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Australian History

‘On This Day in Australian History covers major Australian events and happenings occurring on a daily basis. Not only is the series of events noted, but the stories behind the events are also included. You need to subscribe to access detailed information’.

In viewing the history of Australia, there are distinct periods and influences. A number of these are covered below. In some cases, e.g. Political Events, you may need to access more than one page to gain a broader understanding.

For additional information related to Australian History, check the following :

There are two major, student prizes in Australian History. These are The Prime Minister’s Prize for Australian History and the National History Challenge [a Updated ! second page. about this is found here]. These are for school students and all details can be found on these pages, while other competitions related to special historical occasions such as ANZAC Day are listed on the Student Competitions page.

This page provide links to pages on different periods and areas of history. Click on the Title to go to the appropriate web page.

Land and sea exploration. Sea exploration covers both pre and post European settlement. Major figures are listed.

The Australian identity and how this is defined, language, “Mateship”, myths, stereotypes, role of sport, multiculturalism, social and cultural features, values, media presentations, humour, art & culture. [Selected student activities].

Convicts and transportation, Irish Convicts, conditions. The beginning of each colony, major figures, special factors, more.

Major figures of the Depression in Australia, e.g. J T Lang, Prime Ministers. Oral histories to Working for The Dole, images, speeches, research, more.

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