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curriculum [n.]

[pl. curricula or curriculums] the subjects comprising a course of study in a school or college.
- ORIGIN Latin ‘course, racing chariot’

syllabus [n.]

[pl. syllabuses or syllabi] the topics in a course of study or teaching, especially for an examination.
-ORIGIN Latin, from Greek sittuba ‘title slip, label’
Oxford Dictionaries

As a federal system, each state and territory developed their own curriculum. A national curriculum is now being implemented covering from Foundation [first year of school] to Year 12. This began with English, Mathematics, Science and History. To see its previous development, present status, and future proposals, visit The Australian Curriculum [Newest version of site]. This page indicates all current F-10 areas and their present stage of development and/or implementation. Be sure to check the National Curriculum information found in the Commonwealth section below.

This page covers curriculum and syllabuses in all states & territories, Commonwealth involvement now and into the future, other curriculum sources, more.

Some material has been moved to specific pages, e.g. Middle Years of School, Assessment, Vocational Education, Journals, … .

States & Territories

Australian Capital Territory

Australian Curriculum Implementation in the ACT

  • ACT Senior Secondary Curriculum
    Frameworks, course areas, accreditation, more.
  • Curriculum
    Overview, programs, resources, publications, Taskforce [including link to newsletter].
  • Curriculum Framework Documents
    Every Chance to Learn. Curriculum Framework document plus Framework by Bands of Development. The latter are available in both PDF and Word formats.

New South Wales

Australian Curriculum Implementation in NSW

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Northern Territory

Australian Curriculum Implementation in the Northern Territory

  • Board of Studies
    Curriculum, assessment, reporting, certification.
  • Curriculum - Transition to Year 10
    Overview covering Knowledge and Skills, Capabilities, Priorities, Curriculum Framework, Further information links, Contact Details. Student information.
  • Year 10 Curriculum
    Overview, Subject summaries, hours of study, assessment, reporting, Contact Details, more.


Australian Curriculum Implementation in Queensland

  • Curriculum
    Summary of curriculum : Australian Curriculum implementation, senior schooling curriculum, Queensland Curriculum, framework. Education Queensland. Specific areas include :

South Australia

Australian Curriculum Implementation in South Australia

  • Australian Curriculum
    Introduction, Implementation, Implementation Timelines, Teaching and Learning in Multi-age Classes.
    You now need to be able to log in to the DECD, SA, Intranet access this.
  • CSER Digital Technologies : Implementing the Australian Curriculum Learning Area
    ‘A number of open, online courses designed to assist teachers in addressing the new Digital Technologies learning area’.
    Recommended !
  • Leading Learning
    Making the Australian Curriculum Work for Us. ‘A resource for schools to support working with the Australian Curriculum. Provided are a range of stimulus and workshop materials to lead ongoing professional development’.
  • National Curriculum
    Overview, individual levels, more.
  • SACE and the Australian Curriculum
    ‘Work has now begun on integrating the senior secondary Australian Curriculum into a number of SACE subjects. The SACE Board will consult widely with teachers, schools, and other subject experts during this process’. The Timelines and Tasks section provides specific details.

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Australian Curriculum Implementation in Tasmania

  • Curriculum
    Overview of curriculum in Tasmania. Link to the Tasmanian curriculum [below]. Links to information on implementation of the Australian curriculum in Tasmania. Links to documents. Includes :
  • eLearning Programs
    ‘A number of eLearning opportunities are available for Department schools in 2016 including a variety of online K-12 courses and programs which can complement, augment or extend local provision’.
  • TQA
    Curriculum, subjects for senior secondary years.


Australian Curriculum Implementation in Victoria

  • AusVELS - The Australian Curriculum in Victoria
    Overview, Domains, Levels, General capabilities, cross-curriculum priorities, resources. The AusVELS curriculum will continue to be available until December 2016 [See Victorian Curriculum F-10 below]. Includes :

The Victorian Curriculum F-10

  • The Victorian Curriculum F-10
    ‘Sets out what every student should learn during their first eleven years of schooling. It incorporates the Australian Curriculum and reflects Victorian priorities and standards’. Implementing now. See comment in Ausvels link above.
  • The Victorian Curriculum - Resources and Support
    Provides General Advice including FAQs and Curriculum-specific advice for all curriculum areas.

Western Australia

Australian Curriculum Implementation in Western Australia

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Australian Curriculum

Information Sheets [and Linked Pages]

  • Australian Curriculum Online
    F-10 curriculum, Senior Secondary curriculum, Student Diversity areas. Overview, Introduction, Learning Areas/Subjects, General Capabilities, Cross Curriculum Priorities for each.

Special Pages & Documents

Specific Curriculum Areas

Other Sites

  • Asia Education Foundation
    ‘AEF provides teachers, education leaders and school communities with innovative programmes, curriculum resources and networks to support the achievement of Asia literacy for every young Australian’.
  • Curriculum Organiser
    ‘Designed to organise curriculum for the individual teacher and the whole of school’. Free sample downloads. This is a fee-based program.
  • Education Services Australia
    ‘The company was established to support delivery of national priorities and initiatives in the schools, training and Higher Education sectors; acts as required as the legal company for the Standing Council on School Education and Early Childhood [SCSEEC]’.
  • Leading Curriculum Change
    ‘Online professional learning program for Australian teachers. It aims to build capacity throughout the profession’.
  • National Digital Learning Resources Network
    ‘Contains over 20 000 digital resources that are free for use in all Australian schools. Resources are made available to teachers through state and territory portals or Scootle and to pre-service teachers through Scootle’.
  • National Museum of Australia
    ‘Our resources for classroom learning include units of work, activities, primary sources, resources to order, multimedia and more’. An emphasis is placed on Indigenous studies. Linked to specific curriculum areas/levels.
  • Review of the Australian Curriculum
    ‘The review will evaluate the robustness, independence and balance of the Australian Curriculum, examining the content and development process’. Completed in 2014.
  • Schools Online Thesaurus
    ‘Provides a controlled vocabulary of terms used in Australian and New Zealand schools. It encompasses all subject areas as well as terms describing educational and administrative processes’.
  • Scootle
    ‘Scootle is a content discovery portal containing more than 22 000 teaching resources. It includes features that support teachers to organise digital content and lessons’.

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Other Information

Other Curriculums

The following link to curriculums from other countries.

  • Alberta Education - Programs of Study
    ‘Alberta’s Early Childhood Services [ECS] to Grade 12 curriculum is outlined in provincial programs of study, which identify what students are expected to learn and do in all subjects and grades’.
  • Curriculum, British Columbia
    ‘Sets education standards for students in grades K to 12 through the provincial curriculum. These are called Prescribed Learning Outcomes [PLOs]. PLOs outline the expectations for what students should know and be able to do at each grade and within each subject area’. Canada.
  • Edinformatics
    Information on curriculum at national and state level in the US. Links to other international curriculum sites. USA.
  • International Baccalaureate ®
    This group operates several programs for different age groups with a curriculum which is not necessarily the same as that in standard schools.
  • National Curriculum
    ‘The national curriculum for England to be taught in all maintained primary and secondary schools from September 2014’. Curriculum by key stages; Programs of study by subject; Other curriculum subjects; Curriculum changes : information for schools. UK.
  • Primary Education : Curriculum
    This covers the Primary sector while this page, Normal [Academic] Course Curriculum looks at one form of the secondary curriculum. The latter also covers part of their Technical course program. Singapore.
  • Saskatchewan Curriculum
    Curriculum & Learning Resources. Individual areas including documents, related documents, resources, links to further Saskatchewan curriculum information. Canada.
  • The NZ Curriculum Online
    ‘Information, resources, news, advice and guidance, inspiring school stories, practical ideas, research reports, how to get support, more’.

General Sites

  • ACSA
    ‘Supporting the professional interests of educators in curriculum work from all levels and sectors within and beyond Australia’. Publications, IDEAS, Projects, Awards, Conferences, Events.
  • Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development
    ‘A global community dedicated to excellence in learning, teaching, and leading’. Their journal Educational Leadership is worth considering.
  • Australian Curriculum Lessons
    ‘Lesson Plans, Classroom Activities and Games for teachers teaching in Australia ’.
  • Australasian Curriculum Assessment Certification Authorities
    ‘National body for the chief executives of the statutory bodies in the Australian States and Territories and New Zealand responsible for certificates of senior secondary education’.
  • CCR
    CCR brings together non-governmental organisations, jurisdictions, academic institutions, corporations, and organisations including foundations’. NSW DEC and Victoria are members.
  • Curriculum Development
    UNESCO. Looks at different themes such as Inclusive education, Improved Reading in the Early Years.
  • Free Curricula Centre
    ‘Producing and distributing university-level curricula that can be copied freely and modified cooperatively. Materials are released at no cost into the public domain or under an open source style license’.
  • Kraus Curriculum Development Library
    ‘Searchable database of curricula brings together educational objectives, content, instructional strategies, evaluative techniques for all subjects covered in Pre K-12 and Adult Basic Education’. Fee-based or access via a group or organisation.
  • What Is Curriculum Development ?
    Article with links from teAchnology.


For all educational journals, see the Education Journals page.

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