Online education has been seen as an area available to those unable to access full-time education. Technology developments have added the use of email, web-based presentations and more. It is possible to use it for a single learning unit through to a full education load. In some instances it is even possible to undertake practical activities online.

It now allows you to choose where and when you study/complete work, even to study from overseas. It can be done in conjunction with full-time employment, managing a family, running a business ... . It can be used for professional or personal reasons. You can even select individual course units from a number of sources [e.g. MOOCs].

In previous years, this form of study was called either external studies or distance education, with the latter term still being used by many groups.

Online education is provided by most universities, some colleges and all government school systems. Numerous universities now provide “Open Courseware” online, free to all who are interested.

You must decide if you are suited to this method of learning and realise online education has both positive and negative aspects. Getting Started - Open Universities Australia provides basic information regarding how the process works.

Similar sites include Advantages & Disadvantages of Distance Learning [Oxford Learning College], The pros and cons of online learning and a Guide to Starting Your Online Education.

In one online book titled The Ultimate Guide to Online Education, chapters cover specific aspects such as - What is Online Education ?, Understanding Online Learning Terms, The Pros and Cons of Online Education plus another 7 areas. The creators indicate the “guide is meant to serve as the ultimate resource for online education as it is today”. While US based, the sections apply worldwide and are worth reading before starting any online/distance education course.

This page looks at online education programs in Australia. These cover schools [Distance Education, School of the Air], universities and vocational areas.



  • Distance Education - ACT
    ‘We are committed to providing quality education to all ACT students. We understand that a regular school setting may not, at times, suit an individual student. Applying for Distance Education when you live in NSW and your child attends an ACT school -> NSW resident applicants should contact the relevant NSW Distance Education centre directly. Enquiries about accessing the Distance Education program should be directed to or by calling :

     - [02] 6142 3751’.


  • Learn, anywhere : ICT for students - Education
    ‘Our students expect reliable access to learning from wherever they are and whenever they need it; They expect to : access real-world learning platforms that are easy to use and familiar to them, so they can learn, create, communicate and collaborate from anywhere; connect to reliable high-speed internet, so they are connected to learning, their teachers and each other as a learning community; and use their own personal device of choice, so their access to learning is personalised and follows them wherever they go’.
  • Study Online - Canberra Institute of Technology
    ‘An increasing number of CIT’s courses include subjects or components that can be studied fully or partially online. Check the course details to find out whether the course you are interested in has online or off-campus components’.
  • See the Individual Centres listing in the Australian Information section below for other non-government online education sites.


  • Access Program
    ‘Provides a shared curriculum for senior secondary students across five clusters of isolated schools. Small groups of students interact with each other and their teacher through videoconferencing and collaborative technologies. This enables rural students to complete their secondary education at their local school with the support of their community - without having to live away from home. You can also view an Access network map’ showing where these are.
  • DART Learning
    ‘DART Learning is a service provided by the New South Wales Department of Education. We offer teachers, parents and students incredible educational virtual excursions. Our virtual excursions are presented in collaboration with museums, galleries, research institutes, scientists, writers, athletes, artists, educational organisations, musicians, zoos and many more’.
  • Distance Education
    ‘Guidance on the distance education provision in NSW schools. Covers - What is distance education ?; Eligibility; Distance education schools [contact details included]; and Further information and enquiries. The Rural and Distance Education Office can be contacted via email at for enrolment enquiries. The enrolment procedures can be found at Distance Education Enrolment Procedures [PDF 346 KB]. Information for supervisors can be found in the Student Supervisor document [PDF 1 242 KB)]’.
  • Distance Education Centres
    Preschool to Secondary plus a Support Unit. Distance education centres are located across NSW and have designated intake areas. Several centres are listed below.
  • Aurora College
    ‘Aurora College started as the state’s virtual selective school servicing rural and remote students in 2015, but has grown to encompass a non-selective Stage 6 cohort, as well as a selective opportunity class cohort for Years 5 and 6 students. The aim is to allow students to enjoy a depth of study that was previously only available in metropolitan areas or boarding schools. Lessons are delivered online synchronously to students in their school, by teachers in similar settings. Residential Camps are held twice yearly to deliver practical lessons, specialist excursions and provide social opportunities for students to meet their peers. You can also find information about learning at different school levels’.
  • Bourke-Walgett School of Distance Education
    ‘Isolated yet educated. Our school offers exemplary educational programs to families who meet the criteria of Distance Education’.
  • Broken Hill and Hay [New South Wales - School of the Air]
    ‘School of the Air provides isolated children the opportunity to obtain an outstanding education. The success of our school is due to the unity and common goal of the whole school community. This approach continues to maintain the uniqueness that is School of the Air’.
  • Camden Haven High School
    ‘Our school uniquely offers both face-to-face and distance learning for students from the Central Coast to Coffs Harbour and inland to Armidale, as well as Lord Howe Island’.
  • Distance Education Preschool
    ‘NSW Distance Education Preschool is a state-wide provision that provides educational programs and support for geographically isolated children the year before they start Kindergarten’. Find information on The Preschool program, Attendance and Enrolling in a distance education preschool.
  • Dubbo School of Distance Education
    ‘Dubbo School of Distance Education provides distance education programs for students who are resident in NSW, who are isolated, or whose special circumstances prevent them from attending school on a regular basis. We also offer a variety of single course subjects to students whose home school does not provide such courses’.
  • Finigan School of Distance Education
    ‘Finigan School of Distance Education [FSDE] commenced operation at the start of the 2019 school year. FSDE is a purpose built K-12 distance education school located in Queanbeyan NSW. The school commenced with 97 full-time equivalent teaching staff and 1 000 enrolments. Our school continues the legacy of Walter Finigan, the first Principal of a distance education school in NSW [The Correspondence School]’.
  • NSW School of Languages
    ‘Learn locally. Communicate globally. Welcome to NSW School of Languages, the only school in the state to offer the opportunity to study one or more of 12 languages to students in Years 9 to 12 from all education sectors’.
  • Sir Eric Woodward School
    ‘The Distance Education Support Unit [DESU] is a unique state-wide service catering for students with a moderate or severe intellectual disability and other complex needs from Pre-school to Year 12. Teachers at the DESU bring special education training and wide-ranging experience, along with shared expertise to the teaching of their students. They work as part of a dynamic team with students, parents, tutors and government and community agencies to address personalised learning needs’.
  • Sydney Distance Education High School
    ‘Sydney Distance Education High School is a public school committed to excellence and equity in distance education. The Sydney Distance Education 2023-2026 Strategic Improvement Plan continues to focus on engaging students in their learning and strengthening our learning community. Students are supported, safe and valued as they enhance personal resilience and achieve success. Our school plan includes a focus on student growth and attainment within a culture of high academic expectations’.


  • Australian Christian College - Distance Education
    ‘Distance Education at Australian Christian College is a natural extension of our vision for a quality education. Our DE students learn through the internet at home, in their performing arts studio, or even on the golf course. We are the largest provider of non-government F-12 education in Australia’ covering all states and territories except ACT, Northern Territory and South Australia. Schools in NSW are based in Singleton, Medowie, Brightwaters and Marsden Park. Check the above site for further details.
  • NEGS Distance Education Program
    ‘NEGS Online allows students from any location in Australia to participate and interact with teachers and fellow peers, with worksheets and information uploaded through specialised software. As the first Independent School to offer Distance Education via this model, the program ensures distance is no longer a barrier to quality education’.
  • TAFE Digital
    ‘TAFE Digital offers a wide range of nationally recognised, online study options across a range of modern industries. You can study online and enjoy flexible learning to fit your lifestyle, with our online short courses, certificates, diplomas and degrees’. Explore Course areas or use the Find an online course option to find courses.
  • TAFE Statement in HSC Studies
    ‘This course is currently available at 2 campus locations across NSW and online. Register Interest’ in taking up the program. Click on the Find a location to enrol to access these. A Course Enquiry Form provides an opportunity ‘to request further information about the TAFE Statement in HSC Studies’.
  • Study online [University of New England]
    ‘At the University of New England, we know it takes more than being online to be a great online university. It takes time and a lifetime’s experience. We pioneered distance education for working adults back in the 1950s and we’ve been perfecting it ever since. As Australia’s second-largest online university, our mission is to help busy adults become future fit in response to a rapidly changing world’.
  • See the Individual Centres listing in the Australian Information section below for other non-government online education sites.

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  • Alice Springs School of the Air
    ‘Alice Springs School of the Air offers a wide range of educational services and activities to isolated school children from Pre-school to Year 9, in Central Australia and across the world’.
  • Katherine Centre
    ‘KSA offers a wide range of education services and learning programs for students from Preschool to Year 9 in the top end of the Northern Territory including the islands off the NT coast, Western Australia near the NT border as well as NT residents who are temporarily travelling or working interstate and overseas. KSA caters for a diverse range of family circumstances including geographical isolation, travelling, flexible learning arrangement and students with medical conditions’.
  • Northern Territory School of Distance Education
    ‘We provide senior secondary education, via distance, to NT students in Years 10, 11 and 12. Our teaching and learning programs use a blended delivery model that incorporates online courses, weekly video conferencing lessons and regular support via phone, email and contact visits either to your home location or at NTSDE’.
  • Northern Territory School of Distance Education Careers
    The NTSDE also ‘aim to provide you with all the latest information that will help you make decisions about your future career and your life beyond school. You can use this site to locate University, TAFE and any other type of course across Australia, get information about the NTCET and SACE, search for job vacancies and much more. Feel free to drop into the Careers Office if you have any questions’.


  • Charles Darwin University
    ‘Charles Darwin University is a dual-sector university which means we offer both Vocational Education and Training courses and Higher Education courses. We also offers short courses and enabling courses to get you back into the swing of studying. At CDU, you’ll have the flexibility to study your way online, on campus, full time or part-time’.
  • See the Distance Education in Australia link in the Australian Information/Individual Centres listing below for other non-government online education sites.


  • Distance Education
    ‘We provide distance education services through 7 state schools of distance education which were established to provide a schooling service to geographically isolated and other home-based students with limited educational choice. Additionally, schools of distance education provide services to enhance learning opportunities by offering wider subject choice for mainstream school students and providing a service for by choice home-based learners and students in a range of alternative education centres’. The site includes a brief overview of Distance Education plus links to each of Distance Education Enrolment and Fees Procedure document, information about the Distance Education ICT Subsidy Scheme and information about the Distance Education History in Queensland. It also has details for each of the Schools of Distance Education, links for which are provided below.
  • Queensland Virtual STEM Academy
    ‘The Queensland Virtual STEM Academy [QVSA] will engage highly capable Year 5 to Year 9 students from across Queensland in innovative virtual STEM learning. Classes are delivered through an innovative, real time, online learning platform during school hours from schools across regions. The QVSA delivers enrichmment and extension programs focusing on current, real world science, technology, engineering and mathematical challenges and research’.
  • Resources for Parents
    Includes a wide range of information including the Partners in Learning Program specifically for those using the Schools of Distance Education program. Many other links and resources would also prove useful.
  • Rural and Remote Education
    Covers ‘financial assistance and extra services, schools of distance education [including links], Boarding schools, Financial support and Parent support’.


  • Australian Christian College, [Moreton, Qld.]
    ‘ACC’s Online Distance Education School is a legitimate option with qualified teacher support, registered curriculum and university pathways. Our team of university-qualified and experienced teachers stretch, challenge and grow our students’ academic abilities using technology solutions from the likes of Google for Education, Apple and Khan Academy. We are the largest provider of non-government F-12 education in Australia’, covering all states and territories except ACT, Northern Territory and South Australia’. The school in Queensland is based in Moreton. Check the above site for further details.
  • Empowering Education & Inspiring Futures - Faith Christian School
    ‘Faith Christian School of DE provides quality programs, online lessons, camps, workshops, learning support and resources to distance education students across Queensland’.
  • ICPADistance Education
    ‘ICPA Qld lobby to ensure the delivery of the best possible educational service to students who do not have daily face to face contact with their teacher’.
  • Jubilee Christian College - Distance Education
    ‘For over 20 years, Jubilee Christian College has been providing distance education to families across Queensland. We offer a seamless education from Prep to Year 12, working under the Australian Curriculum’.
  • Online Learning TAFE Queensland
    ‘Studying with TAFE Queensland Online gives you access to TAFE Queensland’s huge range of nationally-recognised qualifications with the flexibility and freedom to study anywhere, any time. Information for … ; Why study with us; Study areas; How it works; Payment options’. The Search online courses gives you the option to see what is available and would suit your interests and ability.
  • Riverside Christian College Distance Education
    Enrolment information; Curriculum; News and Events; Student Area; Tutor Tips; Extra Information. Based in Maryborough, Queensland. Can be accessed by interstate and international students. ‘For multiple reasons you may be considering a learning program for your children from home. Riverside Christian College Distance Education has the expertise and experience to provide you with all of the resources necessary’.
  • See the Distance Education in Australia link in the Australian Information/Individual Centres listing below for other non-government online education sites.

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  • External Education ‘Students unable to regularly attend school may be eligible to access an external education program, or online learning to participate in particular studies not available at their current school’. Overview, links [including to some below].
  • Open Access College
    South Australia. ‘About OAC; Wellbeing; Enrolment Criteria; Curriculum; Students; Schools; Parents; History of Open Access College; Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islanders Community; Videos; more’. Two campuses : Marden Campus - catering for students from Reception to Year 12 and adults and also Port Augusta Campus - catering for Reception to Year 7 students who are geographically remote. Be sure to check the page with Information for Parents. ‘Learn more about our students by downloading the publications Student Stories and Celebrating our Students from the “Documents and Downloads” section of this page’.
  • Port Augusta Campus
    ‘Catering for Reception to Year 7 geographically remote students. Learn more by visiting the SOTA section of this website : SOTA homepage’.


  • TAFE SA - Online Courses
    ‘Studying with TAFE SA online gives you access to TAFE SA’s huge range of nationally recognised qualifications with the flexibility and freedom to study a qualification or short course in your own space, at your own pace. It gives you access to TAFE SA’s huge range of resources and the freedom to study anywhere, any time’.
  • UniSA Online - University of South Australia
    ‘Study 100% Online Degrees; Check your eligibility; Quick links; Why study with UniSA Online ?’ plus a range of additional information.
  • See the Distance Education in Australia link in the Australian Information/Individual Centres listing below for other non-government online education sites.



  • Australian Christian College - Distance Education
    ‘Distance Education at Australian Christian College is a natural extension of our vision for a quality education. Our DE students learn through the internet at home, in their performing arts studio, or even on the golf course. We are the largest provider of non-government F-12 education in Australia’ covering all states and territories except ACT, Northern Territory and South Australia. Schools in Tasmania are based in Burnie, Hobart and Launceston. Check the above site for further details.
  • TasTAFE Online Courses
    ‘We have over 200 courses on offer and provide training on campus, in the workplace, in the community and online. Browse by industry and select the one[s] that suit you.’.
  • Online Courses - University of Tasmania
    ‘If you are unable to relocate to study with us or cannot make it onto campus, you can still be inspired and informed by the best of Tasmania. From short courses to undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, access our island campus through a growing number of online courses’.
  • See the Distance Education in Australia link in the Australian Information/Individual Centres listing below for other non-government online education sites.


  • Virtual School Victoria
    ‘Virtual School Victoria is one of the largest State Government schools in Victoria. Previously known as Distance Education Centre Victoria, our history dates back to 1909’. Specific areas include :
  • Enrolment Information
    Covers multiple sections including personal and technical requirements, e.g. ‘Enrolment at VSV is subject to Department of Education and Training guidelines and is only available to Victorian residents. It also includes a minimum enrolment period, requires proof of age’ and more.
  • Parents and Supervisors Information
    ‘Information on this page can help parents, carers and school supervisors support students to achieve success while they study with VSV’.
  • Student Information
    ‘We provide flexible learning opportunities to diverse and unique Victorian students – from Foundation to Year 12. We foster a safe, engaging and inclusive learning environment by coupling state-of-the-art technology with innovative and adaptive teaching practices’.
  • Subject Information
    ‘We offer one of the largest ranges of subjects of any school in Victoria, from Foundation to Year 12. Find out about the subjects offered by VSV, including individual subject requirements. This information will help you select your subjects. New subjects for 2023’ are also listed.
  • School Strategic Plan 2019-2022
    Download this document using the link above [PDF]. You may also be interested in the 2023 Annual Implementation Plan for improving student outcomes. You can find a significant number of documents on Our Policies page. These range from Handbooks to policies and statements of intent.
  • Virtual Learning - Pedagogical Model
    ‘The Virtual School Victoria Pedagogical Model for Virtual Learning was developed at VSV by Instructional Leaders, representatives from the VSV Executive Leadership team with support from sub-school leadership’.


  • Australian Christian College - Distance Education
    ‘Distance Education at Australian Christian College is a natural extension of our vision for a quality education. Our DE students learn through the internet at home, in their performing arts studio, or even on the golf course. We are the largest provider of non-government F-12 education in Australia’ covering all states and territories except ACT, Northern Territory and South Australia. Schools are found in Victoria in Hume and Casey. Check the above site for further details.
    The home of GoTafe. From here you can access a range of information about online learning and courses via the following, as well as other, pages :
  • Current Students
    ‘Your central hub to access all the online learning tools and resources you need while studying at GOTAFE’.
  • How to Apply
    ‘There are a number of ways you can apply for a course at GOTAFE. Most of our courses are available for online or in-person application and enrolment, and we also have a selection of courses available for application through VTAC. If you’re planning to study an Apprenticeship, you’ll need to find an employer before you can apply. Find out more about our application processes below’.
  • Online Campus
    ‘Some GOTAFE courses are delivered completely online, whereas others involve a combination of on-campus and online learning. GOTAFE uses several learning tools as part of our online campus. Learning is made easy with GOTAFE’s primary online learning portal – goLearn’.
  • Online Service Standards
    ‘GOTAFE is committed to providing a quality learning experience for students studying online. These online service standards explain our commitment to students in key areas’.
  • Victoria’s First Private Online School - Haileybury Pangea
    ‘Haileybury Pangea adopts the successful approach of Haileybury and its 130-year legacy of educational excellence to provide an engaging, online learning environment that enables passionate and self-motivated students in Years 5 -12 to accelerate their learning, wherever they may be located. Haileybury Pangea is education structured to suit you. Choose to enrol as a full-time online school student or commit to specific subjects that further enhance your Victorian Certificate of Education [VCE] and feed your particular passions and interests. The choice is yours’.
  • See the Distance Education in Australia link in the Australian Information/Individual Centres listing below for other non-government online education sites.


  • Distance Education
    ‘Distance education provides a range of study options to families with children who, for various reasons, can’t physically attend school. Whether studying through the School of Isolated and Distance Education or one of our five Schools of the Air, children have access to the same learning opportunities and follow the same Western Australian curriculum, as those attending full time school’. Brief overview and links to those items listed below.
  • SIDE
    ‘SIDE is a unique K-12 online public school based in Leederville, a suburb of Perth. Site sections include - About; K-6 Primary; 7-12 Enrolment; 7-12 Curriculum; E-learning; Quick Links’ The SIDE K-6 Primary School section is found here. Sections include Introduction - Welcome to Primary K-6; A Guide to SIDE Primary K-6; Enrolment; Curriculum; Parent Information; and Student Achievements. There is also a link to the A Guide to SIDE - 7-12 Enrolment.
  • School of The Air centres are listed below.


  • Australian Christian College - Distance Education
    ‘Distance Education at Australian Christian College is a natural extension of our vision for a quality education. Our DE students learn through the internet at home, in their performing arts studio, or even on the golf course. We are the largest provider of non-government F-12 education in Australia’ covering all states and territories except ACT, Northern Territory and South Australia. Schools are found in Western Australia in Darling Downs and Southlands. Check the above site for further details.
  • Swan Christian College
    This college has an online sector called Swanonline. As they indicate - ‘In today’s online world, the classroom can be wherever an internet connection is available. Swanonline welcomes students from Year 7-12 and offers an excellent alternative pathway for students and families who find a traditional school model does not suit their situation or lifestyle’.
  • TAFE Admissions - Online Courses
    Some of the TAFE colleges in Western Australia offer external or online options for a number of courses. These are listed on this page. Read the details carefully as some suggest the online component is only one part of the total requirement.
  • See the Distance Education in Australia link in the Australian Information/Individual Centres listing below for other non-government online education sites.

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  • Australasian Association of Distance Education Schools [AADES]
    ‘AADES is the peak professional organisation in Australasia representing school level distance education’.
  • Australasian Council on Open, Distance and E-Learning [ACODE]
    ‘The Australasian Council on Open, Distance and e-Learning [ACODE] is the peak Australasian organisation for universities engaged or interested in technology enhanced learning and teaching’.
  • Best-Rated Online Universities in Australia 2022 [Canstar Blue]
    ‘Canstar Blue surveyed more than 560 current students and graduates of the past 10 years to find which online universities students rate the best in Australia. There are a lot of university ratings out there, but we wanted to take a different approach by asking students to rate their online university on a range of factors that were important to them and to understand how satisfied they were overall with their university experience’. Interesting results from what appears to be a fairly strong reviewing process.
  • Distance and Online Education [Austudy - Services Australia]
    ‘If you study by distance education, you need to do an approved course with an approved education provider’. Covers Distance education and eligibility; Study loads; Submissions of assignments; other points. A link at the bottom takes you to information on how much financial support you can expect through Austudy.
  • Getting advice [Open Universities Australia]
    ‘Reach out to us for support and recommendations. We have experience and connections to help you find your study path and stay on track. Includes areas such as Student advisors; Student counselling; How to make a counselling appointment; Advice about your uni subjects and degree’.
  • How to Succeed in an Online Class Tips
    ‘Studying online is convenient and saves time because you can study at home or from work. But it is demanding in other ways. You need to be especially disciplined and organised. But achieving success has its challenges and that’s where these top 5 tips come in’.


  • 7 Time Management Tips for Online Students
    ‘The better you manage your time, the easier it is to achieve your goals. Everyone has the same 24 hours in a day, meaning, it’s not about how much time you have, but how well you can manage it’.
  • 8 Tips for Effective Online Learning - Coursera Blog
    Information which is brief but straight forward, while addressing the 8 perceived most important things to do.
  • eLearning Best Practices
    ‘Anything you need to know about eLearning best practices. Tips, advice and valuable resources written by eLearning experts. Find out more … ’. Extensive list of articles covering every aspect. Select ones you feel you need.
  • How to Study Online : 16 Tips & Tricks [E-Student]
    ‘Learn how to study online like a pro with these e-learning tips and tricks’.
  • Online Student’s Manual for Success
    ‘The following guide helps future and new online college students avoid common pitfalls, improve academic performance, manage their stress and time effectively and find valuable resources’.
  • Tips for Successful Online Learning
    ‘In this collection of online learning best practices, we share tips and strategies to help you succeed in your learning journey, including ways to : Keep your mind and body healthy; Effectively manage your time and minimise distractions; Forge connections with your virtual learning community; Get the most out of your learning; and Conquer logistics’.
  • Tips for How to Succeed as an Online Student [Harvard Extension School
    ‘According to Kimberly Parke, director of admissions at Harvard Extension School, success as a distance education student requires - first and foremost - grit. Parke offers 10 tips to help you bring your best self to the table each semester’.


  • Accellier Education
    ‘Accellier is the trading name of SAVE Training Pty Ltd and is a Registered Training Organisation [RTO 32395] that offers a range of nationally recognised courses in education and business Australia wide through our online and face to face courses’.
  • Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine
    ‘Held across Australia and online, our world-class courses provide Rural Generalists with the confidence and skills to deliver exceptional care to their communities’.
  • Australian Online Institute [AOI]
    ‘A dynamically growing educational provider that offers a variety of courses in the Creative Arts Industry and Travel and Tourism’.
  • Chifley Business School
    ‘Combining the industry recognition of Chifley with Torrens’ flexible and modern approach to higher learning, graduates will enjoy a clear advantage in their professional development through courses designed by leaders across several sectors’.
  • Distance Education in Australia
    Compiled by a homeschooler who has collated ‘a listing of Distance Education providers in Australia, per state. You can learn more about Distance Education by visiting the Distance Education – is it your answer to the Traditional School v Homeschool conundrum ? here’. The lists include both Public and Private school options.
  • ECA Maritime College
    ‘We are totally online, except for your Practical Assessment – this still needs to be completed face-to-face. All enrolments, interviews, meetings, classes and written exams are now online’.
  • Health Academy Australia
    ‘Offering Courses in Nutrition, Natural Health, Psychology, Biological sciences and Counselling for the past 12 years. Health Courses Australia offers online courses in Aged Care, Health Care, Counselling, Psychology, Natural Health, Nutrition, Fitness and Biology Short Courses’.
  • National Real Estate Learning [NREL] - Courses Online
    ‘NREL’s online learning platform is a 21st century way of meeting the needs of people who are looking to start a real estate career, or up-skill their current qualifications to further their real estate employment prospects. It delivers online real estate training in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria’.
  • Online and Distance Education [Study in Australia]
    ‘Advances in information technology have led to the expansion of distance education opportunities in Australia. A wide selection of Australian qualifications can now be completed from the convenience of your own home’. Everything from what it is through to entry requirements.
  • Open Colleges
    ‘Open Colleges offers a variety of flexible online courses. So whether you want to follow a passion, take the next step in your career or start a completely new one, we have a course that can give you the skills and confidence to succeed’.
  • Upskilled Australia
    Online courses in multiple areas [see front page] in addition to their onsite and centre based courses. ‘Gain access to a fully customised online learning portal for learning materials, communication tools and assessments. Online courses that upskill you for a career you’ll love !’


  • Career FAQs
    ‘Nationally recognised, accredited online university and vocational education courses from leading Australian distance education specialists. Career FAQs also offers an extensive range of valuable online career resources’. Note the Popular Searches listing on the home page which contains a number of online courses.
  • CourseFinder
    ‘We’re pleased to feature courses from Australia’s best Universities, Colleges, TAFEs and private colleges. Why study online ? Aside from being the fastest growing area of tertiary study today, by studying when and where you want, you can fit study around your lifestyle. With your new qualifications you can finally secure that important promotion, pursue your dream job or simply gain new skills to fulfil your personal and professional goals’.
  • Courses Australia []
    Browse ‘courses by industry or qualification level; Learn about government funding; Explore Careers; Browse by location’. Be sure to check the Government Funding section to confirm what assistance is/is not available.
  • Online Courses Australia
    ‘OCA offers the ultimate short course learning experience in Australia. Choose from dozens of courses. We offer exceptional value, flexible access and online support’. Check the Frequently Asked Questions page for help.
  • Open Culture - 700 Free Online Courses from Top Universities
    ‘Take online courses from the world’s top universities for free. Below, you will find 1 700 free online courses from universities like Yale, MIT, Harvard, Oxford and more. Our site also features collections of Online Certificate Programs and Online Degree & Mini-Degree Programs’.
  • SEEK Learning
    ‘With over 5 700 courses from all Australian TAFEs, universities and leading registered training organisations, we’ve got your course options covered. Links to a wide range of course providers for these’. Be aware, not all listed courses are available online.
  • StudySelect
    ‘Select Industry; Course by study type; Course Providers; Career Advice’. From universities, TAFEs and Colleges.
  • TAFE Courses
    ‘Start your search with our Course Navigator. Get a personalised list of courses in under 30 seconds. Thousands of courses from Australia’s most trusted educators. We’ve matched over 500 000 students with their perfect course’.
    ‘Australia’s no. 1 TAFE & University courses website. Courses from Australia’s Best TAFEs, Universities & Education Providers’. You can check their Distance Education courses in detail here.
  • U3A Online
    ‘U3A Online is the world-first virtual U3A [University of the Third Age] operating exclusively online. U3A Online provides short courses for older people who enjoy learning but prefer the freedom to study where and when they choose. Our courses are open to all older people, or younger disabled people, anywhere in the world’.


Only limited examples of online education from universities in Australia is provided here. If the university you wish to attend is not included go to them directly and initiate a search for what they may provide.

  • Providers that offer Commonwealth assistance [Study Assist]
    ‘To get a Commonwealth supported place [CSP] or a HELP loan, students must be enrolled with an approved Australian education provider. Approved providers are universities, approved private higher education providers and Open Universities Australia [OUA]. The following providers offer CSPs and/or HELP loans’. Be sure to consider the benefits of Commonwealth Assistance. Listed in state and territory groupings and covers a diverse range of career areas.
  • Charles Sturt University - Study Online
    ‘Studying an online degree allows you to work within your own time frame, wherever you may be. That is just one of the benefits of online education. We offer everything from short courses to bachelor’s and master’s degrees online, so you can study the way that suits you. At Charles Sturt University you can choose from hundreds of online courses available across 21 different career areas – all fully supported’. Courses, Options, Support, more.
  • Curtin University - Study your way, online
    ‘More than 121 000 students have studied online with Curtin. Here’s how you can get a university qualification, your way’.
  • Digital Campus [Griffith University]
    ‘Griffith’s thriving Digital campus provides a highly flexible, supportive environment for you to fit university into your life. The campus has more than 100 degrees available full-time or part-time, fully online or with on-campus hours mixed in. You’re in complete control of your learning - so you can shape your study experience to suit your needs. Experience a day in the life of a Digital Campus student’.
  • Deakin University - Study Online
    ‘Find what lights you up. Join 60 000+ students at Deakin, leader in online study and discover why we’re Victoria’s #1 university for educational experience’. Their page on How online study works covers all those areas you want to know about including Find your Course and How to apply plus much more.
  • Find your Fearless - Study Online [Flinders University]
    ‘It doesn’t matter when you decide to study, or where you’re based – Flinders online study means study your way, on your terms, from wherever you happen to be. Work commitments ? Family commitments ? With online study at Flinders you can find your fearless and balance your study with the rest of your life. And we’re there for you every step of the way’.
  • How online study works page provides access to information on how to Find your Course and How to Apply . Further information is available on the remainder of the page.
  • Monash Online
    ‘World-class online education. Embrace a new way to learn. Get in touch with a Monash course consultant about our online courses, or apply now to start your graduate study journey’. The Monash University Handbook may assist you with your options.
  • Online Graduate University Courses [Melbourne University]
    ‘100% online study will unlock your potential so you can thrive in a fast-changing world. Whether you’re looking to upskill, expand your knowledge or take the next step in your career, we offer a range of 100% online courses spanning graduate certificates, master’s degrees and micro-credentials’.
  • Online Study [Edith Cowan University]
    ‘At ECU we understand that everyone has different work arrangements, family responsibilities, locations or even learning styles. It’s why we offer loads of online courses to help you balance study with your other life. We also offer loads of support. Online study is delivered via our digital learning platform called Canvas. Your student email account is used for most correspondence, e.g. exam information or unit updates from course coordinators and tutors. If you’re not too far from an ECU campus, you can also access campus facilities and learning support services. If not, some support services can still be accessed online’.
  • Open Colleges Australia
    ‘We are now one of Australia’s leaders in online education. In the last decade alone, we have helped over 450 000 students gain the skills to launch, change or take the next step in their careers’.
  • Open Universities Australia
    ‘Explore online degrees, subjects and short courses. With over 980 degrees and 2 770+ subjects on offer, you have many study options to choose from. So, here are a few ways to explore degrees and subjects from leading Australian universities’.
  • Queensland University of Technology - Open Online Learning
    ‘Open online learning gives you access to online courses that are open to everyone, and most courses are free. You’ll be taught courses developed using QUT research and teaching expertise and become part of a worldwide community of learners’. Also available through Future Learn [‘a high quality global platform of courses offered by 117 partners’].
  • Study an online course at CDU
    Charles Darwin University. ‘At CDU, you can study more than 100 university courses 100% online. Any time, any place, any device. As an online learning specialist, we’re ready to support you with quality online study that fits your schedule’.
  • Studying Online with SCU
    ‘When you study online at SCU Online, you can create a tailored study timetable that fits around your schedule. SCU Online is for people with real lives and real ambition’.
  • Study with UNSW Online
    ‘Online Programs; Studying Online; How to apply’. As the Director of UNSW Online says - Studying online with UNSW is like studying at university in all respects other than you get to choose when you study and where you study. You may also like to check the UNSW - YouTube Channel for a wide range of information leading to a better understanding of the university.
  • Study Online - CQUniversity
    ‘With 40 plus years of experience delivering distance education, we’re one of Australia’s leading online study providers. Join our community of over 18 000 online students and benefit from teaching practices, learning platforms and support systems that are designed to make online study easier. Plus, with the biggest campus footprint across the country, when you need access, we’ve got more locations to help you connect’. Explore study areas, Find a course, Enjoy a personalised service, Get help when needed to help you succeed’.
  • Study Online - RMIT University
    ‘Change the way you think about studying. We have. The future of work starts here. Browse all courses and degrees, all of which are available online’.
  • Study Online with Australian Catholic University
    ‘Study Australian Catholic University courses, degrees and subjects online through Open Universities Australia and graduate with the same university qualifications as an on-campus student. Online courses, degrees and subjects’.
  • Swinburne Online
    ‘Thrive in an ever-changing world with Swinburne Online. With courses ranging from short Professional Development courses up to full Masters degrees, whatever your career aspirations we have the right course for you’.
  • University of New England
    ‘We pioneered distance education for working adults back in the 1950s. And we’ve been perfecting it ever since. Our mission is to help ordinary people ‘future-proof’ themselves in response to the rapidly changing world in which we live. We now have more than 18 000 online students studying over 150 online courses. We provide 24/7 tutor support and even our exams are online. It’s no wonder Online Study Australia ranks UNE as Australia’s best online university’.
  • University of Queensland
    ‘ When viewing your courses, make sure you check the Location and Attendance Mode. There are two primary modes of delivery for a course : in-person and external. In-person attendance indicates an in-person course that may incorporate some aspects of online delivery [e.g. online lectures, options for online tutorials, online assessment] but requires students to engage in in-person learning and/or assessment at a UQ campus or other location at some point. External attendance is delivered entirely online and does not require students to engage in any in-person learning’. However, you should also consider UQx - ‘The University of Queensland MOOCs. Browse free online courses in a variety of subjects. The University of Queensland courses found below can be audited free or students can choose to receive a verified certificate for a small fee. Select a course to learn more’.
  • University of South Australia - Online Study
    ‘Study Areas; How you’ll learn; We have a range of support services ready to help you with your studies, IT support, career advice, counselling and more; Apply at a time that suits you and start at one of 4 start dates each year; as well as Frequently Asked Questions for UNISA Online Students’.
  • University of Tasmania - Study Online
    ‘Choose from 100+ online courses including a growing range of short courses, undergraduate and postgraduate degrees and pathway programs into university. Study when and where it suits you with our dedicated and flexible online learning platform available 24/7’.
  • USyd Online
    ‘Get prepared to start your university studies online. From guides to setting up your study space to online clubs and programs, we have everything you need to stay social, supported and connected with the University community while you study from home’.
  • Western Sydney University Online
    ‘Explore the range of courses Western Sydney University Online has on offer. Access our range of support online or over the phone, seven days a week with extended hours. Speak to a Course Consultant on 1300 050 928 to discover the right study option for you’

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