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Italian is a Romance language spoken mainly in Italy, is an official language of Switzerland and the main language of the Vatican City. It is considered the closest modern language to Latin. Around 70 million people speak Italian as their first language.

This page gives access to courses, Italian/English/Italian dictionaries, grammar, vocabulary activities, tutorials, podcasts & blogs,current events, cultural information, free and fee-based software, other resources information.


Language Courses

  • Cyber Italian
    Find culture while you learn the basics of Italian through interactive work. Links to other resources, sites. Only a small section is free.
  • Dentro l’Italiano
    “V. 4 Corso Elementare”. ‘An online course from Italy’s public broadcaster RAI’. Enter and select English/Inglese. You need Flash player. You have other options regarding presentation.
  • Italian - BBC Languages
    Online beginner’s interactive game called La Mappa Misteriosa. The Intermediate level has multiple activities and resources. Get a Quick Fix, which has printable holiday phrases with audio and MP3 downloads, try Italianissimo and access to Cool Italian, an audio guide to Italian slang, with MP3 downloads.
  • Italian Language Free
    Free online course.
  • Italian Language Primer
    45 lessons from pronunciation to weather expressions. Covers grammar in particular including word types, tenses, more.
  • Language Speedway
    ‘Full text of the course and all audio recordings are currently available free of charge for personal use. Full access to exercises requires a subscription, but the first lessons are free of charge for you to try’.
  • Learn and Speak Italian
    ‘Breaks down the language into situations you are likely to find yourself in through 22 easy-to-manage online lessons teaching you what to say, how to make up your own sentences with the words you have learned’. Fee-based.
  • Learn How to Speak Italian
    Learn Italian with free online lessons - Basics, Grammar, Words and Phrases, practice and exercises, other language links.
  • Learn Italian : a Course for English Speakers
    A basic course for beginners.
  • Oggie Domani
    ‘The Interactive Course that Makes Italian Easy to Learn’. 20 interactive lessons with sounds and pictures.
  • The Italian Electronic Classroom !
    “Centro Studi Italiani ”. ‘Aimed at providing free on-line, useful information on difficult aspects of Italian language to students, teachers, translators, writers’.


  • Free Language Tutorials
    ‘Welcome to our collection of free Italian language tutorials. Here you will find free online grammar lessons, useful phrases for work and travel, as well as themed lists of Italian vocabulary words. These tutorials are for those studying either basic or intermediate Italian’.
  • Italian Tutorial Index
    Includes 90+ sections, broken into multiple levels, with links to podcasts [see below] and a link to a comparative study between French and Italian tutorials.
  • Learn Italian - Free Online Tutorials
    ‘We offer some great free online resources or Italian learners’.

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Language Tools


Other Sites

  • Free Italian Language Learning Resources
    Extensive listing of links to free resources. Each link indicated as supporting one or more of the following areas - Grammar, Reading, Vocabulary or Listening.
  • Free Italian Lessons and Courses
    ‘Free language lessons and courses for those learning Italian, along with some Italian language resources, such as Italian online newspapers, Italian dictionaries, Italian internet radio sites, other sources relevant to the student of Italian’.
  • Italian for Beginners Links from lessons to study guides, exercises to grammar.
  • Italian Language
    Writing system, history, classification, geographic distribution, dialects, sounds, grammar, examples, sample texts, references, bibliography, links. Wikipedia.
  • Italian Language Guide
    Language facts, pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, language tools, courses, culture, translations.
  • Italian Workbook Exercises
    ‘Worksheets, drills, activities, review’.
  • Languages Online
    Victorian Education Department. ‘Resources for language teachers and students. Downloadable Game Maker templates enable teachers and students to build their own multimedia games and activities using any language installed on your computer.’. Covers multiple languages including Italian.
  • Learn Italian [Guide]
    Sections on aspects of the language, language facts, information about fee-based courses in various parts of Italy. Also advice on choosing courses and destinations.
  • MeetItalia
    There are two sections to this site - the Free and the Premium Fee-based. The first provides access to a smaller range of information, while the Premium gives full access. Cost is reasonable for the Premium section.
  • Online Education Tools
    In German, French, Italian. No longer free.
  • Quia Shared Activities
    ‘354 activities. Only the first 100 shown’. You need to subscribe to continue using this but there is a free 30-day trial. Various activities are included.
  • Yes Italian
    A small but growing number of lessons provided for free. These cover the basics and specific language areas.


  • 1st Italian ExamCram
    ‘Simplifies learning to speak Italian. Included is a text to speech generator that pronounces Italian words, including the various conjugated forms and the words and phrases you entered. Create your own lists of what you want to learn’.
  • Learn Italian

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Language Usage



  • Italian 100 Exercises
    University of Victoria, Canada. Designed to accompany their First Year Italian course. Covers vocabulary, some grammar.
  • Italian Travel Phrases
    Develop basic Italian for when you are travelling.
  • Italian Tutorial
    Basic lessons on grammar and vocabulary to help develop language skills.
  • Italian Vocabulary Guide
    Audio files for all sections. In Italian but with English translations either direct or on mouse over.
  • Learn Italian
    ‘Our 12 lessons were created with beginners in mind, and will quickly help you master some basic Italian phrases you’ll use while travelling through Italy. Lesson 1 focuses on greetings and how to introduce yourself or a friend in Italian’.
  • Sixty - An Italian vocabulary building game
    ‘Learn the most commonly used Italian vocabulary online through gaming’.

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Other Information

Other Sites

Podcasts, Blogs & Videos

  • Ad alta voce
    from Rai Radio 3. Learn by listening to the reading of complete novels in Italian.
  • Audio Stories and Children’s Fables
    Walter’s Blog. ‘Find famous fables and stories for children and they’re all available as podcasts’. MP3, in Italian.
  • Ilgur
    ‘Currently, there are 193 lessons on various aspects of Italian grammar’.
  • Italianinitaly’s Blog
    Covers Italian classes, learning Italian in Italy, school’s activities and more.
  • ItalianoBlogo
    ‘On this website you’ll find audio and video files that you can listen to while reading the script of the spoken words at the same time. There is an index of the available titles when you follow the link that says “Titoli Disponibili”’.
  • LearnItalianPod
    Free trial but to continue, it is fee-based.
  • Max Mondo - Incontro Italiano
    ‘Listen to the free audio summary for each issue of Incontro Italiano with the players below. These shows are also available as a free podcast. Learn Italian for free with the Italian podcast by native speakers’.
    You need to subscribe for access but this is free.
  • Italian
    100+ podcasts available.
  • Pastacast
    ‘We hope you enjoy the new Pastacast as we continue to provide you with great lessons in Italian !’
  • Radio Arlecchino
    ‘Arlecchino, Pulcinella and other masks of the Italian Commedia dell’arte will help you learn the subtleties of Italian grammar, one zany episode at a time’.

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