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Sign languages are used by people with hearing impairments, their families and those who educate and work with them. There are individual sign languages in many countries around the world.

Auslan, [Australia Sign Language], is the official sign language used in Australia. It is similar to British and New Zealand Sign languages, but different from the English language in both structure and vocabulary forms. There is often variation in the language relating to both place and person [age and education]. Auslan also includes Fingerspelling.

Signed English was used for some time but is now considered undesirable. Sign Language has been used in Australia since at least the middle of the 19th century.

This page gives access to Auslan courses, dictionaries, grammar, vocabulary, tutorials, other resources and information. A second section of the page provides links to other sign languages from around the world. These are only provided for your information.

Hand sign for Auslan, courtesy of Auslan Signbank.

Dictionary, medical and health dictionary, grammar examples on video, videos of deaf people using Auslan, links to classes, information on the deaf community in Australia.
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Auslan - Australian Sign Language

Auslan - What is it ?

  • All About …
    Auslan history from SignPlanet.
  • Auslan
    Recognition, status, history, Auslan in relation to English, variation, standardisation, written and recorded Auslan, further reading, references, links. Wikipedia.
  • History of Auslan
    Auslan Signbank article.
  • Sign Language - Auslan
    Better Health Channel, Victoria. Introduction, evolution, different elements, structure, learning, where to get help, more.
  • What is Auslan ? [AccessPLUS WA Deaf]
    Scroll down the page to the How we Help section and select this box.

Learning Auslan



This is only a small selection of YouTube videos. Search for more or use links on the right of a number of these pages.

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Other Sign Languages

Other Information

  • Baby Sign Language
    ‘Baby sign language is a great way to help you communicate with your pre-verbal baby. Baby sign language helps babies that are ready to communicate, but can’t talk bridge the gap to full speech’. Basics, dictionary, flash cards, blog, more.
  • NFB Early Childhood Initiative Program
    ‘Featuring programs designed to provide children and their families support and guidance to master the skills needed to achieve independence for a lifetime’.
  • Handspeak
    Use hand signs to talk to each other. More than 3 000 signs.

Other Sign Languages

American Sign Language

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