picture 2015
    2015; Fraser Institute. ‘Surveys the academic literature for recent contributions on home-school research and updates the status of home schooling in Canada. The story of home schooling in Canada, particularly since the last edition of this paper, is a story of growth : growth in the research, growth in regulation, and growth in enrolments’. Canada.
  • Online Homeschooling : An Alternative to Traditional High School
    Penn Foster High School. ‘Penn Foster High School, founded in 1956, is an accredited, private online high school licensed by the Pennsylvania State Board of Private Licensed Schools’. This is not a free service, but an interesting alternative. USA.
  • Research Facts on Homeschooling
    2015; Brian D Ray. ‘This article describes the following findings regarding home education : [1] General facts and trends regarding homeschooling; [2] Reasons for home educating; [3] Academic performance comparisons between institutionally-schooled and home-educated students; [4] Social, emotional, and psychological development; [5] Gender differences in children who are home educated; and [6] Success in the “Real World” of adulthood’. USA.
  • The Legal Situation of Home Education in Europe
    2017; Henk Blok, Michael S Merry, Sjoerd Karsten. ‘The story of home education in Europe is a complex one. Educational systems, including those elements related to home education are constantly changing. In our closing discussions, we put forward some general principles and objectives that governments might consider when further developing legislation and regulations with respect to home education’. Europe.
  • Why You Shouldn’t Trust Homeschooling Statistics
    2017; Kathy Ceceri. ‘When arguing the pros and cons of any issue, it’s usually helpful to have agreed-upon facts on hand. Unfortunately, when it comes to homeschooling, there are very few reliable studies and statistics available. Here are a few of the reasons you should take any facts and figures you see regarding homeschooling - good or bad - with a grain of salt’. Also has links to related research in this area. USA.

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Other Information

Beginning Homeschooling

  • 10 Tips for New Homeschoolers
    Common sense thoughts. Hubpages.
  • Definitive Guide To Homeschooling
    While this is from the UK, there is a lot of common sense and thought involved in this article. Use what is relevant to help if you are considering homeschooling.
  • Design Your Homeschool Approach
    ‘I am not here to sell you homeschool curriculum or push a certain approach, but to help you discover what will work in your family’. Australian.
  • Essential Facts For Homeschooling Australia
    ‘Find information here for general information on homeschooling Australia; where to look for information to start homeschooling in Australia; homeschooling Australia’s legal requirements - states and territories; and homeschooling support groups in Australia’.
  • Guide to Homeschooling
    What it is, why homeschool, legal status, advantages and disadvantages, whether it is right for you and your child, getting started, curriculum, teaching approach, keeping records, will there be tests ?, and other resources.
  • Home School FAQs
    ‘How do I start homeschooling ?’ to ‘How do I cope with the stress of home schooling ?’. Links to other material and information.
  • Homeschooling In Australia :
    “Where Do I Begin ?”. Short article, links to further information.
  • How to Start Home Schooling
    Canadian Homeschooling Supply. Common sense thoughts.
  • Is Homeschool for You ?
    ‘Making the decision to homeschool is usually very difficult and not one to be taken lightly. It is a personal decision that I can’t make for you, but maybe I can help in the thought process’.
  • Kidica : Home Schooling
    Information, articles, links to resources and curriculum, especially for those considering homeschooling. Canada.
  • Practical Advice for New Homeschoolers
    Homeschool Central. USA.
  • The Real Pros And Cons Of Homeschooling
    Stay at Home Mum. Australian perspective. ‘Homeschooling, it’s certainly not the route for everyone in the journey towards educating the next generation of Australians, yet it is undoubtedly growing in popularity. So you might be wondering, what exactly are the benefits to homeschooling, and is it something you should consider for your own children ?’


Blogs from Australia and the world on homeschooling. We have concentrated on those from Australia. A number have a strong, religious ethos.


  • An Everyday Story
    ‘I now homeschool our two children inspired by the Reggio Emilia Approach and Project-Based Homeschooling’. Lots of eminently sensible advice, especially regarding resources.
  • AussieHomeschool Blog
    ‘To unite Australian homeschoolers regardless of differing ages, schedules, methods, curricula, locations or preferences’.
  • Our Aussie Homeschool
    ‘Living & Learning in Australia. Homeschooling can be hard, but you aren’t alone’ !
  • Aussie Pumpkin Patch
    Ideas, book lists, shop, links to other homeschooling resources, recipes and more.
  • Bruggie Tales
    ‘Tales of an Australian Homeschooling family since 2003’.
  • Every Bed of Roses
    ‘Passionate about supporting and encouraging homeschoolers, homeschooling and books as well as great encouraging fellowship. I homeschool in Victoria Australia where there are legal requirements to home educate’.
  • Hedjumacation
    Lots of helpful information and support from a long-time homeschooler from the ACT.
  • Home School Blogs
    ‘Here is a list of Australian home educating blogs. If you’d like to recommend one to be listed on this page or if you’d like to share your own blog, email with a link and short introduction’. Home Education Association.
  • Our Worldwide Classroom
    ‘Our world is full of fun, cheekiness and learning’.
  • Seven Little Australians and Counting
    From an Australian homeschooling mother who has been blogging for a number of years.



For all educational journals, see the Education Journals page.

  • Home School Enrichment
    ‘Homeschool help for encouragement, family relationships, teaching ideas, getting it all done, starting homeschooling, homeschool high school, early learning, special needs’.
  • Homeschool Unschool Australia
    Free weekly [online] newsletter, or subscribe to a print version.
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  • Homeschool World
    ‘The official web site of “Practical Homeschooling Magazine”. Articles, forum and more. Fee-based US magazine.
  • Mulberry Magazine
    ‘The Australian digital magazine for homeschooling and unschooling families’. Small fee for access.
  • The Old School House
    Online magazine with information, sites of interest, contacts and equipment suppliers. Select via “Magazine” in the top menu. USA.

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Other Sites

  • Answers to Objections to Home Schooling
    USA. 2000 article looking at the main objections to homeschooling and responses to these.
  • A to Z Home’s Cool [Homeschool]
    Articles, information guides, beginning to home school, regional and world wide support, more. Extensive, high quality. USA.
  • Discovery K-12
    ‘We have an online homeschool curriculum that’s free for Pre-K to 12th grade. We currently have 90 000 students around the world using it’. Student accounts are free. Parent/Teacher accounts are not but are very reasonable, US$99.00 per year at time of inclusion. USA.
  • Updated ! Home School
    ‘Your virtual home school’. Getting started, online courses, resource guide, articles, materials/equipment, newsletter, monthly lessons.
  • Homeschooling - International Status and Statistics
    ‘Homeschooling is legal in many countries. Some countries have highly regulated home education programs as an extension of the compulsory school system; others have outlawed it entirely. In other countries, while not restricted by law, homeschooling is not socially acceptable or considered undesirable and is virtually non-existent’. Wikipedia.
  • Home School Zone
    News, articles, links, bible activities, reading methods and project ideas are among the areas.
  • How to Homeschool
    American site which has a range of sections from Is Homeschooling for You ? to Getting Started, Know Your Child, Before You Begin, Managing Problems and Making Transitions. While allowing for specific American requirements there is much sense to be found.
  • Let’s Homeschool
    ‘Offers articles on a variety of curriculum, homeschool ideas, statistics and more. Includes how-to articles, informative articles, and other homeschool issues’.
  • Webrings
    Enter “Homeschooling” [use one word format]. There are multiple web rings [25+ at last count] with descriptors and site numbers for each.

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