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Korean is a language spoken almost exclusively in both Korean Republics, as well as one Chinese Prefecture. Around 80 million people speak Korean. There is some dispute over the language family to which it might belong. It presently uses a writing system called Hangul.

This page provides access to online courses, Korean/English/Korean dictionaries, grammar, vocabulary, writing form and characters - Hangul & Hanja, podcasts, cultural information, free and fee-based software, other resources and information.


Language Courses

  • Introduction to Korean
    The basics of reading and writing all Hangul characters, vocabulary, grammar, conversational phrases. Links to textbooks commonly available.
  • Introduction to Korean [2]
    37 Lessons covering everything from the alphabet to writing words.
  • Korean K101
    Indiana University. Multiple lessons available including MP3 files. You can also access K102, K201, K202 and K401/K402 via these links.
  • Korean Basic Course
    Foreign Services Institute. PDF student text, plus MP3 tapes for audio presentations. Two Volumes with the student text.
  • Korean Learning for Correct Pronunciation
    Elementary Korean, Vowels, Consonants, Sound Change, Intonation, Appendix.
  • Learn Korean
    Basic lessons, information about Korea, Korean dictionary, forum, links to other sites.
  • Learn to Speak Korean
    Learn Korean with free online lessons - Basics, Grammar, Words and Phrases, practice, exercises.
  • Let’s Learn Korean
    Vowels & Consonants through to tenses. This can be extended through Let’s Learn Korean [New] which provides 20 lessons.
  • Mr Oh’s Learn Korean
    Lessons, Hanja classes, technical notes, discussion forum, crash course, links. The Links are extensive and cover many areas.
  • Online Intermediate College Korean
    ‘Online Intermediate College Korean is a web-based online courseware based on Intermediate College Korean [University of California Press, 2002]. The objective of this project is to assist in learning/teaching intermediate level college Korean by providing a direct online access to the audio, visual and written materials accompanying the text’.
  • Sogang Korean Program
    Multi-level introduction covering Introductory, Novice [3 levels] and Intermediate [3 levels] learners. Each section has multiple lessons plus aspects such as a Grammar Index, Dialogue Index and Reading Index.
  • Welcome to APSnet
    ‘Offering educational spaces to learn the Korean language through the internet’. Registration is Free. You then access language study, sites, chats, downloads [study offline], more.
  • Yes Korean [Learn Korean Online]
    ‘Many times Korean is looked as one of the hardest languages to learn, especially for Westerners. Through our Korean lessons, we will show you that learning Korean is easy’.

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Language Tools

Alphabet - Hangul

  • Hangul
    Names, history, Jamo, Morpho-syllabic blocks, orthography, readability, style, references, external links. Wikipedia.
  • Hangul Computer Keyboard Layout
  • Hangul Generation
    “MauveCloud”. Enter Romanised text and convert to Hangul. Some limitations.
  • Hanja Lessons
    ‘These lessons start from the simplest characters. Each character is listed with three most-frequently-used word examples where it is used’.
  • Introduction To Korean, Hangul
    This opens at the table of contents. Pages cover individual parts.
  • Learn Korean Today
    ‘At, we provide free Hangul training online so you can learn to speak Korean at ease and at your own pace’. Multiple sections.
  • Korean Alphabet
    Basic vowels, complex vowels, consonants. Images and audio. Multiple sections for each part.
  • Korean Hangul
    ‘Modern Korean uses hangul in its writing system. Each hangul is written in a square box, combined by a initial consonant, a vowel and an optional final consonant’. Watch video, hear audio, written formats.
  • ZKorean, Korean Alphabet, Hangul
    History, appearance, structure, pronunciation, Romanisation.


  • alphaDictionary - Korean
    Links for dictionaries, specialty dictionaries, grammars and language resources.
  • Korean Dictionary
    ‘Our Korean dictionary was built by people who speak the Korean language on a daily basis. With over 4 000 Korean words, alongside the pronunciations [Romanisations] and English translations, maintains the most comprehensive and accurate Korean dictionary online’.
  • Korean Dictionary [2]
    ‘Free Korean English Dictionary. Use our dictionary search for English to Korean and Korean to English translation’. Also has Korean pronunciations.
  • Korean Dictionary [Babylon]
    ‘Korean to English and English to Korean dictionaries contain extensive vocabulary, including general, encyclopaedic, slang & informal terms from professional fields. They feature a searchable database of over 3 million words, phrases, abbreviations and acronyms, of which all possible inflections and derivatives are recognised’.
  • LingvoSoft Korean/English/Korean Dictionary
    Translate and find information in both directions.
  • ZKorean Dictionary
    Part of a larger site with alphabet, study tools, more.

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Other Sites

  • Digital Dialects : Korean
    ‘Features free to use online games for learning languages. Language resources include games for learning phrases, numbers, useful words, spelling, verb conjugation and alphabets. Games use Flash Player’.
  • Free Korean Lessons and Courses
    ‘Free language lessons and courses for those learning Korean, along with some other Korean language resources, such as Korean online newspapers, Korean dictionaries, Korean internet radio sites, and other sources relevant to the student of Korean’.
  • Korean - Hangul [and more]
    From Omniglot. Origins of writing, Hangul, alphabet chart [download], transliteration, links to a range of Korean language sites covering different aspects of the language.
  • Korean in South Korea Index
    Vocabulary in sections titled Basic Communications, Culture and Social Life, Necessities, Shopping and Services, Transportation.
  • Korean Language
    Classification, history, geographic distribution, dialects, sounds, grammar, speech levels and honorifics, vocabulary, writing system, differences between North and South Korean, references, external links. Wikipedia.
  • Wikijunior : Languages - Korean
    Writing system used, how many people speak the language, where it is spoken, the history of the language, some famous authors or poets using the language, basic Korean, a song/poem/story to learn in this language.
  • ZKorean Study Tools
    Romaniser, Translation helper, Audio Flashcards, Korean-English Flashcards, English-Korean Flashcards.


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Language Usage


  • Dongsa
    ‘ shows you how to conjugate and pronounce Korean verbs. I have a detailed explanation of what I learned while working on this project in my Blog entry announcing the site’.
  • Grammar Index
    Three major sections including conjugator. Part of a larger site entitled an Introduction to Korean.
  • Korean HakGyo
    ‘Introduces Korean grammar from the very basics with extensive help with grammatical terms and concepts. Numerous exercises and tasks are included that assist students with understanding the grammar, as well as building proficiency and familiarity with the Korean language’. Shareware program.
  • ZKorean Reference
    Contains 11 grammar lessons, also Vocabulary lessons.


  • Korean Learning for Correct Pronunciation
    ‘Elementary Korean, Vowels, Consonants, Sound Change, Intonation, Appendix’. Some plug-ins may be required.
  • Learn Korean - Grammar and Vocabulary
    ‘If you’re trying to learn Korean, check our courses below about adjectives, adverbs, articles, gender [feminine, masculine …], negation, nouns, numbers, phrases, plural, prepositions, pronouns, questions, verbs, vocabulary, exercises … to help you with your Korean grammar. Below are our free Korean lessons. Enjoy our courses !’
  • Say Hello in the Korean Language
    In addition to this, it has links for language, culture, the alphabet.

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Other Information

Other Sites

  • About Korea
    Geography, History, The Korean War, The Arts, The Culture, Korean food, Customs, Youth Culture.
  • e-Asia Digital Library
    Main interest is the e-books section where you can select the country of interest [e.g. North and South Korea]. Images, audio, maps, database, even a toolkit.
  • Let’s Learn Korean
    ‘ is a social community that connects people who want to learn Korean …’.
  • New South Wales HSC ONLINE - Korean
    While for the HSC, it provides revision on all aspects of senior secondary Korean.
  • Sogang University : Virtual Classes
    Material to help all interested in Korean from beginners to those looking for advanced assistance.

Podcasts & Videos

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