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The following is not a complete listing of every world, or Australian, special day or event, only those felt likely to be of value to schools. Some major religion-specific dates are found here, but a more complete listing can be found through the Multifaith Calendar page.

For Year of … Information go to this page. It covers what is known for 2016, 2017 and 2018.

Calendar events are now given as one listing for each month rather than two separate listings as before.

Where the date is not known at this time, we have used the code “TBC” [To Be Confirmed]. The date will be added as soon as it is known.

The date/events given for the months already completed this year, provide 2017 dates, where these are known.

Beginning of July

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August 2018
Date Event
1 Horse’s Birthday
1 MS Readathon Reading Period begins
1 Opportunity Class [OC] Placement Test [NSW]
1-2 CareersXpo Canberra
1-31 National Family History Month
1-31 Stamp Collecting Month
TBC National Healthy Bones Week
2 Australian National Chemistry Quiz
3 Jeans4Genes Day
3-6 Garma Festival : NT
4 National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children’s Day
4 WAKAKIRRI Screen Challenge [Entries due]
5 International Friendship Day
6 Hiroshima Day
6 Bank Holiday - NSW
6 Picnic Day : NT
6-10 Education Week : NSW
6-12 National Homeless Persons’ Week
8 Australian Science Olympiads/Chemistry
8 Mary MacKillop’s Day
9 Australian Mathematics Competition
9 World Indigenous People’s Day
10 Earth & Environmental Science Exam - Australian Science Olympiad Competition
10-19 Royal Queensland Show [EKKA]
11-19 National Science Week
12 International Youth Day
13 Australian Science Olympiads/Biology
13 International Left-Handers Day
13-19 National Student Volunteer Week
15 Australian Science Olympiads/Physics
TBC 2017 Premier’s Reading Challenge, Tasmania Ends
TBC 40 Hour Famine
17-24 Children’s Book Council Book Week
TBC Children’s Book Council Book of the Year announced
18 Vietnam Veterans’ Day
18-19 International Lighthouse Lightship Weekend
19 World Humanitarian Day
20 RSPCA Cupcake Day
TBC Brain Injury Awareness Week
20-26 Keep Australia Beautiful Week [TBC]
24 Daffodil Day
27-8/2-9 Legacy Week
[TBC][Badge Day TBC]
27-8/2-9 National Skills Week
29 International Day against Nuclear Tests
30 Premier’s Reading Challenge finishes - NSW
31 Last Day of Winter
31 MS Readathon Ends
31 MS Readathon/Sponsorships Due

Beginning of August

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September 2018
Date Event
1 First Day of Spring
1 Wattle Day
1-7 National Asthma Week [TBC]
1-8 Adult Learner’s Week
1-9 History Week : NSW
1-30 National Biodiversity Month
1-30 Save the Koala Month
1-30 Sidetember
2 Fathers Day
2-8 National Child Protection Week
3 Australian National Flag Day
3 Fred Hollows Foundation Day
TBC National Literacy & Numeracy Week
TBC National Seaweek
5 Indigenous Literacy Day
5 National HPE Day
7 National threatened Species Day
TBC Chief Minister’s Reading Challenge : ACT. End of Challenge.
8 International Literacy Day
TBC Premier’s Reading Challenge finishes - SA
TBC Premier’s Reading Challenge finishes - VIC
8 World First Aid Day
9 National Bilby Day
9-11 Jewish New Year [Rosh Hashanah]
11 White Balloon Day
12 Muharram Begins [Islam]
13 Australian Intermediate Mathematics Olympiad
13 Roald Dahl Day
13 R U OK ? Day
15 International Day of Democracy
15 Software Freedom Day
15-16 Clean up the World Weekend
16 International Day for the Protection of the Ozone Layer
16 Sustainable House Day
17 Australian Citizenship Day
18 World Water Monitoring Day
18-19 Yom Kippur
19 Talk Like a Pirate Day
20 Ashura [Islam]
21 ENO Tree Planting Day
21 International Day of Peace
21 Term 3 Ends : Qld
21 Term 3 Ends : Vic
21 Term 3 Ends : WA
22 World Carfree Day
23 Spring Equinox
23 WACE Practical Examinations begin [WA]
25 World Maritime Day
26 Queen’s Birthday, WA
27 World School Milk Day
27 World Tourism Day
28 Premier’s Be Active Challenge ends - SA
28 Term 3 Ends : ACT
28 Term 3 Ends NSW
28 Term 3 Ends : New Zealand
28 Term 3 Ends : NT
28 Term 3 Ends : SA
28 Term 3 Ends : Tas
28 World Rabies Day
29 World Heart Day

Beginning of September

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