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Physical Education

Physical Education in schools concerns the involvement of children in fitness activities, sports, Health and Drug Education, gymnastics and some aspects of dance. All are designed to encourage a healthier, more enjoyable lifestyle.

This page looks at the State & Territory information - including curriculum; sections covering fitness activities, minor games, aerobics; sources of assistance; lesson plans; and Australian Physical Education groups.

A related page on Health & Drug Education is found here.

Information on Nutrition, as part of Health Education, is found here.

A page providing assistance with individual Sports is found here.

Additional Physical Education Resources are found here.

State & Territory Information

Australian Capital Territory

  • Board of Senior Secondary Studies
    This pages provides a list of the courses in Health, Outdoor & Physical Education offered in Years 11 and 12. Each can be downloaded in MS Word format and range from Human Movement to Sports Studies.
  • Children’s Physical Activity Foundation
    The Physical Activity Foundation works to reduce the impact of childhood inactivity, which can result in children becoming overweight or obese. The Physical Activity Foundation promotes healthy lifestyle habits to primary school children. We do it by promoting healthy lifestyle habits to primary school children. Our broad aim is to encourage all children in the ACT to be more physically active every day.
  • Every Chance to Learn
    The curriculum framework for ACT schools. Select by levels or download the whole framework. ‘It provides schools in the ACT with the curriculum framework on which to base their school curriculum plans from preschool to year 10’.

New South Wales

Northern Territory

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South Australia

  • Health & PE Links
    Provides access to a range of specific activities and programs. Select “Health & PE” from the links at the top for Curriculum. From the Curriculum Portal.
  • Learning Areas
    ‘The Learning Areas describe the span of development, knowledge, skills and dispositions that are associated with learning from Birth to Year 12. They describe the established and emerging bodies of knowledge as well as ways of knowing and doing and have been enriched by making the key elements of learning explicit’. Select “Health and Physical Education” from the menu on the left, then the relevant schooling band from within this.
  • Policies
    Select relevant entries from the listed policies. Very strong in the areas of Health and Sporting activities.
  • Senior Health and Physical Education Subjects
    As ‘The South Australian Certification of Education [SACE]’ areas of study may be found by visiting this site and selecting from “Health and Physical Education” in the menu on the left.


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  • Drug Education
    ‘This section of the website provides information and resources on the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development’s Drug Education program. The site has a range of useful material for schools, teachers and parents’.
  • Health and Physical Education Domain
    ‘Curriculum that is offered to students from Prep to Year 10 is accompanied by a range of teaching and learning aids to ensure teachers and students maximise the opportunity for education’.
  • Health and Physical Education [VELS]
    ‘The Health and Physical Education domain provides students with knowledge, skills and behaviours to enable them to achieve a degree of autonomy in developing and maintaining their physical, mental, social and emotional health. This domain focuses on the importance of a healthy lifestyle and physical activity in the lives of individuals and groups in our society’.
  • Physical Education [VCE]
    Covers the Senior Secondary years. Links listed under Curriculum, Assessment & Review/Support Material. Many areas are downloadable in either PDF or Word format. Information is also available for the related area of Health and Human Development.
  • Learning and Teaching Support
    ‘This section contains information, resources and tools to help teachers with their professional learning in the area of Health and Physical Education’.
  • School Sport Victoria
    ‘School Sport Victoria [SSV] supports teachers in the delivery of quality physical and sport education programs. SSV is run by the Department’s School Sport Unit. This page provides teachers, parents and students with links to the organisations which make up the work of SSV, information on sports awards and links to essential teaching resources’.
  • Victorian Prevention and Health Promotion Achievement Program
    ‘The new Victorian Prevention and Health Promotion Achievement Program will recognise achievements in promoting health and wellbeing and support the development of safe, healthy and friendly environments for learning, working and living in schools and early childhood education and care services, workplaces and workforces, and local communities’. Replaces the Go For Your Life program.

Western Australia

  • Curriculum Framework Learning Statement for Health and Physical Education
    ‘Sets out the “knowledge, understandings, skills, values and attitudes that students are expected to acquire”. These requirements are described as a series of learning outcomes. The learning outcomes comprise the mandatory element of the Curriculum Framework’. PDF document.
  • Curriculum Resources
    Find resources by using a selection of resource type, Learning Area and phase of schooling, e.g., Curriculum Guides / Health & Physical Education / Middle Childhood.
  • Health and Physical Education
    ‘Practical Support for Health and Physical Education Teachers’. Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting, Organisational Guidelines for Physical Education and Outdoor Education, Projects and Programs and Professional Associations.
  • Physical Activity
    Teaching & Learning Support, Physical Activity in Schools, Community Programs, Grants & Awards and Parent Information. Education Department site.
  • WACE Courses
    Select from the listing. Includes areas such as Health Studies, Physical Education Studies and Outdoor Education. These are courses for the Western Australian Certificate of Education [senior years of school].

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Physical Education


  • Aerobic Exercises
    ‘A complete explanation about aerobic exercises’. A wealth of information including videos and more.
  • The Benefits of Aerobic Exercise
    Information about what makes up an aerobic activity and how these benefit you physically and mentally.
  • Workouts that Work
    Provides the essentials of the process.
  • Turnstep
    Created for people who run aerobic classes. It provides routines and a dictionary so you know what terms mean.

Agencies & Associations

    “Australian Council for Health, Physical Education and Recreation”. A world of resources and advice for Physical Education, Health, Dance, etc.. See below and also Physical Education Resources for more detail.
    Information and assistance with sports and activities for young people. Links to the Sports Commission, Active Australia, Institute of Sport.


Playground Games

  • Best Games in a Small World
    By an Australian Capital Territory school. Lists their favourite games and provides basic rules. Large collection.
  • Increasing Physical Activity in Schools
    “Through The Use Of Playground Games”. Common sense article which includes a number of games/activities that are fully detailed.
  • Kid’s Games
    Detailed description of children’s games that were commonly played in school playgrounds. It covers skipping, ball strength, circle games, more.
  • Street Play
    Look for games people used to play in the street. Rule, equipment are listed.
  • PlaySport
    ‘Awesome website with great activities designed to teach kids games by playing games ! PlaySport allows you to search for activities based on equipment you have, skills you want to teach, complexity of the game, space you have available’.
  • Water Games [Pool]
    ‘Find water games and games for the swimming pool to entertain children for hours using our activity finder’. Select from the list or refine by age. Covers early childhood to primary level.

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  • ACHPER - Fitness Resources
    A listing of more than 150 resources collated and available from ACHPER in the area of Fitness. Note these have to be purchased.
  • Easy Fitness Activities for Kids
    ‘These easy fitness activities for kids make exercise so much fun that your children won’t notice they’re working out’.
  • Fit for Fifty
    Getting fit using the 5BX fitness program.
  • Fitness
    Sections include What is Fitness ?, Stamina, Flexibility, Suppleness.
  • Free Online Health
    Use the left menu to find free exercises, exercise programs, weight loss exercises, more.
  • Fun Fitness Games for Kids
    Small selection clearly described plus links to other fitness sources.
  • Kids Fitness Games
    ‘Pick a game from the list that sounds like fun and click to find out how to play’.
  • Online Fitness Programs and Exercise Workouts
    ‘For men and women of all ages and fitness goals. An online fitness program, articles, tips, exercise instruction information’.
  • Virtual Fitness Trainer
    Multiple sections. The most valuable will probably be the Free Mini-courses and Free Articles.

Journals & Magazines

For all educational journals, see the Education Journals page.

  • Active & Healthy Magazine
    ‘The Active & Healthy Magazine is aimed at physical educators, health educators, fitness leaders and the generalist teacher. The emphasis is on informative articles of interest that underpin the Health and Physical Education curriculum in schools, junior sport, nutrition, fitness and insights into future ways of motivating children and youth to be active and healthy’. Electronic format.
  • Palaestra
    ‘Forum of Sport, Physical Education & Recreation for those with disabilities’.

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Resource Links

  • ACHPER Bookshop
    ‘The ACHPER Bookshop [formerly the Healthy Lifestyles Bookshop] is a retail and online bookstore specialising in health, physical education, fitness, sport, and dance books specifically catering to the needs of health and physical education teachers in primary & secondary schools’.
  • ACHPER - Primary Resources
    A listing of more than 270 resources collated and available from ACHPER in the area of Primary Health & Physical Education areas Note these have to be purchased.
  • ACHPER - Secondary Resources
    A listing of more than 280 resources collated and available from ACHPER in the area of Secondary Health & Physical Education areas. Note these have to be purchased.
  • Body Image
    ‘The information [provided] is a snapshot of the work being done around the country and a starting point for educators’. Australian Education Union. Includes strategies, units of work, programs, more. If you are looking for visual material related to this topic visit the Australian Screen, Body Image page for a selection of appropriate material.
  • Body Image - Links
    30+ links to sites about Body Image. HealthInsite Australia.
  • Fit for Life : Online Resources for Encouraging Physical Fitness
    Education World. ‘Jog to the Web when you need fitness facts and ideas that will get your students up and moving !’
  • HPE Sourcebook Modules
    ‘Provides teachers with a range of learning and teaching ideas. Teachers are encouraged to modify modules to meet the specific needs and interests of particular groups of students and individual students, their own needs and the learning environment’. Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority.
  • Instructional Materials in Physical Education
    ‘Sites linked to from this page provide practical assistance for Physical Education teachers’.
  • PE Links4U
    Amazing site for those interested in PE. Check menus at the top for everything from Adapted PE to Technology in PE, use “Click To See More Resources” for an option list. Articles give further information.
  • PhysEdSource
    ‘PhysEdSource is an online directory that aims to provide useful web links and other helpful resources for professionals in the field of physical education’. Major areas include Individual, Dance, Gymnastics, Outdoors, Sports/Games and Health.
  • Physical Education
    Extensive selection of annotated links for Physical Education.
  • Physical Education Central
    Links to all aspects of Physical Education. Major sections include the following.
  • Physical Education K to 7
    British Columbia, Canada. Information, curriculum for Grades K through 7 broken into relevant areas, appendices such as a glossary, assessment & evaluation, resources, learning outcomes, more. You can download the Grade Level Curriculums in PDF format from this page and also access similar downloads for Grades 8 to 10, here and Grades 11 and 12 here.
  • Physical Education Lesson Plan Page
    ‘This page is dedicated to providing a space for Physical Educators to share lesson ideas’ 150+ at time of entry, listed under specific headings.
  • Physical Education Online
    Alberta Education, Canada. K-12 planning and resources for PE. Go to Teacher Resources/Guide to Implementation for PDF documents.
  • Physical Education Practitioner Research Network
    ‘This website was created to encourage interactions between physical education teachers whether they are in schools or in universities. It is our hope that we can start multiple conversations about what physical education is and what it might aspire to be and then find ways of jointly making that happen’. In addition to the research and discussion, there is access to a small collection of documents available for download.
  • Physical Education Resources - Sports Media
    Lesson plans, coaching links, world PE Associations, ask an expert, other resources. Collected by Physical Education teachers.
  • Physical Education Site Resources
    Includes ‘Physical Education Unit/Lesson Plan Resources, Sport Specific Web Sites, Resources for Teaching Children with Special Needs, Health-Related Physical Fitness, Technology Resources for Physical Educators’, more.
  • Physical Educator’s Web Ring
    Physical Education sites listed and annotated for you to choose from. Sites from several schools demonstrating what they are doing and how. Game Central Station is one of the other sites.
  • Saskatchewan Physical Education Curriculum
    Includes curriculum, safety guidelines, Physical Activity area, lesson builders, assessment & evaluation, resources and more. This opens to the Kindergarten level. Select other levels using the “Physical Education” link on the top menu.
  • TeachPE
    ‘Your free resource for Physical Education and Sports Coaching’. Annotated links for both general and sport specific assistance.
  • The PE Geek
    ‘I am a Physical Education Teacher from country Victoria, Australia. As I am also Information Technology trained I delight in aiming to engage students in my classes using web 2.0 tools. The purpose of my blog is to detail the different ways I am trialling these technologies in my classes’.
    ‘An online professional resource for Physical Educators’. Forums, downloads, links to websites and resources, more.
  • The Web Puts Fizz Into Phys-ical Fitness !
    Education World. ‘The Web has just the resources to help you with new games, ideas, and lessons that will make your students jump for joy ! Included : Stretches for cyber fitness too !’


  • Why Exercise is Cool
    Article about children’s exercise, particularly running, links to related articles, resources.
  • Kids Running
    US-based. Several sections are relevant to Australia including coaching help, School resources, links to related resources, other advice.

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