Educational journals, primarily from Australia [and New Zealand] are listed in alphabetical order below. Australian journals are indicated with [AU] following the name of the journal or [AU +] where done jointly with other countries.

No summaries are provided for individual journals as it is believed they are either too well known, or their title indicates their content and provides adequate guidance for potential usage.

Most sites have archives going back over considerable periods of time.

Most journals included have either full or partial Open Access content. This may be either online, PDF or Word formats. A number of journals which do not yet provide open access have still been included. These are indicated with a term such as Purchase article[s] or Subscription required.

Some journals are listed as Transformative Journals [e.g. The Australian Educational Researcher]. This means it ‘is a subscription or hybrid journal that has committed to transitioning to fully OA – authors can choose between gold OA or subscription publication, based on their preferences, funder or institutional requirements, and APC funding availability’. [Springer].

In addition to the individual journals listing, links are provided which access larger collections of journals [Australian and International] than can be listed here. Even these may not cover all relevant educational journals online or in print at this time.

This page provides links to many education journals, with as many as possible Open Access and also to sites providing link collections for education journals. You may be able to access other education journals, or specific content, at no cost through other venues such as university and state libraries or internet-based connections.

Journal Information
AERA Open [INT] Current Issue, All Issues, Special Topic Collections, Open Access.
American Journal of Educational Research [INT] Current Issue, Archive, Full Text, ePub and PDF formats. Open Access.
Access [ASLA National Journal] [AU] Archives, Current Issue, Table of Contents, Subscription only.
Asia Pacific Education Review [INT] Transformative Journal, Institutional subscriptions, Open Access [to earlier entries], PDF, Volumes and issues.
Asia Pacific Journal of Education [INT] Abstracts, Archive, Open Access to earlier issues with ePub, Full Text, PDF formats.
Asia-Pacific Journal of Health, Sport and Physical Education [AU+] Abstracts, Archive, Open Access to earlier issues with ePub, Full Text, PDF formats.
Asia-Pacific Journal of Teacher Education [AU+]Current Issue, Archive, ePub, Full Text, Open Access, PDF format.
Australasian Journal of Early Childhood [AU] Abstracts, All Issues, Open Access to earlier issues with ePub, PDF formats. Subscription required for full access to latest issues.
Australasian Journal of Educational Technology [AU] Abstracts, Archive, Current Issue, Open Access, PDF format.
Australasian Journal of Gifted Education [AU] Article titles, All Issues. Printed versions of some earlier issues can be purchased. Subscription required for full access.
Australasian Journal of Special and Inclusive Education [AU] Non-members of AASE can purchase through Cambridge Core. ‘Logged-in members can view the journal online, download articles and search the archive of previously published issues’. Previously published [till 2017] and listed as the Australasian Journal of Special Education.
Australian and International Journal of Rural Education [AU] Current Issue, Archives, Open Access, PDF format, Three issues per year.
Australian Educational Computing [AU] Abstracts, Archive, MS Word [.doc], PDF formats.
It is with great regret that the ACCE Board has decided to pause the publication of Australian Educational Computing indefinitely [last issue Sept. 2020].
Australian Educational Researcher, The [AU] Transformative Journal, Becoming a fully Open Access journal, Latest Issue, Archive, Online first articles, PDF format. Now being paused indefinitely.
Australian Education Review [AU] Each edition of the AER is available as a free download from the page for that edition. Full text online, PDF format.
Australian Journal of Adult Learning [AU] Free to members of Adult Learning Australia. All Issues. Individual issues are available for purchase.
Australian Journal of Education [AU] Overview, Archive, Open Access, Latest Articles, Most Read, Most Cited, Trending on Altmetric, PDF format, Open ePub.
Australian Journal of Educational & Developmental Psychology [AU] Archive, PDF. Only includes articles for the period from 2001 to 2017.
Australian Journal of Indigenous Education [AU] Abstracts, All Issues, Current Issue, PDF format. A limited number of articles are Open Access. Subscription required for full access.
Australian Journal of Learning Difficulties [AU] Abstracts, Archive, Current Issue. Subscription required to access full articles. ePub and PDF formats.
Australian Journal of Teacher Education [AU] All Issues [also menu on home page], Current Issue, Open Access, PDF format, Search facility
Australian Teacher Magazine [AU] Individual and School subscriptions for digital or digital & print [very reasonable]. Previous Issues available to subscribers on this page. Also available as an app [Apple and Android], free with in-app purchases.
Australian Universities Review [AU] Abstracts, Current Issue, Archive. All previous issues [back to 1958] have been digitised and are available as PDF downloads, or can be read online.
Connect [ACER] [AU] Freely available to download, Current Issue, Archive, Most Popular Papers, PDF [of issue].
Notification from the journal - issues ceased as of the November 2021 issue. However, you can still access isues back to 1979.
Contemporary Issues in Early Childhood [AU+] Current Issue, All Issues, Many Open Access articles, ePub and PDF formats, Free Sample. Subscription to purchase all issues each year.
Current Issues in Education [USA] Current Issue, Archives, Open Access, PDF format.
Curriculum Leadership [AU] Abstracts, Archive, Online Journal, All articles Full Text [Now archived, but all archives [2003-2015] still available], PDF format. Open Access.
Curriculum Perspectives [AU] Transformative Journal, Archive, Online Text, Open Access [marked articles], PDF format.
Distance Education [AU+] Abstracts, Archive, Current Issue, Full Text, Online Journal, PDF, Subscription required to gain full access. A small number of Open Access articles.
EdResearch Online [AU] Abstracts, Online articles, Not all are free [20 000+ are], Updates several times a year, Update listings available. More an article database than a journal.
Educational Assessment, Evaluation and Accountability [INT] Current Issue [home page], Volumes and issues, Open Access Articles are listed here, Full text and PDF formats.
Education Inquiry [Int.] Current Issue, Editorial, List of Issues, Open Access, Full text, PDF format.
Educational Philosophy and Theory [AU+] Abstract, Current Issue, List of Issues, Online Journal, Open Access articles,
while Benefits of Registering a free account are found on this page.
Education Research and Perspectives [AU+] Archive, Current Issue [now an annual issue with all articles from that year], Online Journal, PDF, Table of Contents
Education Review [AU] eMag archive, Online Journal, Free Trial available, Subscription required for complete access. Print and/or Online options.

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Journal Information
eJournal of Catholic Education in Australasia [AU] Archive, Recent Content, Full Text, Limited journal issues
He Kupu [NZ] Early Childhood, Archive, Current Issue, Previous Issue, Full Text, PDF. Subscription is an option.
Higher Education Pedagogies [INT] Current Issue [home page], List of issues, Open access articles are listed here [newest to oldest], Full Text, ePub and PDF formats via links at the bottom of each full text article.
Higher Education Research & Development [AU+] Abstracts, List of Issues, Current Issue, Article or Issue Purchase, PDF format.
History of Education Review [AU, NZ] All Issues [2004-Current], Current Issue, HTML and PDF formats, No longer Open Access. Members of ANZHES are entitled to full access to the electronic version. Check at the bottom of the home page for links to access Pre-2004 issues [e.g. Trove].
International Journal for Educational Integrity [AU] Archives, Current Issue, Open Access, PDF format. [Issues from 2005-2014 only.]
International Education Journal : Comparative Perspectives [AU] Archives, Current Issue, Full Issues, Individual Articles, PDF format for both
International Journal of Applied Linguistics & English Literature [AU] Current Issue, Abstracts, Archives, Full Text, Open Access, PDF format, Most Cited Articles, Most Downloaded Articles, Registration option.
International Journal of Disability, Development and Education [AU+] Abstracts, Current Issue, List of Issues, Previously known as The Slow Learning Child followed by the The Exceptional Child. Subscription required for full access.
International Journal of Education and Literacy Studies [AU] Archives, Current Issue, Full Text, Open Access, PDF format, Most Cited Articles, Most Downloaded Articles, Registration option.
International Journal of Innovation in Science and Mathematics Education [AU] Abstracts, Archives, Current Issue, Open Access, format
International Journal of Education and Literacy Studies [AU] Archives, Current Issue, PDF format, International Content, Most Cited Articles, Most Downloaded Articles, Registration option.
International Journal of Multicultural Education [INT] Abstracts, Archives, Current Issue, Open Access, PDF format.
International Journal of Special Education [INT] Use these links to download Articles [Click on Abstract to download whole articles - from issues till 2014], Issues, Open Access, PDF format.
Issues in Educational Research [AU+] Abstracts, Archive, Current Issue, Free Subscription, Open Access, PDF format. There is also a link to the QJER : Queensland Journal of Educational Research Archives. This journal merged with Issues in Educational Research in 2004 and has full-text versions of all articles from 1985 to that point.
Journal of Educational Enquiry, The [AU] Abstracts, Archives, Current Issue, PDF format. [Issues from 2000-2016 only.]
Journal of International Research in Early Childhood Education [AU] Abstracts, Archive, PDF formatThe IRECE articles are available to download free of charge from the IRECE collection. The journal seems to have stopped with Volume 11 Issue 3 in 2021. All issues to that time are still available from the site .
Journal of Linguistics and Literature [INT] Archive, Articles, Current Issue, Open Access.
Journal of Open Flexible and Distance Learning [NZ] Archives, Current Issue, Open Access, PDF format. 1995 to the present.
Journal of Peer Learning [AU] Abstracts, All Issues, Current Issue, Open Access, PDF format.
Journal of Philosophy in Schools [INT.] Abstracts, Articles, Current Issue, Issue Archive, Open Access, PDF format. The official journal of The Federation of Australasian Philosophy in Schools Associations [FAPSA].
Journal of the Australian Library and Information Association [AU] Current Issue [home page], List of Issues, Full Text, ePub and PDF formats. Most read and most cited articles.
Journal of University Teaching & Learning Practice [AU] Abstracts, All Issues, Current Issue, Full Text, Open Access, PDF format.
Learning Communities : International Journal of Learning in Social Contexts [AU] Abstracts, Archived Issues, Latest Issue, Read Online or Print, PDF format. Download archived journal issues. Returned to publication in 2022.
Literacy and Numeracy Studies [AU+] As of 2020, this is now an archived title. Abstracts, Archive, Open Access, PDF and HTML formats. No longer being published.
New Voice Perspectives [AU]
Previously listed as Perspectives
Archive, Open Access, PDF format.
SCAN [AU] Latest issue, Past issues, The past issues prior to 2018 reflect a selection of articles from 2011 to 2017. Subscribe to email alerts for new issues. Free. PDF formats.
Student Success [AU] Abstracts, Archive, Current Issue, Full Text, Open Access, PDF format, View Online. Previously available as The International Journal of the First Year in Higher Education.
Synergy [AU] Past Issues, Full Text, Table of Contents. Subscription required to access later items but a number of earlier issues can be read and downloaded.
Teacher [AU] Columnists, All Articles, Popular Articles, Infographics, Podcasts, Video. Full text. Free subscription.
Teachers’ Work, The New Zealand Journal of [NZ] Abstracts, Twice a year, Archives, Current Issue, Open Access, PDF format. Registration available.
Teaching Science Journal [AU] Check Further Information links on the home page, PDFs of recent articles, Teaching Science Index [content published between 1983 and the Latest Issue], Subscribe to Teaching Science.
The Australian Library Journal [AU] Abstracts, List of Issues, Current Issue. Many articles are available free to download. Development and production appear to have stopped at 2016.
Video Journal of Education and Pedagogy [INT] Abstract, Full Text, PDF format, This is a fully Open Access journal.
‘VJEP integrates visual approaches to educational research and practitioner knowledge concerning learning and teaching in its broadest sense’.
Waikato Journal of Education [NZ] Abstracts, All Issues, Current, PDF format. ‘The journal is Open Access’.

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  • AERA Journals
    7 Journals in the Field of Education.
  • Australian Education Index, Core Journals
    ACER. ‘The journals are indexed selectively and comprehensively in the Australian Education Index’.
  • British Education Index
    ‘Indexing British education journals, theses and more, this resource is searchable by educational level and age group’.
  • Directory of Open Access Journals
    This now opens directly to Education journals. You can change the result set size by clicking on the bar next to the search box.
  • Educational Leaders
    ‘Follow these links to access [Free] complete, academic, peer-reviewed, education online journals’. Compiled by the Ministry of Education, NZ.
  • Education - Databases and Journals
    Compiled, by the Monash University library.
  • ERIC - Journals List
    ‘Comprehensively indexed journals contain an average of 80% or more education-related articles’. Select open access material by clicking on the Full text available on ERIC button just below the ERIC search box
  • Free online resources for teachers [Library Guides at University of Melbourne]
    ‘The Free online resources for teachers guide can help you get started. It is intended as a resource to beginning and practicing teachers, and to showcase the many freely available teacher resources on the web’. Includes Journals, Databases, eBooks and more.
  • IIEP Publications
    ‘Publications play a key role in the Institute’s commitment to disseminating new concepts, methods and techniques in educational planning. The publications take the form of research reports and case studies, as well as reports of seminars and workshops’. UNESCO.
  • New Zealand Journals
    Aotearoa New Zealand’s independent, statutory education research and development organisation. Lists all journals they produce including Set, Curriculum Matters, Early Childhood Folio and more.
  • Register & Read [JSTOR]
    ‘Register & Read Beta is a new, experimental program to offer free, read-online access to individual scholars and researchers who register for a MyJSTOR account. Register & Read includes approximately 1 200 journals from more than 700 publishers, a subset of the content in JSTOR’.
  • Yahoo Directory - Education Journals [AU]


  • Australian Key Journals
    ‘This version of the database is made available free of charge to students and scholars within Australia as agreed by each of the project partners and the Australian Research Council’. Covers scope, content of issues and many education and educational areas.
  • Electronic Journal List
    On Search button Title Begins with v, select option - “Title contains all words”, enter Education [or alternate word of your choice] then click on Search. Select journal from list provided. University of Houston, USA.
  • Elsevier - Open access
    Find information about aspects of Open Access including FAQs. Additionally, there are links to Open Access Journals [covers multiple areas], Open Archive [‘free access to archived material in selected Elsevier journals’], Open Science and Open Books.
  • Google Scholar
    Select Articles, enter topic area, e.g. Education, Literacy, Assessment, … . Check the options offered. Search. Look for [PDF] “Title” in the column on the right next to the item provided. Select the wanted item. You should then be able to download a PDF version of this.
  • ISI Journal Abbreviation Sources
    ‘A registry of Web resources that list or provide access to the full title of journal abbreviations’. Select E for Education. CalTech, USA.
  • Journals for Free - Education
    Included journals have been filtered to include English language and the topic of Education. At time of update there were 390+ journals included from around the world.
  • JURN
    ‘4 000 links to selected open access or otherwise free ejournals in the arts & humanities’.
    For best results please view in widescreen, or else the 3rd and 4th columns may be very narrow.
    Magazine Article Search Engine, Directory, and Data Feeds. Articles in different directory areas including Education & Reference. Note : NO articles have been added since the beginning of 2016.
  • Open Access Australasia
    ‘We support all models of open access, and in particular we endorse the principles of the F.A.I.R. Access Policy Statement for research outputs to be Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable, ensuring they can be part of the global research ecosystem. This website aims to be an authoritative source of information on all aspects of open access in Australia and New Zealand. Our major focus is on open access to research publications – preprints, peer reviewed scholarly manuscripts, books, monographs and theses’.
  • Open Access Toolkit - UniWA
    Opens to the Journals section. Provides Title, Institution, Type and a Link to the resources. Mostly Australia and New Zealand. Check the Directories link in the top menu for other open access materials including books, policies, repositories, … . Resources [top menu] includes articles, case studies, useful links and more.
  • SpringerOpen
    ‘Publishing with SpringerOpen makes your work freely available online for everyone, immediately upon publication’. Browse our alphabetical journal list or Explore our journals by subject, as well as Learn all about open access.
  • Taylor & Francis - Open Journals
    ‘Open access journals enables you to make your research freely and permanently available so anyone, anywhere can read and build upon your work. Use the subject area filter below to explore our portfolio of fully open journals and find the best home for your research’.

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