drama [n.]

1. a play. 2. plays as a genre. 3. an exciting series of events.
- ORIGIN Greek drama, from dran ‘do, act’
Oxford Dictionaries

Drama is a craft that allows people to present the written word in auditory and visual forms. The material can be new or from earlier times such as Shakespearian plays, dramatic or humorous, contain a message [morality plays] or just for entertainment, from one of many genres, English or from another culture, an individual or group presentation, range from a reading to full performance with costume and props, a live presentation or using one of many media formats. The options are almost endless.

This page covers drama as used in education settings. Australian sites are provided, as is information on drama lessons, tutorials, frameworks and more. Find links to scripts, skits, plans, improvisations and other drama resources, the majority free. There is information about other roles associated with drama and also community drama sources.


Australian Sites


  • Drama Australia
    ‘The peak national body that represents and advocates on behalf of all state and territory drama education associations in Australia’.
  • Drama NSW
    News, What’s On, Resources [some require membership], Links, more.
  • Drama Queensland
    Professional development, publications, Resources, shop, more. Membership needed to access the extensive resources.
  • Drama South Australia
    ‘Provides opportunities for Drama teachers to create connections with each other, to share resources and knowledge and access high quality professional development’.
  • Drama Tasmania
    ‘At Drama Tasmania we support the teaching and learning of drama and theatre in education. To encourage the use of drama across all levels of learning we promote its value in education and emphasise professionalism in all aspects of teaching’.
  • Drama Victoria
    Australian site of quality resources. News, events, professional development.
  • DramaWest
    The Association of Drama Educators WA Inc.. News, publications, professional development, more.
  • A Play for Every Stage
    Recommended for schools. ‘This list encompasses plays for a diverse range of school ages, many of the play pages will provide further indication of the intended cast age. You can also get these recommendations delivered via email’.
  • New ! Audition
    ‘Professional resources for actors & teachers’. This provides access to a wide range of texts covering Monologues and plays for multiple age levels. Fee-based. Previously listed via another site with the title of Albert Jamae
  • AussieTheatre
    ‘An interactive theatre and arts website servicing the Australian performing arts community and theatre going public’
  • Drama 2013 - Teaching and learning resources
    QCAA. Extensive listing of links.
  • Drama - Scootle
    280+ classroom resources plus 50+ teacher resources. Multiple filters available to narrow these to specific types and topics.
  • Drama Australia
    Publications, newsletter, projects, research, links to Curriculum every state and territory, more.
  • Dramatech Space
    A blog by Kim Flintoff.
  • Education Resources - Sydney Theatre Company
    ‘STC Ed produces a comprehensive range of digital resources to accompany each Schools Days production in order to aid teaching and learning. These resources include the On Cue booklet, designer sketchbooks, posters and much more’.
  • Helen O’Grady Drama Academy
    ‘Core programmes designed for Students from 5 to 17+. They encompass a huge body of developmental drama’. Operate during school terms. Fee-based and operate in most states.
  • The Drama Teacher
    ‘A blog created and maintained by Justin Cash and packed with resources for drama and theatre teachers at all levels of education’.
  • The Elements of Drama/The Bones of Drama>
    ‘In drama, we are the creators. The elements are the bones which make up the entire body of dramatic action. The story, the situations, the people and the tension which drives it, breathes life and spirit into our creation’. A Drama Lesson Plan for Years 3/4, is found here

General Sites

  • Arts Education K-9
    British Columbia Ministry of Education. ‘The revised Arts Education curriculum re-imagines the creative process away from a single, sequential process and toward the notion of multiple processes composed of phases of learning and development that generate quality thought and creative thinkers in any learning domain’. This has now been implemented and includes includes Drama. A new draft curriculum for Drama : Grades 10, 11 and 12 covers multiple Drama areas set out for each grade level. Canada.
  • Digital Theatre Plus
    ‘Making theatre, Study Guides, Teaching Support, Collections’. Age level groupings, news, videos, more. UK.
  • Drama Education Network
    ‘Standards-based products, online resources in arts education and literacy’. USA.
  • New ! Drama and Theatre Lessons for Kids
    ‘Lessons and Activities for children in Kindergarten to Grade 12. Thank you for visiting KinderArt. We hope you enjoy the many lessons and ideas that can be found within this website’. USA.
  • Drama Games for Students
    ‘A list of the most traditional drama games played around the world. See a complete collection of drama games organised by goals. Looking for more than just drama games ? Inside Drama Notebook, you will find a huge collection of well-organised lesson plans, scripts for kids, drama games & activities, 50 drama games on video and much more’.
  • Drama Lesson Plans
    ‘Imaginative and original resources for Drama Teachers of students aged 11-14 yrs. Lesson plans include music, video, scripts and masks’. Note full packs are fee-based but reasonable. Get a free lesson plan by signing up for their free newsletter. UK.
  • Drama Resource - Creative ideas for teaching drama
    Drama Games, Drama Courses, Resources, Mini Downloads [a range of short downloadable resources providing guidelines, tips and lesson plans]. UK.
  • Drama Toolkit
    ‘A one stop shop for Drama that aims to take out the frustration of coming up with original Drama Lessons, Session Plans and Schemes of Work, so you can concentrate on using the Arts as an amazing tool for children and young people. [Even] get a fresh Drama Game in your inbox every Monday’. UK.
  • New ! Theatrefolk - Teaching and Curriculum Resources for Drama Teachers
    ‘Quality resources to use in your drama classroom’. Includes New ! Play Scripts [middle school and high school] as well as many other resources. Most are fee-based. USA.

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Link Sites


Many are free to use.

  • Art & Drama Scripts
    ‘We offer original play scripts for primary and elementary schools & high school drama scripts. All suitable for acting by kids’. Fee-based. UK.
  • Australian Script Centre
    This site directs you to Fee-based.
  • Drama [Scripts]
    [A to Z Home’s Cool Home Education]
    Annotated links to skits and plays including some of the classics [Who’s on First ?, Rinse the Blood off My Toga, etc.], connections to sites for staging. USA.
  • Dramatic Publishing
    ‘Your source for plays and musicals since 1885’. Fee-based. USA.
  • Drew’s Script-o-Rama
  • Fox Plays
    Books, Musicals, Plays, Christmas Music, School Music, Preview Scripts, contact details. Fee-based but free to read scripts on site. Prices in Australian dollars.
  • Free One Act Plays
    ‘Attention drama teachers, directors and theatre students ! Looking for royalty-free One Act plays, scenes, comedies, and dramas ? This annotated list will steer you towards that perfect play for your cast and/or classroom’. USA.
  • Free Plays at Free Drama !
    ‘Scripts for school and community theatre groups’.
  • New ! Free Play Scripts ! [The Drama Teacher]
    ‘An annotated list of websites offering a wide variety of free online play scripts for drama and theatre teachers and their students’.
  • Peter Wilson’s Free Script Collection
  • Playscripts, Inc.
    ‘Playscripts brings new plays and musicals to professional, school, community, and college theatres to perform, read and enjoy’. Fee-based. USA.
  • New ! Seomra Ranga - Drama Links
    ‘These links are just suggestions of websites that teachers may wish to visit to compliment their classroom teaching. Ultimately, it is the responsibility of each individual teacher or school to determine whether the links provided are suitable for children to visit’.

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Other Information

  • Arts On The Move
    ‘Drama Resources, Plays, more for Children, Schools and Youth Theatres’. UK.
  • Drama
    History of Western Drama, other Asian cultural forms, forms of drama, legal status, notes, references, links. Wikipedia.
  • Drama Notebook
    ‘Drama Activities for Kids and Teens’. Fee-based but cheap. USA.
  • Drama Warm Ups and Circle Games
    A collection of these with full instructions for their use.
  • Free Monologues for Acting Auditions
    An overview of how they are best used plus links to a variety of monologues : dramatic, comedic, for males, females and teens, Shakespearean, movie and even one minute examples.
  • Free Monologues for Kids and Teenagers
    ‘Drama Notebook is holding an ongoing Monologue Contest for students ages 6-18. We are building a collection of fantastic original monologues for kids and teens entirely written by students. Teach a class on monologues and enter your student’s work’. Part of a larger Drama Notebook site which has both free and fee-based material.

History of Theatre

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