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Latin was a language spoken throughout the Roman Empire. It is the language from which a number of Romance languages including Italian, Spanish and French are said to be derived. It has also supplied a significant number of words to other languages such as English. At this time Latin is primarily used by the Roman Catholic Church and to some extent in areas such as law, science and education.

The Latin alphabet is the world’s most widely used. It’s greatest impact may be through the use of vocabulary and terminology for ideas.

This page gives access to online courses, Latin/English/Latin dictionaries, cultural information, grammar, vocabulary, history of Latin, podcasts & blogs, free and fee-based software, other resources and information.


Language Courses

  • Benjamin D’Ooge’s Latin Course for Beginners
    Linked to the Latinum site. Follows a similar format.
  • Experience Latin
    2 years of lessons. Done by a Catholic priest. PDF files for the experiences. Each section broken into lesson components. Notes and worksheets included. You should also check his Latin Links and Resources page for the list of connections.
  • Latinum
    ‘Free Online Latin Immersion Course’. Done using a podcast format. Check instructions provided.
  • Schola Latina Universalis
    ‘A free, 2 year, online course for learning Latin [the Textbook is not free]’.
  • Sprachprofi
    Lessons, grammatical information, readings, information on learning the language. Click on “Latin Course”.

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Language Tools


Other Sites

  • Beginners Latin
    ‘This tutorial is a beginners’ guide to the Latin used in documents between 1086 and 1733. It is the first online tutorial to help you learn the Latin from this period’. UK National Archives. Or try their Advanced Latin tutorial, which is a ‘a step-by-step online tutorial with 12 lessons to teach medieval Latin to an advanced level. You will have opportunities to practise what you learn with a selection of activities, and extracts from original documents’.
  • Cornell College - Latin Links
    8 sections of links on the main page. Also check the menu on the top, left for links to other Latin resources.
  • E L Easton : Latin
    Online resources to aid the learning of Latin.
  • Forum Romanorum
    Digital library, Private Life of the Romans, Roman History, surgical instruments, more.
  • GuideAll Latin Language
    Links to a variety of Latin sites.
  • Latin
    Legacy, history, language characteristics, pronunciation, grammar, contemporary use, instruction, references, links. Wikipedia.
  • Latin [2]
    Extensive collection of annotated links to a wide range of pages about and for Latin.
  • Latin4Band8
    Extensive listing of briefly annotated links covering a range of resources for the study of Latin.
  • Latine Discere
    Study Guides for Oxford Latin. PDF pages, which can be broken down into flashcards. Also access Self-Help Quizzes related to this course.
  • Latin Language [2]
    ‘Here you’ll find some useful resources to help you to understand the Latin Language better’.
  • Latin Language and Background
    Well-annotated links to language and literature.
  • Latin Language - Learning Latin
    Annotated links to Latin language sites.
  • Latin Language [Lingua Latina]
    Alphabet, pronunciation, sample texts [including audio], translation, other sites.
    ‘ is an online resource for Latin learners and Latin lovers. Our comprehensive and interactive quizzes will help you learn, and retain, Latin grammar and vocabulary’.
  • Orbis Latinus
    ‘Latin [Lingua Latina] is a language of the Indo-European family that appeared in Italy in the mid 2nd millenium BC. The long history of Latin may be divided into 9 periods’. These are briefly detailed with links taking you to further information.
  • Oxford Tutorials - Latin Pronunciation
    Covers both vowels and consonants. Requires RealPlayer.
  • Wikijunior : Languages - Latin
    Writing system used, how many people speak the language, where it is spoken, the history of the language, some famous authors or poets using the language, basic words in the language, a song/poem/story to learn in this language.
  • Yes Latin [Learn Latin Online]
    Only a small number of lessons, mostly on vocabulary, at this stage.


  • Conjugate and Decline for Windows
  • Latin
    Latin courses for children and adults. Fee-based.
  • Latin Dictionary
    ‘A complete Lewis & Short for Windows. It is a free standalone program, reasonably fast on any modern PC and best of all the definitions and the Latin quotes are colour-coded’.
  • Lingua Latina
    Latin conjugations. Use this free Windows software to drill your grammar.
  • QuickLatin
    ‘QuickLatin is a tool which helps you translate Latin into English. It has dictionary and parsing capabilities, plus some sentence-handling abilities’. Freeware

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Language Usage


  • Allen and Greenough’s New Latin Grammar for Schools and Colleges
    Covers absolutely everything.
  • Grammar Sheets for Downloading
    ‘Click on the one/ones you want’. PDF format. Listed in groups for particular topics.
  • Grammar Table
    National Archives, UK. Nouns, pronouns, adjectives, regular verbs, irregular verbs.
  • Grammar & Vocabulary Helps
    A mix of online and PDF presentations on very specific aspects of grammar. Links to other sources.
    Highly Recommended !
  • Latin Grammar
    ‘Find paradigms for the five noun declensions and four verb conjugations, as well as examples of a number of irregularities. Examples - yes, lots of examples to help you in your study of Latin grammar and syntax’.
  • Latin Grammar [2]
    Verbs, nouns, determiners, adjectives, adverbs, numerals, word order, ablative absolute, references, links. Wikipedia.
  • Latin Grammar Links
    A small collection of these. Southwestern University [US].
  • Teaching Latin Grammar
    ‘Whether a teacher bases study on a deductive grammar-translation based method or an inductive reading method, all Latin teachers teach grammar. The links below should provide some excellent reference points’.
  • Verbal Brilliance in Latin
    50+ PDF files covering specific aspects of grammar.
    Highly Recommended !


  • Latin Language
    Phrases for different situations, alphabet, dictionary, forum, English translations of Latin texts.
  • Latin Phrases
    ‘On this site, we’ve grouped Latin phrases into the following categories : Latin Phrases, Latin Mottos, Latin Terms, Latin Abbreviations’. use the topic listing on the left to narrow your search.
  • Latin Word of the Day
    Provides word, definition and derivatives. Requires Flash.

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Other Information

Other Sites

  • Ephemeris
    ‘News in Classical Latin [text and audio recordings]’.
  • Latin 2 Links/Resources
    Extensive listing of links in directories from dictionaries to vocabulary & grammar, more.
  • Latin Handouts
    A very large listing from The Latin Library.
    Worth Visiting.
  • Latin Language and Literature Resources
    “Learning and Teaching Latin”. ‘Wheelock’s Latin, Oxford Latin Course, On-Line Dictionaries, English Grammar, Latin Resource Pages, Grammar and Drills, Pronunciation Help, Teaching Resources, Other, Texts and Readings, Manuscripts’. Links collected under these headings. University of Connecticut.
  • Latin Teaching Materials
    Collated by St. Louis University. Several individual pages are already included here. Covers everything from Latin Praxis to Advice for learning Vocabulary.
  • Latin Quotes, Phrases, Sayings & Mottos
    ‘You may prefer to search for quotes in a database of Latin phrases, using a convenient interface. Also, I maintain a separate list of legal Latin maxims, only a few of those technical expressions and quotations are duplicated in this more general compilation. There is even a Latin motto generator that will allow you to create Latin phrases without knowing Latin !’ Alphabetical listing.
  • Learn Latin
    ‘Listed is Textkit’s entire collection of Latin textbooks. All are available for full and free download in PDF format’. Answer Keys, Composition textbooks, Lexicon, Latin Reading Texts, Grammar references, Textbooks. Check their Blog and their Forum. The Home Page tells what they are trying to achieve and how.
  • Ludus Sanae Mentis
    Online resources. Texts, grammar clarification and, more unusually, cultural links.
  • Nuntii Latini
    The only weekly news show done completely in Classical Latin.
  • The Latin Library
    54 sections covering texts from Apuleius to Vergil [sic] and the Medieval period on.

Podcasts, Blogs, Videos

  • Classics Podcasts
    ‘Links to Podcasts of readings of Latin and [ancient] Greek texts’.
  • eLatin eGreek eLearn
    A mix, but has quite a bit of Latin and discussion.
  • Latin & Greek
    ‘If you are in your first year or about to enter your second year of either language, you may find this podcast helpful for learning a vast amount of necessary vocabulary’.
  • Latinum
    The Latinum video [YouTube] resources are available through this page.

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