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Serbian [Srpski, Српски]

Due to current circumstances, this page has been updated but will no longer be added to or maintained until further notice.

Serbian is a Slavic language spoken by the people of Serbia and also in several surrounding countries. There are two alphabets, Latin and Cyrillic, the latter now being the official administrative format, though both are used by many people. Serbian and Croatian formed a broader Serbo-Croatian language for some time and many people outside the immediate area still consider this to be the case. It is, however, a recognised language in Macedonia, Hungary, Croatia, Bosnia and Romania. This does not refer to culture, just language. Make your own judgement regarding this.

This page provides access to online lessons, Serbian/English/Serbian dictionaries, vocabulary, free and fee-based software, cultural information, other resources and information.


Language Courses


  • FSI Serbo-Croatian Course
    Book and 24 audio tapes. Live Lingua.
  • New ! Learn Serbian Online
    Broken into multiple sections. Vocal presentations. You can purchase the MP3 and PDF versions for a relatively small amount of money.
  • Serbian Video Lessons
    ‘After this first stage of learning Serbian by listening to the phrases, videos and films, feel free to embark on grammar rules and figure out why you are actually saying what you are saying’. Multiple levels.
  • New ! UniLang - Serbian for Beginners
    ‘ In this course we will use the Serbian Latin Alphabet in the beginning. The reason is that some people may have difficulties with handling the Cyrillic script at this stage. Part one of this course is only intended for absolute beginners’.


  • Updated ! Learn Serbian Language 102 [Udemy]
    ‘Perfect for beginners in Serbian, [Bosnian, Croatian or Montenegrin]. It covers all situations essential for tourists’. Free trial.
  • L-Lingo Learn Serbian Online
    ‘Uses words, images and sound clips of native speakers to teach you to converse, read and write in all typical situations’. Several options.
  • Serbian Online
    ‘Available all year round and in different time zones’. Days and times provided for Australian cities.

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Language Tools






  • 50 Languages
    Apple, Free; In-app purchases. ‘Contains 100 lessons that provide beginners with a basic vocabulary’. Purchase covers the language component.
  • English Serbian Dictionary Fr
    Android, Free. ‘Containing 69 000 translation articles. The Dictionary is offline and does not need an internet connection’.
  • L-Lingo Learn Serbian
    Apple, Free; In-app purchases [essential]. ‘Designed to be easy to use. It exploits multimedia channels - words, recordings of native speech, and pictures’.
  • Serbian Dictionary +
    Apple, Free; In-app purchases. ‘Over 72 000 English and 76 000 Serbian words in an offline dictionary; offline pronunciation of English words; online pronunciation of English & Serbian words’.
  • uTalk Serbian
    Android, Not Free. ‘Gives you the key words you need and a fast, scientific way of remembering them’.

Free Software

  • Fingertip Software
    Fingertip Software. Software including fonts, other sections. Note the software is still available but is no longer being developed or supported.

Other Sites

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Language Usage


  • New ! Learn Serbian Grammar
    ‘Check about adjectives, adverbs, articles, gender [feminine, masculine...], negation, nouns, numbers, phrases, plural, prepositions, pronouns, questions, verbs, vocabulary, excercises ... to help you with your Serbian grammar’.
  • Serbian Grammar
    Nouns, gender, adjectives, comparison, verbs, conjugation, prepositions, numbers, references. Wikipedia.
  • Serbian/Grammar [Wikibooks]
    Gender, number, cases, the alphabet, capitalisation, particles [sic], more.


  • Basic Serbian Phrases
  • Digital Dialects : Serbian
    ‘Click on the links to begin the games for learning Serbian language. There are further activities in the Croatian section [using the Latin alphabet] that students might find useful’.
  • Funky Serbian
    One free section, two provide demos. Audio with all. Two speeds provided, normal and learner. Fee-based.
  • Get a Taste of Serbian
    Vocabulary with audio files. Normal and slower speed pronunciations. Fee-based
  • Serbian Phrasebook
    Pronunciation key, phrases grouped in topics.

Other Sites

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Other Information


Other Sites

  • Learn Serbian Online
    Write or Speak in Serbian, Language Exchange. Gain pen pals who can help develop your language.
  • Serbian Audio Lessons
    ‘Free Serbian audio files you can download and listen to on your computer or iPod or any other mobile device’. Multiple sections. Not all have audio.
  • Serbian Language
    Overview from Free Dictionary. Multiple sections, links, references.
  • Serbian Language Wikibooks
    Covers Grammar, History, Dialects and has appendices. You should also consider the Wikijunior : Languages/Serbian which has a range of essential, basic information on different aspects.

Podcasts, Blogs, Video Broadcasts

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