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Learning Theories

Many Learning Theories have been developed over a long period of time, though a majority of those now in use have arisen in the last century or so.

These theories apply to many different levels of educational learning.

Several theories and theorists stand out among this group, many for quite different reasons. Not all theories or theorists are covered on this page.

This page covers major theorists and their theories. Information includes biographies, information, further sources and an increasing number of videos.

For information on Learning & Teaching Styles, related methods and further information, go to this page.

A - H

Bandura, Albert

Bandura and his Social Cognitive Theory.

Bloom’s Taxonomy


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De Bono, Edward

Edward De Bono and lateral & creative thinking.

Dewey, John

Educational Theories

Videos, of varying lengths, freely available online from a number of sources. Specific videos included with some individual topics on this page.

Emilia, Reggio

An approach rather than an individual’s theory.

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Erikson, Erik

Information on the theorist and the Socioemotional Development Theory.

Freire, Paulo

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Froebel, Friedrich

Created the concept of Kindergarten, its name, and had further input into the foundation of modern education.

Gardner, Howard

See additional information on Multiple Intelligences on the Learning & Teaching Styles page.

Gestalt Theory

Gregorc, Anthony F.

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Kolb, David

Maslow, Abraham


Piaget, Jean

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Q - Z

Skinner, B.F.

Spearman, Charles

Steiner, Rudolf

Steiner and his theories, as demonstrated through implementation in Waldorf Schools.

Vygotsky, Lev

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Other Information

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